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[Video] Added new trailers and videos for the Korean movie "Romance Cells"

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[Video] Added new trailers and videos for the Korean movie

Added new trailers and videos for the upcoming Korean movie "Romance Cells"

"Romance Cells" (2014)Directed by Kim Yong-wanWith Kim Woo-bin, Kim Yoo-jeong, Park Seon-ho, JiHyun, Baek Seong-hyeon,...SynopsisI can seduce her? A man who"s born solo attempts to seduce a girl group star!Release date in Korea : 2014/11/03

[Spoiler] "Trot Romance" Ji Hyeon-woo proposes and kisses Jung Eun-ji

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Ji Hyeon-woo kissed Jung Eun-ji.

On the fifteenth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Trot Romance", Jang Joon-hyeon (Ji Hyeon-woo) overcame all obstacles and proposed to Choi Choon-hee (Jung Eun-ji).

Choi Choon-hee"s father, Choi Myeong-sik (Kang Nam-gil), was dying of stomach cancer and suggested to Jang Joon-hyeon about marrying his daughter.

Jang Joon-hyeon decided that he would marry her and took her out on a date by the Han River. He sang a song he wrote for her while playing his guitar.

Jang Joon-hyeon said, "I found the owner of the necklace. Don"t lose it". He hung the necklace around her and proposed.

They promised a future together with a deep kiss.

Meanwhile, at the end of the episode, it turned out that Jang Joon-hyeon"s mother (Ji Soo-won) had something to do with the death of Choi Choon-hee"s mother.

[Spoiler] "Trot Romance" Ji Hyeon-woo confesses love for Jung Eun-ji and then kisses her

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Ji Hyeon-woo romantically kissed Jung Eun-ji and told her how he felt about her.

On the ninth episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Trot Romance", Jang Joon-hyeon (Ji Hyeon-woo) left Choi Choon-hee"s (Jung Eun-ji) side as manager to prevent an outbreak of a scandal.

Choon-hee later found out why Jang Joon-hyeon had left her after hearing all the paparzzzi stories. She also found out that he did everything in his power to help her resolve the ban which she received in her music.

She tried to ask him the facts but he said something nasty to her on purpose. Choon-hee then recalled the good times she had with Jang Joon-hyeon and went away to the place where they used to spend time together.

Joon-hyeon went to Kanghwa-do to find Choon-hee and found her singing by herself under a tree where they had sung together before. Joon-hyeon went by her and kissed her while she was closing her eyes.

"Trot Romance" Ji Hyeon-woo kisses Jung Eun-ji

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Ji Hyeon-woo kissed Jung Eun-ji.

On the seventh episode of the KBS 2TV drama "Trot Romance", Jang Joon-hyeon (Ji Hyeon-woo) kissed Choi Choon-hee (Jung Eun-ji).

They went out of the city for a TV show. However, Jang Joon-hyeon hasn't been able to get a hold of Choi Choon-hee all night ever since she went out with Jo Geun-woo (Sin Seong-rok). As a result, Joon-hyeon punched him.

Choi Choon-hee tried to stop Jang Joon-hyeon and said, "Do you have any idea how worried I was? Do you feel good with his jacket on you?"

Choi Choon-hee was appalled and said, "What's wrong with you? First you punch him and now you're complaining about his jacket? What's wrong with your head?"

Jang Joon-hyeon kissed her and Choi Choon-hee slapped him before she turned around to leave.

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Park Seo Jun and Uhm Jung Hwa shares two romantic kisses on “Witch’s Romance”

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Park Seo Jun and Uhm Jung Hwa shares two romantic kisses on “Witch’s Romance”

Park Seo Jun and Uhm Jung Hwa who plays as a romantic couple for the tvN drama “Witch’s Romance” shook the hearts of the viewers as they both share not just one, but two very romantic kissing scenes.

On the May 20 broadcast of “Witch’s Romance”, Yoon Dong Ha (Park Seo Jun) gives Ban Ji Yeon (Uhm Jung Hwa) a kiss after enjoying a romantic but casual dinner together. Their first kiss was filled with emotions that truly relayed what the both of them feel for each other.

And because one kiss does not fully express how deep Yoon Dong Ha’s love is for Ban Ji Yeon, he then gives one more kiss, and this time it’s more romantic and expressive. He wanted to show his real feelings and decided not just to stay still while Ban Ji Yeon is also starting to learn about her true feelings as well.

A lot of viewers found the scenes very emotional and applauded Park Seo Jun for his very charismatic and genuine acting.

“Witch’s Romance” airs every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm on tvN.

