Videos Show Why Even Entertainment Insiders Love BTS

Videos Show Why Even Entertainment Insiders Love BTS

An industry insider has revealed that BTS is a group with not only charisma and looks, but also a group with great manners. Check out what the insider had to say below!

Although ARMYs are aware of how kind BTS are, an industry insider confirms the speculation. The insider, who works in the entertainment industry, has worked as a staff member for Reply 1994Golden Disk AwardsM CountdownHallyu Dream Festival, as well as countless other events.

Even such small gestures show how caring the boys are.

When in the past BTS had a controversy regarding possible plagirization the common consensus in the entertainment industry was that such a thought was preposterous.

. . .No one ever thinks BTS did anything wrong or plagiarized. Insiders all laugh whenever people try to criticize them.

J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook looked like they had so much fun with the fans! The parents were so impressed that they even join in!

V reaffirmed that he is the king on fanservice. He does a great job of doting on his fans!

In this clip, the members show compassion to a grandmother living in poverty. They provide her with water, food and help her clean up the house.

I love you Army! / Source: BTS Twitter

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