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Vogue Girl releases ‘couple shots’ of Sulli and Minho

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Vogue Girl releases ‘couple shots’ of Sulli and Minho

Recently chosen to play lead roles in SBS upcoming drama To The Beautiful You, f(x)s Sulli and SHINees Minho participated in a couple photo shoot for Vogue Girl magazine.

Sulli recently chopped off her long locks in order to play a female student disguised as a male in the drama, and the singer gave off the feel of a reserved and handsome lad as she displayed her boyish charm for this shoot.

To the Beautiful You is based off the original best-selling Japanese comic Hana Kimi, and it has already been turned into a successful drama in Japan.

During an interview that took place at the shoot, Sulli commented, I felt a huge burden when I first received this role ,but I felt like it was a role that I could pull off really well.

Minho then added, I want to show the viewers my own unique character thats different from what Oguri Shun displayed in the Japanese version of the drama.

Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of the photos from Sulli and Minhos shoot in the August publication of Vogue Girl magazine.

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SHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli pose for fashion magazine "Vogue Girl" as "Beautiful You" couple

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SHINees Minho and f(x)s Sulli pose for fashion magazine Vogue Girl as Beautiful You coupleSHINee's Minho and f(x)'s Sulli have released a new pictorial together.

Next month, Minho and Sulli's upcoming SBS drama "Beautiful You" is set to air on the 15th, and have released a pictorial together as the drama's couple for fashion magazine, "Vogue Girl."

Sulli takes the lead female role in the drama Goo Jaehee, a girl who cuts her long hair in order to disguise herself as a male student to enroll in an all-boys high school. Her boyish transformation and Minho's calm features are seen in their latest pictorial together.

"Beautiful You" is based on the best-selling Japanese manga, "Hana Kimi." The manga has already been transformed into a drama in Japan (twice) and Taiwan.

The director for the Korean "Beautiful You" is known to be the same director responsible for the hit Korean drama, "Boys Over Flowers," which has attracted additional attention to the upcoming SBS drama. Meanwhile, Sulli and Minho's transformation into their role has been monitored by fans and has been receiving positive reactions so far.

During an interview with the fashion magazine, Sulli said, "I will work hard and do my best for my role."

Minho showed confidence, saying, "I have the same role as Oguri Shun from the Japanese version (2007), but I will portray the role as my own."

Meanwhile, Minho and Sulli's couple pictorial shoot will be available in the August issue of "Vogue Girl."

f(x) Sulli And SHINee Minho In a Couple Photo Shoot For "Vogue Girl"

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f(x) Sulli And SHINee Minho In a Couple Photo Shoot For Vogue Girl f(x) Sulli And SHINee Minho In a Couple Photo Shoot For Vogue GirlA couple photo shoot of f(x) Sulli and SHINee Minho was revealed.

The two actors who are starring in the SBS drama "To The Beautiful You," which is scheduled to air for the first time on August 15, recently participated in a photo shoot for fashion magazine Vogue Girl. Sulli, who plays the role of girl dressed as man in the drama, showed off her boyish beauty in the photos.

In the interview conducted along with the photo shoot, Sulli stated, "I did feel some pressure when I was asked to star in the drama, but I figured it was a role I can play well." Minho also commented, "I will show my own character that is not like the role played by the Japanese actor in the Japanese version of the drama."

Sulli and Min-ho’s couple shoot for Vogue Girl

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Well dont they look pretty together. The stars of the upcoming gender-bendy rom-com To the Beautiful You have already jumped on the couple photo shoot bandwagon in a spread for Vogue Girl, sporting very similar looks, as drama heroes and their crossdressing heroines are wont to do. Why not do some drama promo and get some practice snuggles down in the meantime? Its a win-win.The remake of Hana Kimi stars f(x)s Sulli as a girl who poses as a boy to go to an all-boys athletic school, and SHINees Min-ho as the hero, Kang Tae-joon, a genius high jumper Sulli and Min-hos couple shoot for Vogue Girl Sulli and Min-hos couple shoot for Vogue Girl Sulli and Min-hos couple shoot for Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl Releases Preppy B-Cuts Of Red Velvet

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Vogue Girl Releases Preppy B-Cuts Of Red Velvet

Vogue Girl has released new b-cut photos from Red Velvet"s October photoshoot. In the new pictures, the girls continue modeling designer winter-wear while posing in an apartment with poster-cluttered walls. From the new angles, fans get a better look at the group"s classy accessories.

For her best look, Seulgi wore an Acne Studios plaid combination. Her jacket was the gray "Rora" tweed wool jacket, which has decorative patches with the words "Say No To Drugs." Her skirt was the "Paynton" herringbone mini skirt from the brand"s Fall/Winter 2015 collection. The piece has fraying at the waistband and blends traditional fabrics with modern cuts. The jacket can be yours HERE and the skirt can be bought HERE. Both pieces can be seen below.

(Photo : Lyst and Matches Fashion)

Meanwhile, Irene looked sweet in a band pleats navy dress from the latest Margarin Fingers collection. The dress is made of soft velvet, has a comfortable loose-fitting silhouette and tight bands at the wrists. It can be yours HERE and can be appreciated below.

(Photo : Margarin Fingers)

To check out the first part of this photoshoot, click here!

In other fashion news, Red Velvet recently presented preppy BLACK Martine SITBON shoes and bags in Grazia.

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“We Got Married” Releases Preview of New Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura Couple

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“We Got Married” Releases Preview of New Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura Couple There’s a new couple to watch in “We Got Married!”