Violent Romance: Deep kisses Jessica?

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Violent Romance: Deep kisses Jessica?The episode of "Violent Romance" aired on 31st featured some wild kiss scenes between actor lee Dongwook and Jessica. Some say, too wild. Viewers have commented: "But she's still an idol...can she do that?" "I guess idols these days can do bedscenes and kiss scenes no problem." "Aren't these kissing scenes too much?" "Dongwook... that lucky bastard."

The Individuals Of “Infinite Challenge” Sell Their Appearances on Displays and videos for Charity

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The Members Of “Infinite Challenge” Sell Their Appearances on displays and films for Charity The members of “Infinite Challenge” were auctioned off for their appearances on shows, movies, documentaries, and radio techniques in the “Giving endless Challenge.” The cash could be donated to charity.

While Yoo Jae Suk’s appearance was once sold at the easiest value of 20 million won (approximately $17,000), Kwanghee’s turned into handiest 2.3 million won (approximately $1,900).

At the auction house, MBC giant shots corresponding to the body of workers of “Real Men,” My Little Television,” “Glamorous Temptation,” “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” appear. film manufacturers for “Asura (working title),” “Risking lifestyles for Love,” and “Father, Daughter” take part as well.

The members aren’t extremely joyful to peer the employees of “Real Men” and “My Little Television,” saying, “I truly don’t wish to go.” The producers of “Real Men” say, “It’s tough to recruit members those days, and our one objective is only one person—Park Myung Soo. We wish to send him to the suicide squad.”

Jung Joon Ha is first up in the auction. The documentary groups display the maximum hobby him, raising his fee up to four million won (approximately $3,400). Then the “My Little Television” team slides in a calls out five million won (approximately $4,300). Although Jung Joon Ha begs, “Someone else, please, take me,” it’s too late.

The 2d runner is Kwanghee. He says he needs to seem on “King of Mask Singer” and the motion picture “Asura (working title)” and demonstrates his acting and making a song skills. The crowd’s response, however, is lukewarm. manufacturer of “King of Mask Singer” Min Cheol Ki, who ironically seems in a mask, refuses to even remark on his skills.

Despite his passionate strive at acting, Kwanghee finally ends up with the “Silver Green house is Good” team at the charge of 2.3 million won (approximately $1,900). Kwanghee complains, saying, “I’m terrified of fish gills. My brow is going to top off with water if i am getting on a boat because I have silicon in it.”

Park Myung Soo’s appearance, too, is sold at a prime price. The “Real Men” team especially shows the most interest in him, although Park Myung Soo says he is ok with the entirety yet “Real Men.”

The “Father, Daughter” team comes to the rescue via purchasing him at thirteen million won (approximately $11,200) at the closing moment. whilst the “Real Men” group say they unfortunately should give up, Park Myung Soo breathes out a sigh of relief.

Haha, too, is popular in the auction room. Staff from the movie “Risking Life for Love” and drama “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” prove interest in him and the movie team ends up acquiring him at 7 million.

Unsurprisngly, Yoo Jae Suk is the most smartly liked of them all. Though either the “Radio Star” team and “My Daughter, Geum Sa Wol” team need him, the drama staff claim him at 20 million won (approximately $17,000).

“I’m now not even good at acting, but thank you anyways,” Yoo Jae Suk humbly says.

New “Cheese in the Trap” Teaser Videos Unveiled

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New “Cheese in the Trap” Teaser Videos Unveiled On November 20, new teasers for tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Cheese in the Trap” were released. They are short teasers, yet audience are excited to see Park Hae Jin and Kim pass Eun in character.

In the teaser, they either personally go see a fortune teller. Popular actress Hwang Seok Jeong who portrays Professor Kang makes a marvel appearance as the fortune teller prompting viewers to laugh.

Hwang Seok Jeong falls for Park Hae Jin’s good-looking and blank cut looks saying, “How are you in a position to glance so natural and beautiful?” But correct away, she turns on him as she says, “No one knows about your dark center and arrogance, huh? I see a lady on your long run who will turn your dark within upside down. It’s fate.”

Hearing the fortune teller’s prediction, Yoo Jung’s facial features hardens making the viewers wonder what his destiny holds. The fortune teller scene in the teaser resembles the primary scene in the long-established webtoon.

“Cheese in the Trap” is a romance mystery of the reputedly very best guy Yoo Jung, with a perilous internal self, and an insightful school student Hong Seol (Kim Go Eun.) the 1st episode is slated to air on January 4.

Check out the teasers for “Cheese in the Trap” here: