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“Star King” in Talks for a 2d Season

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“Star King” in Talks for a moment Season SBS and Kang Ho Dong are in talks for a new season of “Star King.”

On November 16, a SBS representative told OSEN news, “Though it's far true we are talking about a second season of ‘Star King,’ not anything has yet been determined in regards to the first airing date or time.”

Kang Ho Dong’s representatives also noted that they are these days negotiating and nothing is confirmed.

Previously, a other source quoted a media insider reporting that the second one season of “Star King” would start filming on December 1 and air beginning in January 2016.

“Star King” first aired on January 13, 2007 and has won the affection of audience for 8 years. However, the display started a long spoil beginning in August so as to renovate the layout of the show, though it in brief returned to the screen as “NEW Superstar King” for a Chuseok special.

EXO’s Suho, SHINee’s Key, GOT7′s Jackson and More to register for “Star King” Panel

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EXO’s Suho, SHINee’s Key, GOT7′s Jackson and More to sign up for “Star King” PanelStar King” is returning soon with a two-hour special which contains a thrilling new lineup on its famous person panel!

“Star King” lately took a wreck at the finish of ultimate month to vary its format, and is slated to start back in the last weekend of September all the manner through the Chuseok (Korean thanksgiving) holiday. The precise date has now not yet been determined.

The celebrity panel will come with EXO‘s Suho, SHINee‘s Key, GOT7‘s Jackson, 2AM‘s Changmin, singer Noh Yoo Min, comediennes Kim Sook and Hong Yoon Hwa, actress Moon Hee Kyung, television personalities Kim Sae Rom, Yoo Seung Ock, and Choi Hee, and announcer Jo Jung Sik.

Will you be gazing when “Star King” starts again soon?

“Star King” Promises to return With Season 2 After Renewal

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“Star King” Promises to go back With Season 2 After RenewalStar King” MC’s Kang Ho Dong and Super Junior‘s Leeteuk promised a new get started at the newest episode of the long-running sort show.

The August 22 broadcast of the show, which used to be also its 426th episode, used to be the ultimate episode of “Star King” season one. To celebrate the end, the display amassed more than a few stars who supplied many unforgettable memories at the program.

Near the finish of the show, MC Kang Ho Dong said, “We’ve shared many old memories at the show, giggling and crying thank you to the abilities and skills of our neighbors.” Leeteuk also commented, “Thanks to you all, we were ready to have a level of hope and dreams on ‘Star King.’”

They explained that “Star King” can be going thru a “renewal,” and that the display can be back around Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving) time.

Earlier, it used to be reported that “Star King” would be going thru a structure trade or most likely be cancelled because of low ratings.

Lee Gook Joo Wows All and sundry With Her Drawing of Kang Ho Dong on “Star King”

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Lee Gook Joo Wows Every person With Her Drawing of Kang Ho Dong on “Star King” Comedienne Lee Gook Joo has proved just how artistically talented she is!

On August 15′s episode of SBS’ “Star King,” Lee Gook Joo draws an uncanny symbol of Kang Ho Dong from the back.

During the show, the fame panel is given the project of drawing Kang Ho Dong as he items for them. despite the fact that the alternative celebrities draw his face from the front, Lee Gook Joo is sitting in the back of him as she draws and she makes a decision to capture that facet of him.

When they get to Lee Gook Joo’s entry, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk introduces her as an art college graduate. She then gifts her image of Kang Ho Dong, saying, “I idea back to Kang Ho Dong telling his manager to shop for him some noodles for him earlier, and imagined him sitting on most sensible of noodles.”

The complete target audience and panel marvels at her drawing abilities and the artist Pyo Hyung Min says, “Lee Gook Joo’s drawing is the best.”

“Star King” might be airing till August 22, and may then be taking a temporary destroy till past due September.

What do you recall to mind her depiction of Kang Ho Dong?

Youngji has reportedly gained her first ever kiss by a pig on the show called “Star King”

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KARAs Youngji Gets Her First Kiss From a Pig on Star King KARAs Youngji gets caught up in the moment on Star King and ends up getting her first kiss from a pig!

