VIXX's N Collapses – Jelllyfish Ent. Responds with Updates

VIXX's N Collapses – Jelllyfish Ent. Responds with Updates

VIXX’s N was reported to have recently suffered from an accident while performing on stage outdoors. The idol was captured by fans fainting and collapsing on stage during the show.

On August 9th, VIXX attended an outdoor performance at Gyeonju’s ‘California Beach’ water park when the incident occurred. Reports claimed that after leader N fainted“He was afterward helped up by his members and his manager, then carried out on a stretcher to an office.”VIXX’s N has received medical attention and treatment since then and has been resting since the incident.

Fans and staff assumed that N might have suffered from heat stroke while performing. VIXX are currently endorsement models for ‘California Beach‘ water park in Gyeonju, which is why they held an outdoor showcase.

Jellyfish Entertainment responded saying,“N had fainted due to heat exhaustion, but he quickly recovered at a first aid station.N collapsed on stage due to the heat and recovered at the infirmary. In order to check on N’s state more in depth, he’s being examined at a nearby hospital. We’ll continually check on his condition and make an effort to manage his health.” We hope VIXX’s N can recover soon! Stay tuned for more updates.