Watch: Eddy Kim Joins Seo Taijis Remake Project With Cover Of Now

Watch: Eddy Kim Joins Seo Taijis Remake Project With Cover Of Now

Veteran singer Seo Taijis 1992 song Now was done justice in Eddy Kims remake.

Eddy Kim released a cover of Now, a track off Seo Taijis first album, as his contribution to the Seo Taiji 25 Project, which marks the 25th anniversary of the artists debut.

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The cover maintained the songs sensitive groove, but featured Eddy Kims personal flare as he added guitar in the background and a little extra soul to the chorus. While Seo Taijis original version expressed a tender and shy sort of emotion, Eddy Kims rendition delivered a the sweet confession of a mature man.

Eddy Kim displayed a particular passion as he took on the role of arranging and directing the remake of this classic song. By gathering together some of the nations top musicians, such as Jo Jung Chi, Postino, Choi In Seong, and Jung Dong Hwan, Eddy Kim poured his heart and soul into the songs production. This devotion can clearly be perceived in the end product.

Being a track off of Seo Taijis debut album, Now became Seo Taijis signature ballad. As Seo Taiji was only 20 years old at the time of its release, the track has been loved by fans for its delicate melody and lyrics which enshrine the freshness of Seo Taijis youth. Fans find the song especially precious, as the song is rarely sung now after Seo Taijis solo activities.

The music video for the track was directly filmed by Eddy Kim and features a 4:3 screen ratio which gives off a retro vibe. The video shows a man watching himself with a woman in home videos, an effect which seems to cross space and time to connect the videos story line to the song. This simultaneously expresses the songs emotion, as well as the meaning behind the songs remake project.

Eddy Kims Now is the fifth track on Seo Taijis 25th anniversary project album called TIME : TRAVELER. The albums theme is a gift from the future and features remakes of Seo Taijis greatest hits by modern day artists.

Seo Taiji will hold a solo performance for his Seo Taiji 25 Project to mark the 25th anniversary of his debut on September 2 at Jamsil Olympic Stadium.

Check out Eddy Kims remake of Now!