[Video] Heart-pounding, creepy new teaser for OCN’s “Black”

[Video] Heart-pounding, creepy new teaser for OCN’s “Black”

Holy smokes, folks! This is one intense teaser and really has me hyped to watch the drama. In it we witness the horror that Go Ara’s character lives with as she sees the shadows of death. I really can’t blame the woman for keeping sunglasses on at all times. But, there is hope when she meets the cop-turned-reaper who encourages her to do something about what she sees. She shortens her bangs and takes off her glasses. And… then we have to wait for October 14 to see what happens.

-Yours, Lisa, who needs to go hug a teddy bear

Directed by Kim Hong-seon-I

With Song Seung-heon, Go Ara, Kim Dong-jun, Kim Jae-young, Lee El, Kim Won-hae,…

A reaper borrows a human body and fall in love with a mortal woman who can see the shadows of death. He breaks the rules of heaven and thus completely disappears from the memory of the world in this drama.

Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2017/10/14