Wanna Ones Lee Dae Hwi And Bae Jin Young Reveal How Their Friendship Began

Wanna Ones Lee Dae Hwi And Bae Jin Young Reveal How Their Friendship Began

In the second episode of Mnets Wanna One Go, the 11 members split up into teams (as chosen by their fans) and spent the day together. Lee Dae Hwi and Bae Jin Young decided to visit a dog cafe for some coffee and playtime with dogs.

The two members sat down and Lee Dae Hwi started off the conversation amazed at how Wannables, their official fan club, knew that he and Bae Jin Young were close and paired them together.

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Lee Dae Hwi then recalled watching Bae Jin Young perform EXOs Growl during his level test. You wore a hat and kept looking down. I became curious about you.

The two were not close at the time, but danced in close proximity to each other during the filming of the famous Pick Me stage. Chosen as Level A and the center, Lee Dae Hwi got to dance on-stage for the song, while Bae Jin Young had to dance below the stage as Level F.

You were dancing right below me so I kept watching you dance, thought you were a good dancer, and wondered why you were in Level F, Lee Dae Hwi said.

Bae Jin Young asked Lee Dae Hwi why he looked over at him and smiled during Pick Me. I was dancing hard and you smiled at me so I looked at you and smiled back. I thought he must want to get to know me too so I asked you for your number and since then we got close, Lee Dae Hwi responded.

The two boys became a team for the first time during Boy in Luv, and carried on their teamwork to debut together as Wanna One.