Wanna One Finally Debut With 'Energetic'

Wanna One Finally Debut With 'Energetic'

Wanna One has been leaving fans on the edge of their seats for quite some time as they have been gearing up for their official debut! Now the boy group has finally released their first MV!

Their debut song “Energetic” lives up to its name as it has a lively electronic sound accompanied by the boy’s smooth-as-honey vocals. The MV already has over 1 million views and fans have been voicing their opinions about their release.

Since a lot of companies came together to make Wanna One’s debut possible, fans say they notice some influences that have been implemented into the group. The song has a sound similar to hit boy group SHINee while the dance routines reflect EXO. Check out the MV below and tell us how you feel about “Energetic.”

The MV’s description read, “11 boys are TO BE ONE as Wanna One!Wanna One first mini album 1X1=1(TO BE ONE).The title song, Energetic, reflects a strong attraction of you and me as if Wanna One meets Wannable for the first time.”

What do you think of their charismatic debut?