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SNSD Hyoyeon 'Dancing with the Stars 2' Powerful Duo Performance Yet Again [Video]

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SNSD Hyoyeon 'Dancing with the Stars 2' Powerful Duo Performance Yet Again [Video] Hyoyeon Dance powerfulOn June 29th, the contestants of MBC's 'Dancing With the Stars 2' were given a twist to their challenge. The contestants were directed to switch their genres of dance with other teams for this week's challenge.

On this episode, Girls' Generation member Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Sukteamed up to perform the dance number for the song called, "Kokomo" from the movie "Cocktail". Hyoyeon and Kim Hyung Suk were successful in delievering a passionate and powerful performance.

Judge Song Seung Hwan commented, "There were some minor mistakes but it seemed like Kim Hyung suk's charismatic stare startled Hyoyeon. It seems like they're used to each other now."

Judge Alex Kim alsopointed out, "The overall feel was flavorful and lovely. I loved your passion, but, it would have been even better if you were a little more tough."

Finally, Judge Kim Joo Won added, "The energy and acting were amazing. I think you will have a very high increase in the number of male fans after this performance."

During her interview after the performance, Hyoyeon revealed regretfully, "I made a mistake on something I never thought I'd mess up on. My partner, Kim Hyun Suk let me know through his eyes."

The Hyoyeon and Kim Hyun Suk couple received a total of 23 points on their performance.

Their charismatic performance can be viewed at

Video of fundamental scholars and Their instructor Dancing to GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu” is going Viral

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Video of Elementary Students and Their Teacher Dancing to GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu” Goes Viral A video of five students from a Korean elementary faculty covering the dance for GFRIEND’s “Me Gustas Tu” at their school’s ability display has long gone viral.

That would most likely not sound extraordinary and you will be wondering why in the arena that might cross viral. First, the girls’ teacher joined the team and danced with them. Second, the dance is terribly smartly done down to the details. Lastly, their teacher is an adult male who is dressed in a wig with girly pigtails and is dancing enthusiastically to the cutesy song with his students. it's far certainly great to peer that there are lecturers in the market that might put in this much effort for their students. Kudos to the teacher!

Check out the video yourself below!

Video SNSD′s Taeyeon Breaks Unfastened in ′I′ MV

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Video SNSD′s Taeyeon Breaks Unfastened in ′I′ MV

--> The track video for Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Taeyeon′s chart-topping unmarried I has been released.

The music video for I was once released on SMTOWN′s legit YouTube channel on October 7, taking pictures Taeyeon gambling two characters: an busy server, who is continuously hounded by skill of her boss, and a unfastened soul, running wild thru New Zealand′s scenic wild.

Taeyeon proved she can fly top on her own, topping music charts with I once it became released.

Check out the music video below!

[Video] SNSD Gets Fierce in ′You Think′ MV

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[Video] SNSD Gets Fierce in ′You Think′ MV

--> The Girls′ Generation (SNSD) contributors have set apart their prim and correct symbol from Lion Heart and switched at the attractive for You Think.

SNSD′s 2d identify song You Think changed into once released on August 19 together with a fierce song video, as the girls set the checklist instantly on who′s the boss.

From the choreography to the wardrobe, SNSD isn′t shying clear of the attractive concept.

Check out the video below!

[Video] SNSD Brings the Paws Out in ′Lion Heart′ MV

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[Video] SNSD Brings the Paws Out in ′Lion Heart′ MV

--> The paws have come out.

Girls′ Generation (SNSD) has released Lion Heart, the primary of it′s double identify songs on August 18.

The track video, which become once released at the similar day, progresses in 3 chapters with a hilarious finishing you wish to have to paste around till the finish to catch.

The song′s jazzy melody is played up with a slinky choreography noticed interspersed during the video.

Meanwhile, SNSD′s 2nd identify song You Think may be released on August 19.

[Video] GFriend Covers EXO, SNSD and massive Bang in ′nowadays′s Room′

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[Video] GFriend Covers EXO, SNSD and massive Bang in ′nowadays′s Room′

--> We never imagined we′d be pronouncing Bang Bang Bang, Growl and GFriend in the similar sentence, yet you never know what′s crossing to head down in < robust> these days′s Room.

