VICTON to hold their first ever fan meeting!

VICTON to hold their first ever fan meeting!

VICTONare holding their first ever fan meeting, ‘Welcome to VICTONClass’!

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On April 21, VICTON announced their upcoming fan meeting on social media, ramping up fans’ excitement. They’ll be holding the event on May 27 at 4PM KST at Seoul’s Universal Art Center. The VICTON members stated, “As it’s our first solo concert, we’ll be preparing special performances that you can look forward to.”

VICTON’s agency Plan Acommented, “VICTON, who recently wrapped up promotions for their 2nd mini album, wanted to return the love fans showed them, so they prepared a space to thank them. It’ll be a time that allows them to get a little closer to fans and communicate with them.”

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