[Video] SUJUs Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in U

[Video] SUJUs Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in U

--> After his voice cracked terribly during a performance, Super Junior′s Heechul shared that he lost all confidence as a singer.

On the April 21 broadcast of Mnet′s 4show, Heechul prepared to make a comeback as a M&D member with Trax′s Jung Mo.

[Video] SUJU′s Heechul Wondered If He Should Quit Singing After His Voice Cracked in ′U′

Heechul said that he sings well, and FT Island′s Lee Hong Gi and EXO′s Baek Hyun also agreed that he surprisingly sings well.

Heechul brought up his infamous voice crack performance for Super Junior′s U in 2006 that got him a lot of criticism.

"I stopped singing after the voice crack in U," said Heechul. "I asked the agency to get rid of my parts. During Sorry Sorry, I thought about quitting as a singer because I was so apologetic to the members and the fans."

"There were a lot of Super Junior fans who cricitized me then too because I was the ′solo activities′ Kim Heechul who went on stage and ruined the performance for everyone. I didn′t read internet posts during that time."

But the song that brought Heechul confidence was Evanesce in 2014. "That′s how I was able to confidently come out as M&D."

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[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

[Video] SuJu promotes new songs

Ten members of the boy group Super Junior gathered in southern Seoul yesterday to promote their seventh album "Mamacita". "Before, it was important to be No. 1, but now we learned it is happiness that we get to work with good people", said Lee-teuk, the leader of the group.

The new songs are being released online today while the CDs will hit the stores on Monday. By Lee Sun-min


[Video] 2013 K-Pop Group Debuts

[Video] 2013 K-Pop Group Debuts

[Video] 2013 K-Pop Group DebutsWith K-Pop going as strong as ever, the endless wave of new group debuts continues to keep us entertained.

These two videos feature debuts from 36 boy groups and 31 girl groups! (that is 163 boys and 121 girls!) This is a little less than last year, which had 38 new boy groups and 41 girl groups. In trying to cover as much as possible, vocal groups, duos, bands, rappers, and sub units are included.

The groups are featured in order of debut.

Boy Groups

Girl Groups

To allow for more variety, it seems companies have further embraced the idea of sub units. This year we had Infinite-H, ZE:A5, uBEAT, 100% V2YOON, DASONI, T-ara N4, MN and BOMHI.

Another interesting thing to note this year is that there wasnt there wasnt a debut from the big 3 (not counting sub units). However, they do all have plans for new groups in 2014.  YGs Winner, while on TV has yet to make their official debut. JYP will be releasing their new boy group GOT7 this month, along with another boy group and girl group later. SM has just started showing off their trainees through SM Rookies.

While it would be nearly impossible to copy the level of popularity EXO and B.A.P in their 2012 rookie year, there are definitely a few standouts from last year.

Who do you think were the strongest debuts of 2013?

Random notes:

While NOM made their debut with a cute song, there is actually another group out there named N.O.M which features male erotic dancers. 

Alphabat and QUEEN BZ are re-debuts. The members of Duo Flo are from former girl group Six Bomb. Three of the members of BESTie are former EXID members.


Farewell to 2013:  SBS Gayo Daejun Brings On the Best in K-pop for 2013 [Performance Recap + Video]

Farewell to 2013: SBS Gayo Daejun Brings On the Best in K-pop for 2013 [Performance Recap + Video]

Farewell to 2013:SBS Gayo Daejun Brings On the Best in K-pop for 2013 [Performance Recap + Video]

The time is here again. 2013 is ending and a new year is coming in. The much anticipated End of Year Festival from SBS featured numerous performances from your favorite K-Pop stars! So without further explanation, here are the videos from what occurred.

Happy New Year 2014!!


Opening - "Sleigh Ride"

EXO - "Growl"

SHINee - "Everybody" plus "Dream Girl"

CNBLUE - "I'm Sorry"

BEAST - "Shadow" plus "Beautiful Night"

2NE1 - "Miss You" plus "Do You Love Me"

f(x) - "Shadow" plus "Rum Pum Pum Pum"

IU - "The Red Shoes"

SISTAR - Introduction plus "Give it To Me"

T-ara - "Number 9"

After School - "First Love"

B.A.P - "One Shot"

Dynamic DuoBaechigi - "Duology"

Hello Venus and Seventeen - "Would You Like Some Tea?"

