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[Video] SUJU′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in ′U′

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[Video] SUJU′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in ′U′

--> After his voice cracked terribly during a performance, Super Junior′s Heechul shared that he lost all confidence as a singer.

On the April 21 broadcast of Mnet′s 4show, Heechul prepared to make a comeback as a M&D member with Trax′s Jung Mo.

Heechul said that he sings well, and FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi and EXO′s Baek Hyun also agreed that he surprisingly sings well.

Heechul brought up his infamous voice crack performance for Super Junior′s U in 2006 that got him a lot of criticism.

"I stopped singing after the voice crack in U," said Heechul. "I asked the agency to get rid of my parts. During Sorry Sorry, I thought about quitting as a singer because I was so apologetic to the members and the fans."

"There were a lot of Super Junior fans who cricitized me then too because I was the ′solo activities′ Kim Heechul who went on stage and ruined the performance for everyone. I didn′t read internet posts during that time."

But the song that brought Heechul confidence was Evanesce in 2014. "That′s how I was able to confidently come out as M&D."

[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

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[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

Ten members of the boy group Super Junior gathered in southern Seoul yesterday to promote their seventh album "Mamacita". "Before, it was important to be No. 1, but now we learned it is happiness that we get to work with good people", said Lee-teuk, the leader of the group.

The new songs are being released online today while the CDs will hit the stores on Monday. By Lee Sun-min

HALO to make a comeback in the route of controversy 'Young Love' preview video

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HALO to make a comeback in the route of controversy   'Young Love' preview video

HALO can bemaking a returnin the path of their fresh controversy. 

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HALO printed on November 30 that the crowd would be freeing their first mini-album 'Young Love' with a preview video. "Feeling is Good" is their identify track, yet equallywe have already noticed from the group, the album will be full of pop.

The individuals said, "We're sincerely reflecting for causing sadness to our fans. We made up our mindsto comeso as to compensate for causing our fans hurt."

In comparable news, HALO bumped into some problem with their fans because of alleged mistreatment of fan letters and fan gifts in addition PDA with rumored girlfriends.

HALO will be creating a comeback with 'Young Love' on December 3. 

B.A.P Proves They’re “Young, Wild & Free” In Lively Dance Prepare Video

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B.A.P Proves They’re “Young, Wild & Free” In Lively Dance Prepare Video

B.A.P Proves They’re “Young, Wild Free” In Full of life Dance Prepare Videonotclaira November 30, 2015 0 On November 30, B.A.P released the dance practice video for their existing single, “Young, Wild Free” thru their firm TS Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

In the video, the six-member workforce fills the studio with their backup dancers, matching the intensity of the song via sweeping arm movements and energetic jumping. Unlike all over performances, the contributors are dressed ininformal clothes, yet their attitude and expressions are utterly professional.

The members had prior to now released a sillier dance practice video through the Naver V App, in which they ham it up for the camera and play around amongst one another.

You can watch either versions below:

Enhance the artist viapurchasing MATRIX from YesAsiaSource (1)

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Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Revealed

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Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Revealed

Video of Park Bo Gum Making a song That Were given Him Into Several Huge Agencies Published ck525 November 30, 2015 0 As Park Bo Gum claims the guts throb of many enthusiastsbecause of his role in “Reply 1988,” his beyond is turning intothe middle of attention as well.

Recently, a video of him titled “Park Bo Gum Gambling the Piano and Singing” is posted on line.

In the clip, he may also beobserved singing 2AM’s “This Song” whilst playing the piano. Being the vocal trainee he is, he is completely absorbed in the song as he seriously sings the notes.

Park Bo Gum had in the past commented at the video all over an interview with GRAZIA, saying, “I had always enjoyed singing and dancing in front of people, and I had never thought about acting as a profession option. I had at all timessought after to be a singer, so I sent a video of myself singing and playing the piano to several large managing agencies.”

After sending out the clip, Park Bo Gum gained several provides from large companies, although he picked SidusHQ, which contacted him first.

He replaced his trail to acting after receiving one of the vital company’s body of workersparticipants said, “I think you may do smartly acting.”

Meanwhile, Park Bo Gum also played the piano in the teaser for new singer D.ear’s name song “Forget You” back in February.

Watch the teaser in the video below!

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YouTubers react to Psy's hilarious new song video 'Daddy'

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YouTubers react to Psy's hilarious new song video 'Daddy'

It has handiest been a couple of hours because thetune video free up for "Daddy"but enthusiasts have already been sharing their amusement for the long awaited comeback of one of YouTube's largest viral entertainers —Psy. Take a glance at some of our favourite hilarious reaction videos below!

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Which reaction video did you revel in the most?

K-Pop Crossover: Psy Will pay Homage To Black Eyed Peas Frontman With 'Daddy' VIDEO?

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Psy Pays Homage To Black Eyed Peas Frontman : Facebook | Psy Official)If Black Eyes Peas co-founder tackled the starting placetale of hot feminine bodies with "I Were given It from My Mama," then K-pop phenom Psy is reciprocating the gesture with his comeback single, "Daddy."

