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MBC Considers Airing "Idol Star Athletics Championships” On Lunar New Year Holiday?

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MBC Considers Airing

Since 2010, MBC has celebrated Lunar New Year by airing its popular sports competition “Idol Star Athletics Championships.” It appears, however, that the broadcast company has yet to start planning the event, raising questions about whether the annual spectacle will return to the screen this year or not.

“It is still uncertain if ‘Idol Star Athletics Championships’ will air as a Lunar New Year’s special. We have yet to decide which shows will air over the holidays, and because of that, nothing has been decided regarding the production or addition of new sports,” a representative of MBC stated, denying previous claims about the show being scheduled to air in February.

Earlier today, another news outlet reported that the Lunar New Year’s special is expected to air during the holidays, and the producers are even planning on adding more sports to the event. “While nothing has been decided yet, they are considering sports that are safe and fun for the idols,” the report claimed.

205 Idols to Gather for ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship′ New Years Special

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205 Idols to Gather for ‘Idol Star Athletics Championship′ New Years Special

MBC will be airing a lunar new year’s special for Idol Star Athletics Championship, gathering 250 idols.

Broadcasting on January 30 and 31, Idol Star Athletics Championship will feature 250 idols competing against one another in four areas of sports, including running, archery, futsal and curling.

Celebrating its 8th episode since airing the first one during Korean thanksgiving in 2010, Idol Star Athletics Championship will feature numerous idols divided into teams to measure up against each other on their athleticism.

It has been reported that after spending many hours at practice, the idols showed off lively and fast paced matches during filming.

The futsal game involved a match between ‘the Strongest team’ (SHINee, EXO and Infinite), ‘the Former Gold Medalist team’ (B2ST and BAP members) and ‘the Mighty team’ (ZE:A’s Kim Dong Jun and others).

See which idols win the medals on January 30 and 31!

“Idol Star Athletics Championship”: Accidents appear to happen every year!

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“Idol Star Athletics Championship”: Accidents appear to happen every year!

On January 28th, during the filming for MBC’s annual event “Idol Star Athletics Championship”, SISTAR’s Bora and DMTN’s Daniel both got injured while participating in the 70 meter dash and had to receive medical treatments.

Accidents appear to happen every year on “Idol Star Athletics Championship”. However, MBC still keeps going on with this program due to its high viewer rating while idols still participate in the show to promote themselves and their agencies.

For this year, “Idol Star Athletics Championship” features 2AM, MBLAQ, CNBlue, Kara, T-ara, SISTAR, 4minute, miss A, and A Pink.

Meanwhile, “Idol Star Athletics Championship” will be broadcasted on February 11th.

“2015 Idol star Athletics Championships” Chuseok Special to add Wrestling Category

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“2015 Idol star Athletics Championships” Chuseok Special to add Wrestling Category

< robust>MBC’s< robust> “2015 Idol famous person Athletics Championships” may be filming their Chuseok special on August 10 and 11. in addition to their pre-existing categories of futsal, tune and box, and archery, wrestling has been added as a new category. whilst the athletics championships used to be created with the aim of celebrating the very significant Korean holiday, it's been met with complaint because of injuries sustained via idol stars. The addition of wrestling  is expected to be highly criticized as smartly.

Wrestling is a recreation that comes to using all your frame. Due to the nature of the game, it would potentially be more unhealthy than the opposite  occasions.

The idol star athletics championships will also be a superb opportunity for idols, yet at the similar time a wide source of anxiety and fear. Rookie singers can get possibilities to polish if they can turn into no longericed as star athletes. moreover, their person highlight can assist elevate awareness for the gang that they seem to be a phase of. Due to the good drive and hope for sure exposure, many idols overexert themselves to the point of having injured.

however, the program is have shyed away from via teams who have already attained a definite quantity of good fortune and popularity. The display may just also be undesirready to take phase in for  people who don’t have as much athletic prowess. Filming for the championships is terribly long while screen time is short. The cons outweigh the pros for lots of singers.

in the long run, the maximum dreadful facet of the championships is the chance of having injured. Idols have no longeroriously busy schedules year- circular and an harm would no doubt bog down such potentialities.

for instance, < robust>AOA’s < robust>Seolhyun harm her leg while practicing curling. It took her six weeks to utterly get well, resulting in headaches in comeback promotions. Also, < robust>EXO’s < robust>Tao, < robust>VIXX’s < robust>Leo, < robust>SISTAR’s < robust>Bora, < robust>DMTN’s < robust>Daniel, and others have suffered injuries ago. There have also been more injuries that experience no longer been published to the public.