EXO's Kai, Lay, and Sehun Special Stage Performance

Block B - "Very Good"

Girls' Generation - "Express999" plus "I Got A Boy"

SNSD TTS and EXO - "Crazy in Love"

BTS - Introduction plus "No More Dream"

Ailee - "UI"

INFINITE - "Destiny"

Taeyang - "1AM"

A Pink - "No No No"

Miss A - "Hush"

Rainbow - "Tell Me Tell Me"

Hyorin - "One Way Love"

Ladies Code - "Pretty Pretty"

Crayon Pop - "Bar Bar Bar"

Lee Hi - "Rose"

All Artists - "You Are Miracle"


[Video] Mnet America's Year On #AllThingsHallyu 2013

[Video] Mnet America's Year On #AllThingsHallyu 2013

[Video] Mnet America's Year On #AllThingsHallyu 2013

A 2013 Year In Review Video of Major Moments, People and Stories of 'All Things Hallyu (Korean Wave)' as Selected by Mnet America

Mnet America (www.mnetamerica.com), a youth entertainment brand for all things Asian cool, has released their year in review for 2013 with images, videos, and sound clips that defined the year of 'All Things Hallyu (a.k.a. Korean Wave)' including K-pop, K-drama, and K-film in the U.S.

If 2012 was the year that K-Pop crossed over with Psy's international smash 'Gangnam Style', 2013 was the year that K-Pop and the All Things Hallyu movement proved that it was here to stay. From Girls' Generation beating out Beliebers and Directioners and winning Video of the Year at the YouTube Music Awards to singer-rapper G-Dragon landing on the U.S. Billboard 200 again, with his follow-up album Coup D'Etat, Pt. 1, the Korean pop scene thrived in 2013.

Discover the moments, people and stories of #AllThingsHallyu with Mnet America's year in review video.


2EYES Tops Editor's Picks For The Top 5 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2013 With 'Don't Mess With Me' [VIDEO]

2EYES Tops Editor's Picks For The Top 5 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2013 With 'Don't Mess With Me' [VIDEO]

2EYES Tops Editors Picks For The Top 5 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2013 With Dont Mess With Me [VIDEO] (Photo : YouTube)2EYES Tops Editors Picks For The Top 5 K-Pop Music Videos Of 2013 With Dont Mess With Me [VIDEO] Any time you make a list, you are asking to be told you are completely off-base for leaving somebody off. But while 2013 had it's share of notable K-pop videos, here are the five that had the strongest effect on me.

1. 2EYES "Don't Mess With Me"

There isn't anything in the world of K-pop quite like the "Don't Mess With Me" video. Rocket-fired fists, high-flying martial arts and power plant explosions are just a few examples from the video's arsenal of impressive moments. Subtitled "The Fist of Vengeance" the director reimagines the five members of 2EYES as a group of vigilante fighters in a dark future resembling "Mad Max." Although highly overlooked by fans, ("Don't Mess With Me" has 135,000 YouTube views, a sharp contrast to the millions of views for the other videos on this list) the originality of the concept, a Tarantino-esque revenge fantasy, and the strength of the band's performance, was unmatched in 2013. But for all the visual pyrotechnics, one of the video's strongest sequences is also its most low budget-a scene where the members dance on a dusty back road feels gritty and real. Hopefully, the lack of attention for this brilliant video won't stop 2EYES from continuing to bring the feature film feel to their K-pop music videos. Michael Jackson would be proud.

2. Psy "Gentleman"

The King of YouTube officially retired the one-hit wonder label with this record-breaking video. But beyond all the hype, what is most impressive about "Gentleman" is how Psy doubled down on the over-the-top persona he created on "Gangnam Style" by making himself the butt of the joke. While so many artists seem to value looking cool above all else, Psy showed the world that being silly is way more fun. In a society not revered by the rest of the world for knowing how to cut loose, ("Gentleman" was banned by the Korean Broadcasting System for the rapper's disrespectful treatment of a traffic cone), Psy's video has the irreverent sneer of a Sex Pistols song.

3. Lee Hyori "Miss Korea"

Lee Hyori went retro with highly successful results in the "Miss Korea" video. Shot in black and white, the minimalist directing style and use of silhouettes creates a freshly distinctive look. The decision to employ Golden Age of Hollywood techniques, like the split screen effect and integrating outfits into backgrounds, is inspired. The other various nods to the Jazz Age, like the drummer using brushes and the line of male dancers in 3D glasses, are also a nice touch. The stylized look is the perfect match for the song's jazzy inflection. Lee is at her most stunning in the video, appearing in a dazzling array of flattering outfits and cementing her status as South Korea's number one pop diva.

