Watch: A Day In The Life Of Sandara Park On Dara TV

Watch: A Day In The Life Of Sandara Park On Dara TV

After announcing the launch of her very own YouTube channel, Sandara Park has finally uploaded the first episode of Dara TV!

In this episode, Sandara Park shows what its like during her typical day off. The video opens with Sandara Park heading to G-Dragons solo concert.

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At the concert, Sandara Park sings along G-Dragons Crooked with her friend and enjoys G-Dragons performance.

She also shows love to her former band member CL when CL appears on stage, saying Im so proud of my lil sis.

The next day, Sandara Park drives her car to the gym for a workout. During the drive, she jams to past 2NE1 songs!

After arriving at the gym, Sandara Park engages in an intense workout session with her fitness coach. Sandara parks fitness coach, Master Hwang, playfully appears in and out of camera.

After the workout, she grabs dinner with Master Hwang and ends the video talking about her plans for the night.

She mentions that she might watch a drama at home, and a TV icon with Fight For My Way appears on screen. It seems like Sandara Park is a fan of Fight My Way too.

Watch Sandara Parks relaxed day off below!