WANNA ONE Answered These Personal Questions on 'WANNA ONE GO' Episode 1

WANNA ONE Answered These Personal Questions on 'WANNA ONE GO' Episode 1

Wanna One have been doing everything they can to connect with fans before their official debut! Now, they have launched their very first reality TV show program called ‘WANNA ONE GO!’ On episode one, the boys answered some hilarious questions and netizens were simply buzzing over them.

The boys appeared playful and sweet as they answered silly questions such as, “Which members are the closest,” “Who is the most awkward,” and finally, “Who is the best at doing the movie-theater move?” The boys seemed to know right away who was which.

Kang Daniel proved to be the best at imitating the movie theater move as members commented, “He is so natural at this.” As the video continued, they boys made things a little more interesting as they teased and revealed who was the most awkward of the bunch. Turns out members Ong Sung Woo andBae Jin Young are the oddest of the group. But who are the closest relationship wise?

The members, production staff and members seemed to easily guess who were the closest due to their obvious reactions. Kang Daniel and Hwang Min Hyun, while Lee Dae Hwi andBae Jin Young and Kang Daniel and Ong Sung Woo proved they were indeed the closest. Check out the rest of the video down below for some more fun with Wanna One!

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