4. Secret "Yoo Hoo"

Though it's difficult to tell if it's impeccable direction or just dumb luck, the video for Secret's "Yoo Hoo" appears to be one of those shoots where everything went right. Clearly demonstrating the advantage of filming on location, every shot of the clip whisks you away to the idyllic tropical setting the band members find themselves in. The concept of the girl group getting ship wrecked is executed in a charming and amusing way, as the band members attempt to fend for themselves in the wild. Of all the videos on the list, "Yoo Hoo" offers the greatest escape. A big reason for that, is the four band members appear to be genuinely enjoying themselves. They have a natural chemistry that can't be faked, which makes it hard not to root for this band of well-dressed castaways.

5.Bangtan Boys (BTS) "N.O"

Though the five music videos included on this list are first and foremost cited for their entertainment value, the clip "N.O" by the hip-hop boy band Bangtan Boys (also known as BTS) is the only one with a strong social commentary. The video opens with the seven band members in a futuristic classroom, where whitewashed armed guards in riot gear force them to swallow a red pill. The militaristic quality of the scene, and the effective use of color to imply government control, is powerful stuff, particularly considering the two years of military service every South Korean male is currently required to serve.And although the message of the video gets a bit convoluted when the band breaks out of the classroom setting, rising up against their tormentors and enters an unexplained world of white backdrops, Bangtan Boys should be applauded for attempting something of this scope. The video offers a powerful visual dimension to the lyrics, which call for a rebellion against the pressures of young adulthood.


BEAST's 2013 Beautiful Show DVD preview video revealed!

BEAST's 2013 Beautiful Show DVD preview video revealed!

BEAST's 2013 Beautiful Show DVD preview video revealed!

Cube Entertainment released a video of the DVD preview of BEAST's 2013 Beautiful Show in Seoul.

Pre-order will start on December 12th, and it will be released on December 19th.

Watch below:

written by: [email protected]

SOURCE:CUBE Entertainment Official YouTube Channel


Girls Generations `I Got a Boy Wins Video Of The Year At 2013 YouTube Awards; Beat Out the Biggest Names In Music; All Because of Their Fans (Video)

Girls Generations `I Got a Boy Wins Video Of The Year At 2013 YouTube Awards; Beat Out the Biggest Names In Music; All Because of Their Fans (Video)

, Girls’ Generation, I Got a Boy, Video Of The Year, 2013 YouTube Awards

Girls’ Generation’s `I Got a Boy’ Wins Video Of The Year At 2013 YouTube Awards; Beat Out the Biggest Names In Music; All Because of Their Fans (Video) Girls Generation Kpop superstars Girls' Generation took home the biggest prize of all at the 2013 YouTube Awards last night.

Girls' Generation won the Video Of The Year prize at the 2013 YouTube Awards.

The Video of the Year prize is the biggest award given out at the 2013 YouTube Awards and it was all because of Girls' Generation's enthusiastic fans.

The Girls' Generation hit "I Got a Boy" was the music video that got the most fan engagement on YouTube. Girls' Generation beat out some of the biggest names in music.

South Korean girl group Girls' Generation beat out such artists as Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus to take home the biggest prize at the first-ever YouTube Awards.

The YouTube Awards 2013 was held in New York City at Pier 36. Tiffany Hwang accepted the award on behalf of the nine members of Girls' Generation's.

Girls' Generation's Tiffany thanking YouTube and the fans.

Girls' Generation was formed in 2007 by S.M. Entertainment. They are called Shoujo Jidai in Japan.

The nine girls of Girls' Generation are all between the ages of 22 and 24.

The nominees were:

Epic Rap Battles Of History's "Barack Obama vs Mitt Romney"

Demi Lovato - "Heart Attack"

Justin Bieber (feat. Nicki Minaj) - "Beauty And A Beat"

Lady Gaga- "Applause"

MacklemoreRyan Lewis (feat. Mary Lambert - "Same Love"

Miley Cyrus - "We Can't Stop"

One Direction - "Best Song Ever"

PSY - "Gentleman"

Selena Gomez - "ComeGet It"

Congratulations Girls' Generation.


Top Five Underrated Music Video Releases of October 2013

Top Five Underrated Music Video Releases of October 2013

mv, k-pop

October has been an exciting year for many album and music video releases. SHINee came back with their hit track Everybody, Jaejoong came out with his new music video Just Another Girl, and during the week, Trouble Maker returned with Now (There is No Tomorrow). And though these music videos are popular for a reason, this does not mean that the videos which views did not exactly reach unreachable heights should be disregarded since Korea produces a number of amazing music videos every month, and even those at the bottom of the totem poll deserve much more merit than what they are given.

