Wanna Ones Kang Daniel Shares Experience Of Being Severely Bullied As A Kid

Wanna Ones Kang Daniel Shares Experience Of Being Severely Bullied As A Kid

Kang Daniel recently shared his experiences of being bullied when he was little.

The Wanna One member participated in the recording for the upcoming episode of KBS 2TVs Hello Counselor alongside fellow members Park Ji Hoon and Hwang Min Hyun.

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During the recording, one 17-year-old high school student shares her struggles, saying, Whenever Im with my sister, people will compare us by saying, Your sister is pretty but why is your face like that? But whats worse is that my sister mistreats me, saying, My friends are coming so keep your head down.’

Upon hearing the situation, Daniel asks the older sister, You say when your friends ask if shes adopted, you say that its true. Why do you say that? The students older sister replies, Because everyone in our family has double eyelids except my sister. So she got them through plastic surgery. When the high school student becomes flustered by her older sisters words, Daniel comforts the student by telling her that she is pretty.

To cheer on the student, who is being compared to her sister by the people around her, Daniel shares, When I was little, I was severely bullied because people thought I was ugly. But in the end, I realized that confidence is something that comes from within yourself.

Meanwhile, Wanna Ones appearance as well as the high school students struggles will be featured on Hello Counselor on September 4 at 11:10 p.m. KST.