VARSITY members point out their individual charms

VARSITY members point out their individual charms

In a recent interview in light of their comeback with new single “Hole in One”, rookie boy group VARSITY each listed out their individual charms!

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They were asked, “Briefly state your individual charm”, and below are the members’ answers:

Manny: “I transform into a charismatic person on stage”.

Xin: “I am the most appealing when I sing.”

Seungbo: “Because I have a bright personality, anyone can like me.”

Dawon: “I like making jokes at my hyungs. I’m also in charge of being the beagle in the team.”

Kid: “I can make various poses and gestures on stage.”

Xiweol: “My charm is like a mom. I think about the members very attentively.”

Bullet: “My charm is like a dad. Also my voice is nice.”

Jaebin: “My Korean isn’t polished but I can speak comically.”

Yunho: “I think it’s my skin. Our fans want to touch my skin.”

Riho: “My charm is my seriousness and manliness.”

Damon: “I have a lot of interest in fashion and I dance with feel.”

Anthony: “I have great passion for music and I’m good at the piano.”

Which VARSITY member’s charm point is your favorite?

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