Top Five Underrated Music Video Releases of October 2013

Here are just some fo the music videos released in October that deserves about four hundred more rewatches:

First in the line of releases is AOA's 흔들려 (Confused)

Though this does not contain all of the elements I wish to see in a music video, especially for recently debuted groups, this video cannot be discredited at all because you'd still watch it from start to finish. I haven't gotten all of the members of AOA down yet (and the fact that they all wear the same thing in this video doesn't help at all because I can't tell any of them apart) but I'm getting there. The song isn't all cutesy-- it still has a bit of a bite to it, the dance is hypnotizing, and it makes up for the lack of substance in the actual video.

Next is Park Ji Yoon with Mr. Lee

Park Ji Yoon became a member of Mystic 89 in 2013 spring. Yoon Jong Shin is the leader producer in Mystic 89. The Mystic 89 and Park Ji Yoon's new project has its point on amplifying the musical talents that she has. They focus on her special one-and-only vocals of her.This album's title song [Mr.Lee] is composed and written by the famous hip-hop musician Primary. It has retro fun beat and addictive chorus. It also shows the special voice Park Ji Yoon in an amazing way. It talks about a girl who is roaming around the man she is interested in. Rapper San E joined as featuring to make the song even better.

The music video was released on October 17, and since then it has not even reached a million views. Apart from Park Jiyoon's vocals, credit is also due to the very making of the music video. It's fresh, it's different, and it has a dash of entertainment to go with the pretty faces. This combine visually appealing with substance in a very subtle way and definitely deserves more love.

Jay Lee is next on the list with his MV I'm Sorry

Jay Lee is a solo RnB artist under KTMusic. The music video has a lot of heart to it, a lot of emotion that really stays with you, and it was presented in such a soft, pretty way-- not in the usual dramatic, in-your-face angst that some music videos do when showcasing melancholy. It's just a really well-made video in my eyes, and a lot of the details that are consistent throughout the video can hardly be overlooked.

Next on the list is a band named Jaurim with their music video Twenty Five, Twenty One (스물다섯, 스물하나 )

This music video tells the story of a person wasting away little by little, and with the song as well as the video, everything ties together beautifully. There isn't much to be said about it since a lot can interpreted from just watching it.

The next music video is Standing Egg's recent release Today I (나 오늘따라)

Standing Egg is probably one of my favorite K indie bands existing to date. This isn't my favorite video of theirs since they have released some amazing ones in the past, but it's still within the ball park of their great video releases. When it comes to heart break and loneliness, Standing Egg can take the cake. They interpret their songs beautifully on screen.

So, these were the music video releases of this month of October that deserves more credit than they did. If you find others that you thing should be on this list, don't be afraid to share them in the comments.


2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English!

2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English!

2NE1, CL

2NE1 Leader CL Mingles With A$AP Rocky At 2013 Style Icon Awards [VIDEO]: YG Leader Interviews Rapper In Fluent English! CL of 2NE1 mingles with A$AP Rocky. (Twitter) 2NE1 may be have delayed their comeback to the disappointment of Blackjacks, but it doesn't mean they're seeing any less of its leader CL, especially with international celebrities like A$AP Rocky.

At the 2013 Style Icon Awards at CJ EntertainmentMedia center, A$AP Rocky arrived in Korea for the first time and was introduced by his friend CL of 2NE1 before performing for the audience.

As a presenter for the 2013 Style Icon Awards, CL also interviewed A$AP Rocky in English, and impressed many 2NE1 fans with her fluent English.

Check out the 2013 Style Icon Awards here to catch a snippet of the interaction below:

"I appreciate [Style Icon Awards] for understanding urban culture and street fashion, because people like me get to be iconic, and usually I get my respect from people who love or have taste for high fashion or art," says A$AP Rocky during an interview after receiving the Global Icon award according to YGLadies.

In addition to CL of 2NE1, fellow YG Family member G-Dragon was also present at the 2013 Style Icon Awards, where he was presented with the Daesang award and proclaimed "Style Icon of the Year."

"Thank you. Since there's so many fashionable people in Korea, I don't know if I can accept this award. Thank you very much...I'm thankful I received such a big award," said G-Dragon as he accepted the award according to AllKPop.

"I released my first solo album in four years and have been receiving a lot of love. I made good memories all throughout promotions and was happy. I, as a style icon, will try to do performances that contribute to the development of culture. I thank those who have helped me with my styling."