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BTS want to rent a theater and watch a movie with fans if they get #1 on a music show

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BTS want to rent a theater and watch a movie with fans if they get #1 on a music show

BTS talked about their hopes of ranking #1 on a music show in their latest interview, even making some fun promises to fans in the case they do!

In an interview with MBN, the boys were asked what their goals were for the "HwaYangYeonHwa Part 1" mini album, and all of them said they wanted to be #1. Rap Monster said, "People write stuff like R=VD like it"s a spell. We planted the thought of being #1 in our heads. It"s not something that can be done just through our wants, but it"ll only come if you keep wanting it. There"s a saying, "what you say will happen", so we want to think that way and work hard."

Suga added, "To be honest, I was pessimistic up until the last album. I"d think, no way we could do it. I think I had a complex without even knowing it. I only showed my unconfident side, so it seemed like that"s what was really happening to us. So I want to promote this time with confidence. I"m not religious, but I pray every night. We want it that bad." Jungkook also said, "We pray every night with our section chief."

On what they"d do if they got #1, Jin smiled and said, "I want to swap our parts and sing the songs. I"m a vocal, but I"d rap, and the rap line will sing." V added, "I want to borrow a theater and watch a movie with our fans."

The boys have also expressed their fervent hopes by even dedicating a track on their mini album - "SKIT: Expectation!" - to talking about getting #1 (the track kind of devolves into a random talk about tax deductions, but that"s BTS for you..).

Hopefully the boys can get their wish with "I Need U"!

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun watch a 19+ movie at a drive-in theater on "We Got Married"

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Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun watch a 19+ movie at a drive-in theater on

Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun had a romantic, 19+ drive-in movie date on the April 18 edition of "We Got Married".

Though they went on a date in the city, the couple made sure to take care of their little country home and farm first. Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun worked on making a scarecrow for their vegetable plot, and as always, Song Jae Rim wasn"t shy about his cheesy one-liners. Kim So Eun revealed during her solo interview, "I feel like I"m sharing memories with my husband. We got really close, and something feels like we"re a very close married couple."

Later on, things got even more lovey-dovey as Song Jae Rim helped Kim So Eun put on her lipstick for their drive-in movie date. She surprised him with a kiss on the hand, which he definitely appreciated.

At their movie date, they were surprised by the sudden 19+ scenes. Song Jae Rim said during his interview, "It was embarrassing seeing other people"s bodies. They were pretty energetic. I have to watch it alone later," while Kim So Eun shared, "The scenes came out randomly. I don"t think I focused on the movie."

Are you getting used to this couple"s new life together?

Cast and Staff of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” to Watch the Last Episode Together at a Movie Theater

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Cast and Staff of “It’s Okay, It’s Love” to Watch the Last Episode Together at a Movie Theater

The cast and staff of the hit drama Its Okay, Its Love will be gathering in a rented-out movie theater to watch the last episode of their drama together.

According to a representative, the cast and staff members have all planned to meet at a movie theater to watch the last episode and celebrate the series completion. They will also have a dinner prior to the screening and an after party afterwards. Even D.O who cannot make it to the cast and staffs trip to Bangkok, will be present for the special screening.

Previously, a representative revealed that the cast members and the staff will take a celebratory trip together to Bangkok for six days. D.O cannot make this trip due to his busy schedule.

The last episode of Its Okay, Its Love will air today.

T.O.P asks fans of adult age to watch his upcoming 19+ movie, "Tazza 2"

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T.O.P asks fans of adult age to watch his upcoming 19+ movie,

During the YG family concert "AIA Real Life: NOW Festival 2014" on August 15, T.O.P talked about his upcoming movie, "Tazza 2," which will hit theaters in September.

He said, "I filmed a movie last year. It will premiere this year around Chuseok. However, the movie"s rated 19+. It"s a fun, erotic, and strong movie. I hope a lot of adults will watch it."

Seungri asked him to make a promise that he would fulfill to audience members if his goal was reached. However, T.O.P said, "Today is the YG family concert. Why do I need to make a movie promise here?"

Regardless, he had previously made one with Shin Se Kyung--the two promised to kiss viewers" foreheads if they surpassed 5 million viewers!

5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

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5 Reasons you should watch the Korean movie Always (Only You)

If you still havent watched the romance film Always, starring So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo, here are five reasons you need to watch it now! The movie is centered around a love story between ex-boxer Chul Min and blind telemarketer Jung Hwa. They are inseparable, but they soon run into challenges as Jung Hwas health deteriorates and Chul Mins troubled past comes back to haunt him. Will their love last?

1. This ones a tear-jerker but in ways you wouldnt expect.

If you liked The Notebook, you will love this romantic drama Always. While the plot is entirely different, both films are carried by the powerful performance of the two lead actors. Despite the tragic pasts of the two characters, there are plenty of sweet and heartwarming moments throughout the film. And thats when the real tears start rolling.

It wouldnt be too much of a stretch to say So Ji Sub is the Ryan Gosling of Korea. Not only are they are both boyishly handsome and capable of being action stars, but they are also solid actors with numerous awards and nominations. Need more reasons? Read this.

Han Hyo Joo is an actress who seems to only make smash hits. She played the titular character in the historical drama Dong Yi, and she received acclaim for her work in the immensely popular shows Shining Inheritance, Iljimae, and feature film Heavens Postman.

There is an undeniable charm in Han Hyo Joos innocence and girl-next-door appeal. While she plays a blind girl in Always in a convincing fashion, she does it in a way that makes you forget about her disability and fall in love with the person she is.

4. The subtleties of the film will stay with you for a long time after it ends.

There are cinematic aspects of Always that are simply captivating, but in the subtlest ways. The director Song Il Gon is a masterful storyteller who will take into consideration the smallest nuances of each scene. In fact, there is a feeling of warmth throughout the movie, achieved by the directors use of lighting and sentimental shots.

Song Il Gon, by the way, was the first Korean filmmaker to win an award at the Cannes Film Festival. He won the Grand Jury Prize for Best Short Film in 1999.

5. The movie is well loved by DramaFever viewers and many others.

Currently, Always has the highest rating of five stars on DramaFever, making it one of the most highly regarded feature films on the site. Not only do our own viewers love the film, but the general movie community does too. Always has 7.8 stars on the online movie database site

2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddle up to watch a movie on "We Got Married"

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2PM"s Wooyoung and Park Se Young cuddled up while they watched a movie on the July 19th episode of "We Got Married".

They started out the episode by doing things the other didn"t want to do. Park Se Young got Wooyoung to wash blankets with her, while Wooyoung asked Park Se Young to practice the choreography for their duet "Holding Hands". The couple then had some beer with snacks, and Wooyoung asked his onscreen wife to drink more often with him.

The two ended the night on a romantic tone by cuddling in bed and watching a horror film. Though the actress tried to scare him with a fake hand, she was unsuccessful.

Watch Cross Gene’s Teaser for Upcoming Zombie Movie “ZEDD”

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Watch Cross Gene’s Teaser for Upcoming Zombie Movie “ZEDD” Six member boy group, Cross Gene, released a video teaser titled “ZEDD.” Despite viewers initially believed that it was a teaser for a comeback, the video was revealed to be a teaser for the group’s upcoming movie!

Although brief, the teaser video for “ZEDD” conveyed an action packed movie with the six members of Cross Gene shown carrying guns amid a zombie attack on the Earth. Written and directed by Teppei Nakamura, “ZEDD” portrayed Cross Gene members as six average heroes trying to save the world from a full zombie takeover. Furthermore, short snippets of the movie showed that the film would possibly include Cross Gene performing songs and dance routines while being surrounded by zombies.

“ZEDD” is set to be released in fall 2014. Check out the teaser for the film below!

Krystal Was Too Embarrassed to Watch an R-Rated Movie with Girls' Generation

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Krystal Was Too Embarrassed to Watch an R-Rated Movie with Girls GenerationOn the recent episode of MBCs Radio Star, which aired on August 21, f(x)s Krystal revealed how she ended up watching an R-rated movie with Girls Generations members. The movie was the popular 1999 American movie American Pie.

During the show, Krystal was asked, Is it true that when you visited Girls Generations home, they forced you to watch an R-rated film?

Krystal answered, They didnt exactly say, You have to watch! When I visited their home, some of the unnies were already watching the video. The Girls Generation members Krystal can remember watching the movie was YoonA, Tiffany, and Taeyeon.

Krystal went on to describe, I saw that it was R-rated so I got embarrassed and left for another room. Then the unnies called out to me Come out. I came out of the room, but since I was underage, I sat turned around.

Girls’ Generation forced Krystal to watch an R-rated movie?

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Girls’ Generation forced Krystal to watch an R-rated movie?

f(x) member Krystal revealed that the first time she watched an R-rated movie was with Girls Generation.

Krystal and her fellow member Sulli appeared as guests on the August 21 installment of MBCs Radio Star. During the show, the shows MC asked whether it was true Girls Generation forced her to watch an erotic movie.

Krystal explained that it happened rather naturally as they were already watching the movie when she came. She said, I went to visit the unnis, and they were just watching the movie. Not everyone was there, but the ones who were were all older than me. I tried to leave because there was a sex scene but they called me back in. It was really embarrassing.

Sulli also talked about her first encounter with such movies and revealed it was too much for her to handle when she first watched one.

[Video] Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea - Watch now

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[Video] Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea - Watch now

Watch now the Korean movie opening today 2013/04/30 in Korea "Love of Rock, Paper, Scissors" (2013)

Directed by Kim Ji-woon

With Yoon Kye-sang, Park Sin-hye, Park Soo-jin, Ahn Nae-sang,...

Also known as "One Perfect Day"

The second "Way To Nature Project" to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Kolon Sports. This movie stars Park Sin-hye and Yoon Kye-sang. The first part "Day Trip" was made by Park Chan-wook and Park Chan-kyong.