GFriend become once the most recent guest to look on Mnet digital Lab′s < robust> these days′s Room, where the ladies duveted some of K-Pop′s best hits.

From Girls′ Generation (SNSD)′s Gee and EXO′s Growl to important Bang′s Bang Bang Bang and 2NE1′s I′m the most efficient, the GFriend contributors battled it out to look who may just get the top rating at the karaoke device.

The GFriend contributors get brownie issues from us for their duvet of giant Bang′s Bang Bang Bang.

consumer behind Leaked Video of Bae Yong Joon and Park Soo Jin Dancing Apologizes

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 user in the back of Leaked Video of Bae Yong Joon And Park Soo Jin Dancing Apologizes On July 31 Park Jin Young spoke out approximately his emotions in regards to the leaked video of Bae Yong Joon touching Park Soo Jin in detail whilst dancing At their marriage. He wrote on his Twitter invoice, “a non-public video of my friend Yong Joon And Soo Jin At their marriage has been unlawfully spread And being made Amusing of.”

He endured, “I’m Angry that the penalization scene changed into once unlawfully spread. as A result of this the newlywed couple Are harm And suffering whilst on their honeymoon, yet in information technologys position of raising the problem other persons Are reproducing information technology.”

it's been printed that Park Jin Young had sung A congratulatory And thenng for the couple And the And thenng were turn overn grew to become on back when the newlyweds did their penalization dance. it And thenunds equally if equally Al although their pals Advised the couple to go handsy in A smartly- that means And joking method.

He extra explained, “The filmed scene is A playful comic story And scenario between near pals. Why changed into oncen’t the unlawful spreading of this clip regarded equally a large bargain? It makes me truly Angry.”

Later, the person who filmed And spread the video Answered to Park Jin Young’s tweet. the person wrote, “Bae Yong Joon, Park Jin Young, I’m truly distressing. i changed into once A personnel member in the beverage house At the marriage. It changed into once truly tough to figure out how to ask for forgiveness. I wish to turn over my honest Apology via this.”

The Apology equally well Acknowledged, “The film-like marriage celebration looked And then Amusing And cheerful. I took A video clip without permission. I honestly ask for forgiveness for my video spreading And causing harassment And suffering later the satisfied marriage. i Am truly distressing.”

What make yous take into consideration this Apology And the spread of the video in the primary position?

Hara is a beautiful dancing queen in "How About Me?" dance train video with Youngji

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Hara is a beautiful dancing queen in

Hara released the dance prepare video for one of the crucial tracks off her solo album, "How About Me," with an appearance via her fellow KARA member, Youngji, who rapped in the song!

Hara"s movements are very fluid and attractive, spell binding the target market in spite of the easy choreography. Her chemistry with Youngji once she enters the scene may be noticeable, striking a grin on folks"s faces.

be told the attractive moves above!

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SNSD has reportedly wowed people with the launch of the beautiful music video for the song called “Party”

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Girls Generation Releases Stunning MV for Party Girls Generation officially makes a comeback with a stunning music video for pre-release single Party.

The hotly anticipated music video (the teaser, which was released just a few days ago, has already garnered over 2.3 million views) has all the makings of a summer anthem with vivid beachside visuals and a catchy hook.

Meanwhile, Girls Generation held their showcase Girls Generation Party @Banyan Tree, MCed by comedian Shin Dong Yup, on July 7 to commemorate the release of Party.

The girls will kick off music show promotions on KBS Music Bank starting July 10 followed by MBC Music Core on the 11th and SBS Inkigayo on the 12th.

INFINITE releases info for the final track and a short teaser video with dancing

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INFINITE releases info for the final track and a short teaser video with dancing

INFINITE is back with another teaser, this time with L and Hoya as the main characters!

The track, arranged by composer Shim Eun Jiwith help from Dongwoo and Hoya for the rap part, seems to to be tentatively titled "Up to You" in English, different from the literal translation of "I Request the Ending." The song is described to contain an "emotional beat and melody, giving "Reality" an unexpected ending."

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