Wanna Ones Popularity Changes The Way Variety Shows Operate

Wanna Ones Popularity Changes The Way Variety Shows Operate

Wanna Ones popularity is so huge that shows have had to take new approaches when preparing for their appearances.

Ahead of their debut, Wanna One has been receiving numerous requests from various broadcasting stations to appear on variety shows. The group has already starred on KBS2s Happy Together, and will be shooting tvNs SNL Korea 9 this week.

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The news of Wanna Ones appearance on Happy Together was met with a frenzy of excitement, and fans actively shared updates leading up to the shooting in real time. Due to the groups popularity, the Happy Together production team tried to contain spoilers related to the episode, although many ended up being revealed before the show aired.

At the time, a source from the staff shared, Were worried that too many fans might gather during the recording since the date and location of the shooting were revealed. Were also concerned about malicious comments that might target who is on the show and who isnt, because it is difficult to cast all 11 members.

Moreover, the SNL Korea 9 production team is implementing new rules in preparation for Wanna Ones live stage appearance. The staff are taking careful measures to prevent any illegal ticket sales for the show.

A source from tvN explained, I heard that there were illegal tickets sold for 2 million won [approximately $1800] online. Not even the staff at CJ EM can get hold of the tickets for Wanna Ones episode. You might get a glimpse of the ticket if you were the broadcasting stations senior official or the like.

Although groups produced by Mnet survival shows are often restricted from appearing on programs on other broadcasting stations, Wanna One is breaking the industry norm due to to their mega popularity. Major networks have been sending requests for the members appearance, with producers wanting the group members both as guests and fixed members.

Wanna One will be making their debut on August 7 with their first mini album and its title track Energetic.