The July 4 episode of SBS Star King features three pigs named Happy, Miss Jean, and Ggoolsooni. On this episode, Youngji states that she loves animals, and that she likes seeing the pigs in real life. Throughout the episode, shes very interested in the pigs.

In the end, she gives a kiss to one of the pigs on the lips, then confesses that it was her first kiss, and that it made her heart flutter.

Meanwhile, this episode of Star King features many other celebrities, including SHINees Onew and Dal Shabets Subin.

Watch the scene for yourself in the video below!

KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on "Star King"

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KARA’s Youngji gets a not so ordinary kiss on

On the July 4th episode of SBSs Star King, KARAs Youngji participated on the challenge of getting a kiss from a pet pig.

The pet pig is owned by a guest who made an appearance on the show.

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EXID’s Hani appeared to have disclosed about the size of her waist when taking part in the show called “Star King”

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EXID’s Hani Reveals Her Waist Size on “Star King” EXID member Hani recently revealed her waist size on the latest episode of “Star King.”

On the broadcast of SBS’ talent variety show “Star King” that aired on May 9, the final segment of Yoo Seung Ok’s 10-week miracle diet project hit the air.

Before revealing the waist measurement of the three participants that took part in Yoo Seung Ok’s diet program, the MCs asked Hani about her waist measurement.

After seeing Hani hesitate in front of the measuring tape, the MCs said, “You don’t have to get measured with the [measuring] tape. You can just tell us,” to which the EXID member revealed she has a 24-inch waist circumference.

“King of Mask Singer” Stars Luna, Yook Sungjae, and Kahi to Appear on “Radio Star”

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“King of Mask Singer” Stars Luna, Yook Sungjae, and Kahi to Appear on “Radio Star”

Three incredibly talented King of Mask Singer contestants will be appearing on MBCs leading talk show Radio Star.

According to industry insiders, f(x)s Luna, Kahi, BTOBs Yook Sungjae, and composer Kim Hyung Suk joined the MCs in filming the upcoming King of Mask Singer special on May 20.

Over the past few weeks, MBCs singing variety show King of Mask Singer has garnered massive attention for showcasing the impeccable singing skills of underrated idols including Yook Sungjae, Kahi, and particularly Luna, who was crowned the winner for two consecutive weeks. Meanwhile, Kim Hyung Suk will join the panel as a music industry expert.

This episode will air on May 27.

Kahi and Eric Nam Wear Disguises to Gain Recognition as Singers on “King of Mask Singer”Mysterious Gold Lacquer Singer Unable to Hold Back Tears as Identity Is Revealed on “King of Mask Singer”

BTS’ V appeared to put high heels on and dance when taking part in the movie called “Star King”

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BTS’ V Dances in High Heels on “Star King” BTS member V will be showing off a very special dance performance on the next episode of SBS’ talent variety show “Star King.”

On the broadcast of “Star King” scheduled to air on May 16, a competition amongst a number of talented individuals, such as a circus couple, a bodybuilder in his 70s, a part-time worker at a baseball stadium, and more will play out.

Included as one of the competitors is a dance team made up of four men. What’s special about this dance team, named Heels Men, is that they are able to perform difficult choreography while wearing high heels.

It is said that V will be joining the group to show off his powerful dance moves in 12-centimeter (approx. 4.7 inch) heels.

Following his impressive performance, a producer of the show explained, “I didn’t know why V is a trending idol, but I now know the reason after seeing him dance during the recording.”

This episode of “Star King” will air on May 16 at 6:25 p.m. (KST). This is a must-see!

BTS" V shows off his high heel wearing skills on "Star King"

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BTS" V showed off the best of his moves on "Star King"!

On the 16th"s episode of SBS" "Star King", a group of men came out flaunting high heels and showing off their moves. The celebrity panel also decided to try on the heels, and comedian Jo Se Ho and V stepped up to the challenge.

Surprisingly enough, both men did pretty well in the high heels even though it was their first - at least we assume - time. V especially did beautifully, showing off the moves to "I Need You" to the fullest despite the handicap. Even in heels, he was able to perform the dance moves perfectly, and he got so excited in them that he even started jumping around!

Check out the clip above - maybe the rest of BTS should dance in heels the next time they win #1?

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