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[VIDEO] Gang Kiz releases “MAMA” drama version MV + dance practice video

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After releasing the dance version music video for MAMA, Gang Kiz has just unveiled the drama version music video as well as the dance practice video for their latest title track.

MAMA is the title track of Gang Kizs upcoming repackaged album, to be released on June 25th. This will be the groups follow-up track for their first song Honey Honey from ebut album We Became Gang.

Gang Kiz shares practice video for "MAMA"

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Gang Kiz shares practice video for MAMAGirl group Gang Kiz has released their practice video for their latest title track, "MAMA."

On June 22nd, Gang Kiz's official Twitter was updated with the post, "Gang Kiz's MAMA dance practice video," and linked their followers to the uploaded YouTube video.

What has attracted attention particularly is the name tags attached to the shirts of the members. Not only is the group helping promote the group by helping fans learn their names, but it also allows fans to identify where the members are during the choreography.

Meanwhile, Gang Kiz has actively begun promoting their repackaged mini-album's title track, "MAMA."

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[VIDEO] Gang Kiz releases MV for “MAMA”

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After releasing a short MV teaser earlier today, Core Contents Medias latest girl group, Gang Kiz finally unveiled the full music video for their comeback track MAMA!

MAMA is an upbeat track with an addictive and catchy chorus. Unlike their debut single, Honey Honey, MAMA features a more sexy concept, as Gang Kiz members display their sultry dance moves.

[VIDEO] Gang Kiz debuts with “Honey Honey” on Music Core

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Core Contents Medias latest girl group Gang Kiz finally made their debut with new title track Honey Honey from first mini-album We Became Gang. The group unveiled two-part music videos which was personally edited by T-aras Hyomin and director Cha Eun Taek.

After kicking off their first debut performance on Music Bank yesterday, Gang Kiz is back on todays episode of MBCs Music Core. The girls deliver their debut stage for title track Honey Honey and show off their well-practiced choreography and rookie charms.

Watch the performance below!

Gang Kiz releases a rehearsal dance video for “Honey Honey”

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Ahead of their official music stage debut, Core Contents Medias new girl group Gang Kiz has released a rehearsal dance video for their new song, Honey Honey!

With their new video, the girls prove that they have both the looks and the moves to be the next hottest girl group.

Do you think they have what it takes to become a top girl group? Watch the clip and let us know your thoughts!

Gang Kiz releases two music video teasers for debut track, “Honey Honey”

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Gang Kiz released their debut music video teasers for their title track, Honey Honey through Naver Music.

Two different music video teasers have been produced for Honey Honey, of which are T-ara and Gang Kizs We Became Gang and Gang Kizs Honey Honey.

Upcoming releases from the rookie group also include six different versions 10 minute long behind-the-scenes looks into the production process of their video filming in Europe. As previously reported, the girls had gone on a nine day trip with T-ara and 70 other staff members across Europe to shoot for their debut.

Management officials who had seen their teaser commented, The girls are all such great actors to the point where its hard to call them just girl group members. Were all overall surprised with the video product, and Weve seen a lot of dramatized music videos, but nothing as shocking as this.

Hyomin also expressed, As it is Gang Kiz first music video teaser released to the public, theyre really excited and nervous. Please give them your interest.

Check out the teasers below!

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Gang Kiz to release music video teaser this week

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Gang Kiz to release music video teaser this week

Core Contents Medias upcoming girl group Gang Kiz has revealed that they will be releasing a new music video teaser on May 8th.

The teaser is expected to be a minute and 30 seconds long and feature all seven members in a drama format similar to T-aras Roly Poly and Lovey Dovey series. As promised, the production is helmed by CEO Kim Kwang Soo himself, whos written a series of hit tracks himself.

CEO Kim expressed, Ive created a music video that exceeds any drama style music video ever created before. Viewers will be able to see something new through Gang Kizs music video, something theyve never seen through any other girl group before. It will also feature members Jihyun, Sooeun, and Haein, all of whom used to act in their past, so we ask for a lot of anticipation.

The music video itself was directed by Cha Eun Taek. The girls will be debuting this month.

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YouTubers react to Psy's hilarious new song video 'Daddy'

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YouTubers react to Psy's hilarious new song video 'Daddy'

It has handiest been a couple of hours because thetune video free up for "Daddy"but enthusiasts have already been sharing their amusement for the long awaited comeback of one of YouTube's largest viral entertainers —Psy. Take a glance at some of our favourite hilarious reaction videos below!

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Which reaction video did you revel in the most?

K-Pop Crossover: Psy Will pay Homage To Black Eyed Peas Frontman With 'Daddy' VIDEO?

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Psy Pays Homage To Black Eyed Peas Frontman : Facebook | Psy Official)If Black Eyes Peas co-founder tackled the starting placetale of hot feminine bodies with "I Were given It from My Mama," then K-pop phenom Psy is reciprocating the gesture with his comeback single, "Daddy."

On Monday, the long-awaited comeback of the "Gentleman" arrived when two tune videos for "Daddy" and "Napal Baji" premiered online. Observers in an instant noticedthe similarities between "Daddy" and's 2007 single.

Allegedly, the homage is entirely intentional. It's miles speculated that the Black Eyed Peas rapper helped produce "Daddy," which used to befinished March of 2014. However, this theory remains unofficial, with the composers indexed being Yoo Gun Hyun, longtime YG manufacturer Teddy Park and Long term Bounce.

"'Daddy' becameaccomplished March of final year," saidPsy right through a press convention in Seoul.

"Seven seasons have long goneby capability of and I am not even Beethoven. I have made many adjustments and installeda massive number ofidea into it. Yet I made 'Napal Baji' in point of factfast after functioning at a festival. I suspectit is going to exist fun. One song was very tough to make and the alternative wasn't. Folkssteadily say that it is the easy-made songs that do well, but we're going toneed to see."

The impression would be entirely logical, for the explanation that is a showed contributor for every other track set to seem on Psy's 7th album, titled "ROCKnROLLbaby."

This isn'tthe primary time has collaborated with K-pop idols. The producer have become known in the genre when he became interested in the Psy's labelmate 2NE1. The womanstaff worked with will.i.amin the recording studio on several instances and was featuredon his 2013 album "#willpower."

Earlier this year, 2NE1 frontwoman Lee "CL" Chaerin also recorded with contributors of Black Eyed Peas, possibly for their 20-year anniversary comeback or CL's American debut.

Psy's new album will feature further collaborations from American pop icons like Ed Sheeran and Pharrell, in addition K-pop acts reminiscent of Zion.T, JYJ's XIA and Gaeko.

Check out the music video for "Daddy" below:

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Hongki talks about getting video calls from Henry - even at the maximum awkward moments

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Hongki talks about getting video calls from Henry - even at the maximum awkward moments

On KBS 2TV's 'Hello' on November 30, a male guest gave the impressionat thedisplay to protest his wife's suspicions and clinginess. 

The MCs asked the famevisitors if they ever experienced this in my opinion before.  Lee Sang Gon said, "I had a female friend who sought after to do video calls.  Once I give her confirmation, my buddies would tell me, 'Are you still living like that?'"

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Hongki then added, "I've gotten a video call from a guy before," revealing that that very guywas once none as hostile to Henry.  He published that Henry would at all times video call him, and once, Hongki become even taking a bunch two when he were given a call, so he have been very taken aback. Oh, Henry.