Wanna Ones Kang Daniel Reveals What Type Of Boyfriend He Is

Wanna Ones Kang Daniel Reveals What Type Of Boyfriend He Is

On the August 3 episode of Happy Together, Wanna Ones Kang Daniel talked about his dating preferencesĀ and what hes like when hes dating.

Kang Daniel explained, Im the type to ask someone out first. Busan people are generally brusque, but I would approach my girlfriendĀ more tenderly.

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He gave some examples and said, If were eating and my girlfriend says, This place is delicious, I would say, I can come here forever with you.’

The singer gave another sweet case and shared, When we go watch a movie I would say, My friends were all available, but I want to watch the movie with you.’

When asked if he would prefer a younger or older girlfriend, Kang Daniel answered, I like older [women]. I like a person I can learn a lot from.

He also talked about the nickname he wants to use for a girlfriend and said, Females generally tend to be shorter than me and have small hands, so I would call her kiddo.’

Then Kang Daniel talked about how he likes to help out with tasks that dont require help and said, I would help my girlfriend put on her shoes and use my hands instead of using a shoe horn.

Which comment made you swoon over Kang Daniel?