VIXX's N Apologizes For Collapsing On Stage & Scaring Fans

VIXX's N Apologizes For Collapsing On Stage & Scaring Fans

It was reported on August 8th that VIXX’s leader N had fainted on stage during an outdoor performance for their new endorsement deal, ‘California Beach,’ shocking fans that witnessed the event.

N’s agency, Jellyfish Entertainment, responded to the issue and revealed the official cause of his fainting. The agency stated,“N collapsed on stage due to the heat and recovered at the infirmary. In order to check on N’s state more in depth, he’s being examined at a nearby hospital. We’ll continually check on his condition and make an effort to manage his health.”

VIXX’s leader also apologized to fans in order to ease their worried minds but posting the following statement on his personal Twitter: “I’m sorry I caused worry to many people today. Some of you probably traveled a long way to see VIXX’ concert in Gyeongju, I’m very sorry.”

Hopefully VIXX and N can return to the stage soon and maintain a healthy performance. Fans should also be sure to drink plenty of water when attending any outdoor performances!