What are your mind at the “Idol famous person Athletics Championships” and the addition of wrestling?

"Idol Star Athletics Championships" to once again return this autumn as a Chuseok special

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The huge biannual event, the "Idol Star Athletics Championship" is reported to be held again this fall! This will be the "Chuseok" special, also known as the Korean Thanksgiving special.

Reports say the MBC special will reportedly film on August 10 to 11, although the venue has yet to be decided. Popular sports like futsal, track and field, basketball, and more have been included in the past, but it remains to be seen if they"ll be adding another sports category to this new autumn event.

Although every year there is talk about long filming conditions and injuries that take place at these events, it can"t be doubted that this is one of the most exiting gatherings for a music fan with so many idols brought together under one roof. The New Year"s special earlier this year recorded 8.5% viewer ratings and placed first in its time slot at the time of airing.

Stay tuned for more updates! Are you a fan of the "Idol Star Athletics Championship"?

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Yuri becomes a yoga instructor in still cuts for Lunar New Year special variety "Star With Two Jobs"

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Yuri becomes a yoga instructor in still cuts for Lunar New Year special variety

As reported earlier, Yuri will be starring in the Lunar New Year special variety airing soon, "Star With Two Jobs". It seems for her "second job", Yuri will be taking on the role of a yoga instructor.

During the filming, she conducted her class titled "Yuri"s healing yoga that purifies the body and soul", with non-celebrity yoga students. She showed off her flawless technique and toned figure as the instructor, but apparently this proved to work against the focus of her students as one remarked, "The instructor is so pretty that I can"t focus on the class," bringing laughs on set.

"Star With Two Jobs" also features Ki Tae Young, Lee Bon, Brian, Cho Dal Hwan, and Rainbow"s Jaekyung.

Star Golden Bell reveals preview for Lunar New Year special

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Star Golden Bell reveals preview for Lunar New Year special

Chanyeol, Amber, Hyolyn, Bora and more will appear in the Lunar New Year special episode of Star Golden Bell, check out the preview below:

Sunny and Jackson reported to appear on "Star Junior Show"s Lunar New Year special

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Sunny and Jackson reported to appear on

Roommates Girls" Generation"s Sunny and GOT7"s Jacksonare reported to appear on "Star Junior Show"s upcoming Lunar New Year special!

A broadcast insider told Ilgan Sports on the 7th, "Sunny and Jackson appeared as guests on SBS" "Star Junior Show"s Lunar New Year special." Thetwo idols were invited as the stars liked among children, and with their upbeat personalities, they are said to have been the atmosphere makers on set.

This special will air on the 22nd at 10:50 AM KST!

"Running Man" Revealed Full Star-studded Lineup Including 2PM′s Taecyeon, miss A′s Fei, Shoo, Yeon Jung Hoon and More for Lunar New Year Special

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For the upcoming Lunar New Year, SBS's drama "Running Man" will give fans the best New Year present ever!

On February 3rd, SBS officially announced that, "Seo Woo, miss A′s Fei, Shoo, Yoo Sun, 2PM′s Taecyeon, Kim Sung Ryoung, and Yeon Jung Hoon will be appearing on Running Man′s Lunar New Year special. For two days, from yesterday (February 2) to today (February 3), we′ll be filming in Beolgyo, Thailand, Hong Kong, running in and outisde of Korea."

With such a big holiday as Lunar New Year, Running Man, will split the fixed cast and guests up, allowing them to compete against each other while learning how to cook dishes from different countries.

"The Running Man Lunar New Year special cooking competition is the upgraded version of the 2014 Running Man cooking competition," said the rep. "It looks like it′ll be broadcast on February 15 and February 22."

Running Man stars Yoo Jae Suk, HaHa, Song Ji Hyo, Gary, Kim Jong Kook, Lee Kwang Soo and Ji Seok Jin as they fulfill missions.

EXO's Xiumin Inadvertently Offends Fans, + Reveals Result of "Idol Star Athletics Championship"?

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EXO's Xiumin Inadvertently Offends Fans, + Reveals Result of

EXO's Xiumin inadvertently offend audiences of "Idol Star Athletics Championship!"

He recently posted a photo of himself recording the sports special and wrote, "We reached the finals thanks to EXO-L 0". Although his intent was to show his gratitude and love for his fans, he seems to have accidentally revealed that his team made it to the finals for the competition.

Nonetheless, fans were relieved to see Xiumin looking healthy after he was announced too sick to attend "The 4th GAON Chart Kpop Awards".

The "Idol Star Athletics Championship" will air during the Lunar New Year holidays!