On the May 31 broadcast of “We Got Married,” a sneek peak of the wedding ceremony of the new couple–model-actor Hong Jong Hyun and Girl’s Day’s Yura–was shown, piquing the interest of many.

In the short clip which didn’t even last a minute, Yura pleading for the producer to spill the beans on who her “husband” will be and Hong Jong Hyun who was surrounded by ladies were shown before the video faded to black. However short the preview was, the two were seen in a wedding dress and a suit, signaling that they are indeed the new bride and groom in the show.

With the words “Marriage in lightning speed right after they meet” on the screen, it seems like the two will have an uncommon first meeting. There is also a lot of curiosity being built around the new couple, with veteran singer Tae Jin Ah officiating the marriage of the two. Guests who came to the wedding including Girl’s Day members, Ailee, and Huh Gak were shown as well.

Tune in next week’s episode of We Got Married to see how this first meeting-and-wedding unfolds!

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Sung Yuri's Agency Releases Behind-The-Scenes Photos for "Vogue Girl Korea"

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Sung Yuris Agency Releases Behind-The-Scenes Photos for Vogue Girl KoreaKing Kong Entertainment released behind-the-scenes photos from actress Sung Yuri’s photo shoot for “Vogue Girl Korea.”  Sung Yuri posed for the August issue of the fashion magazine. 

In the photographs, Sung Yuri is as charming and lovely as ever.  In particular, the actress’s fair skin, clear complexion, and doe eyes drew the attention of fans. 

In other news, Sung Yuri starred in 2013 SBS drama “The Secret of Birth” (also known as “Birth Secret”).    Sung Yuri played the lead role of Jung Yi Hyun opposite Yoo Joon Sang who plays the male lead role of Hong Gyung Doo.  Jung Yi Hyun is a genius who meets Hong Gyung Doo just as they are both ready to end their lives.  The two, however, fall in love, marry, and have a daughter.  The twist is that Jung Yi Hyun suffers amnesia and forgets all her memories from the past ten years.  

"To the Beautiful You's" Sulli and Minho Pose for "Vogue Girl"

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To the Beautiful Yous Sulli and Minho Pose for Vogue Girl“To the Beautiful You” leads Sulli of f(x) and Minho of SHINee are featured on the new issue of “Vogue Girl” magazine Korea. The two acting idols are channelling their drama characters for the shoot, with the usually feminine Sulli already sporting short hair for her role.

In “To the Beautiful You,” Sulli plays Goo Jae Hee, a diehard fan of high jump athlete Kang Tae Joon (Minho.) Jae Hee masquerades as a guy to get closer to Tae Joon, on whom she has a serious crush. In the story, Tae Joon suffers from an injury and is struggling to make a comeback.

“There was a burden and a pressure to work hard being offered a starring role but I thought I should do it,” Sulli said in the interview that accompanied the shoot.

“I hope to show a different take on the character that I’m going to play, different from how Oguri Shun did in the Japanese version,” Minho, on the other hand said.

“To the Beautiful You” is an adaptation of a Japanese manga, “Hana Kimi.” The Korean adaptation is the fourth drama version.

Sulli and Minho’s photoshoot is in the August issue of “Vogue Girl.” Their drama likewise premieres on SBS in August.

f(x)’s Sulli ‘Pink Wings Campaign’ photos for Vogue Girl revealed

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f(x)’s Sulli ‘Pink Wings Campaign’ photos for Vogue Girl revealed

f(x)s Sulli recently took on the Pink Wings Campaign for Vogue Girl.

The Pink Wings Campaign, is already endorsed by other female celebrities such as Yoo In Na, Hyuna, SISTAR, and more. The campaign aids families where due to circumstances, the grandparents end up taking care of their grandchildren. The products endorsed through Sullis pictorial will be sold at the Pink Wings Pop-up Store and all profits from these products will be donated to the families of the Pink Wings Campaign.

Sullis photoshoot was themed just in time for Spring as she portrays an innocent and girly image while managing to create a different atmosphere for each photo.

Sullis full photo spread can be seen in the April version of Vogue Girl.

Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

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Rookie Girl Group Maknaes Represent The Next Generation Of K-Pop Stars In Vogue Girl

Vogue Girl united the maknaes (youngest members) of rookie girl groups for the November issue. The photoshoot was called "Girls in Wonderland" and was inspired by the fairytale character Alice. The featured members had an average age of 17 years old and belonged to groups from Woollim Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, WM Entertainment and Source Music.

Jeong Ye In of Lovelyz looked mature with frizzy curls while wearing a gray suit and fedora by Tom Greyhound. Her final article was an orange turtleneck chain knit sweater by Opening Ceremony. The Fall/Winter 2015 top is made from Merino wool-blend, can be yours HERE and can be seen below in greater detail.

Jang Ye Eun of CLC looked sweet in pigtails and dramatic fake lashes that made her seem startled. Her ensemble included a black Sonia Rykiel dress and pushBUTTON coat with wing-like shoulder pads.

A Rin of Oh My Girl posed next to a doll while modeling a ruffled Lucky Chouette blouse with a pushBUTTON houndstooth dress in sunny yellow. Her cheeks were extra rouge and her hair was styled in a high, shiny bun.

Finally, Um Ji from G-Friend had the most modern transformation with the help of a Sonia Rykiel denim blazer, Cedric Charlier knit and American Apparel bright blue beret. The preppy combination was campus-ready.

Are there any other notable maknaes Vogue Girl missed?

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