Villa resident provides an update on pregnant stray dog and her puppies

Villa resident provides an update on pregnant stray dog and her puppies

Remember the pregnant stray dog story we reported about last month? Well, an update on the dog and her puppies was recently posted on an online community board.

Mr. A wrote, “The last puppy Jjing Jjingie has been adopted.”  Prior to this, Big Meong Meong/Goldenie (dog’s nickname/name) was able to safely give birth to four adorable puppies with the help from nearby residents. 

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With the news going viral via social media, all four puppies had found new loving homes.

However, as for the mother, she is still at the animal shelter. Though it would be nice if she can be adopted into a loving family as well, it remains to be difficult as Big Meong Meong is a fully grown animal.  

Going out for a stroll with Meong Meong, Mr. A commented, “I was looking forward to Meong Meong finally getting cleaned up after not having a bath for more than a year but she looks pretty much the same,” he laughed.

Meanwhile, MeongMeong is eagerly waiting to meet her new family at the animal shelter. Having taken care of the big dog since she was a pup, Mr. A mentioned, “I’ve been looking into international adoption as well but it’s not an easy task. Like Goldenie, I hope that all animals will not be left astray but are guaranteed a safe freedom.”

You can follow Meong Meong/Goldenie’s Instagram account here.