VIXXs Ravi Addresses Hacking Of His Email Account

VIXXs Ravi Addresses Hacking Of His Email Account

VIXXs Ravi recently took to his Twitter account in order to speak out against a recent hacking incident of his email account.

On the evening of September 5 KST, he wrote, I have dealt with the existing email account I used. Im not sure what you might have done with the music files that were on my email account, but please refrain from hacking from now on.

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VIXX_Ravi (@AceRavi) September 5, 2017

This is not the first time Ravi has taken to his social media to personally address issues like this, as he previously spoke out against plagiarism through this medium.

Meanwhile, Ravi is currently promoting as VIXX LR with fellow member Leo, and the duo recently released their latest title track Whisper.