VIXXs Hyuk Supports MXMs Kim Dong Hyun And Shares How They Know Each Other

VIXXs Hyuk Supports MXMs Kim Dong Hyun And Shares How They Know Each Other

VIXX member Hyuk uploaded a photo on his personal Instagram account of himself with MXM member Kim Dong Hyun, as well as a shot of his signed copy of MXMs new mini album.

It is common for senior singers to show support for newly debuted singers and groups. However, the caption reveals a surprising backstory to their friendship.

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The caption said, My moms friends son debuted, who cutely brought me drinks saying he would cheer me on when I film a movie. An abbreviation for moms friends son is used in Korean slang to refer to a seemingly perfect person that a mother might use as a comparison when trying to motivate their own child.

Hyuk continued, I hope you will continue promotions with a healthy body and mind. Although Im lacking myself, lets become great singers. Good luck!!

He added in the hashtags, really my moms friends son, Daejeon resident, and Teacher Yuris students gram.

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From the last hashtag, it appears that they know each other because their moms are friends. They also seem to have the same vocal teacher named Yuri according to the last hashtag. What a small world!

Both Lim Young Min and Kim Dong Hyun signed their mini album for Hyuk. Kim Dong Hyun added the message, “I made my debut. Everything is still new and strange, but I’ll become a cool singer like you!! Thank you.”

Kim Dong Hyun was a popular contestant on Produce 101 Season 2 who recently made his debut as a member of the duo MXM. They are currently promoting their song Im the One.