On Monday, the long-awaited comeback of the "Gentleman" arrived when two tune videos for "Daddy" and "Napal Baji" premiered online. Observers in an instant noticedthe similarities between "Daddy" and's 2007 single.

Allegedly, the homage is entirely intentional. It's miles speculated that the Black Eyed Peas rapper helped produce "Daddy," which used to befinished March of 2014. However, this theory remains unofficial, with the composers indexed being Yoo Gun Hyun, longtime YG manufacturer Teddy Park and Long term Bounce.

"'Daddy' becameaccomplished March of final year," saidPsy right through a press convention in Seoul.

"Seven seasons have long goneby capability of and I am not even Beethoven. I have made many adjustments and installeda massive number ofidea into it. Yet I made 'Napal Baji' in point of factfast after functioning at a festival. I suspectit is going to exist fun. One song was very tough to make and the alternative wasn't. Folkssteadily say that it is the easy-made songs that do well, but we're going toneed to see."

The impression would be entirely logical, for the explanation that is a showed contributor for every other track set to seem on Psy's 7th album, titled "ROCKnROLLbaby."

This isn'tthe primary time has collaborated with K-pop idols. The producer have become known in the genre when he became interested in the Psy's labelmate 2NE1. The womanstaff worked with will.i.amin the recording studio on several instances and was featuredon his 2013 album "#willpower."

Earlier this year, 2NE1 frontwoman Lee "CL" Chaerin also recorded with contributors of Black Eyed Peas, possibly for their 20-year anniversary comeback or CL's American debut.

Psy's new album will feature further collaborations from American pop icons like Ed Sheeran and Pharrell, in addition K-pop acts reminiscent of Zion.T, JYJ's XIA and Gaeko.

Check out the music video for "Daddy" below:

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Hongki talks about getting video calls from Henry - even at the maximum awkward moments

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Hongki talks about getting video calls from Henry - even at the maximum awkward moments

On KBS 2TV's 'Hello' on November 30, a male guest gave the impressionat thedisplay to protest his wife's suspicions and clinginess. 

The MCs asked the famevisitors if they ever experienced this in my opinion before.  Lee Sang Gon said, "I had a female friend who sought after to do video calls.  Once I give her confirmation, my buddies would tell me, 'Are you still living like that?'"

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Hongki then added, "I've gotten a video call from a guy before," revealing that that very guywas once none as hostile to Henry.  He published that Henry would at all times video call him, and once, Hongki become even taking a bunch two when he were given a call, so he have been very taken aback. Oh, Henry.

TaeTiSeo Releases Video Teaser for “Dear Santa”

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TaeTiSeo Releases Video Teaser for “Dear Santa”

TaeTiSeo Releases Video Teaser for Expensive Santacrystalcove November 30, 2015 0 Girls Generation sub-unit TaeTiSeo has released a song video teaser for their upcoming release, Dear Santa.

In the music video, every member of TaeTiSeo are dressed in a deep red ball gown, with Seohyun gambling the piano and Taeyeon and Tiffany status and singing.

On December 3 at 8 p.m. KST, TaeTiSeo will dangle a show off titled “X-Mas Special – Dear Santa” at the SM The city Theater in COEX, in Seoul. They are going to sing Dear Santa for the primary time there, and they will tell stories related to the preparation of this album. They have got invited lovers to attend, since it's far their first comeback in 365 daysand 3 months.

TaeTiSeo will start making appearances on quite so much of music techniques to advertise their new album, beginning with “Music Bank” on December 4.

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BTS Display Their Younger Facets In New 'Run' Tune Video

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BTS(Photo : BTS Reputable Facebook) It istoughto understand your formative yearsif you finish up too young to do the rest that sounds like fun.

Add in the trouble of a existenceruledby way ofcollege or professionresolution making, and it is going toappear to bethere might benot anythingvalue celebrating when you are young.

If you are a young k-pop fan feeling this way, then BTS' new song "Run" seems to be for you. Previous today, BTS printedthe overallsong video for "Run," which capabilitiesthe lads exploring the bold and adventurous aspect of being young. Lovers can take a glance atthe hot music video for "Run" below.

Earlier this week, BTS additional explained the "youth" ideain the back of their new song "Run" and new album "The Most pretty Moment in Life Section 2."

"Part one explained how early life is tiring and difficult, and it also touched on how we feel like we areat all times on edge. Element two will have a more adventurous and daring feel to it. That is why our identify song is 'Run'," acknowledgedthe gang (via Soompi).

Rap Monster particularly expressed that he was hoping fans would be readyto narrate to the song because they had put their feelings into lyrics.

"We did notwould like to just blankly say 'cheer up' or 'be strong.' We in point of factsought after to convenienceother people our way, by generating the music and writing the lyrics ourselves. We poured our center and soul into this amazing song," said Rap Monster.

BTS held the official "The MaximumGorgeous Moment in Life Section 2" concert from Nov. 27 to Nov. 29. The album of the similar championshipis determined to be released on Nov. 30.

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