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‘Vampire Prosecutor′ will get a third season

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‘Vampire Prosecutor′ will get a third season

Popular drama Vampire Prosecutor 2 has ended with its final episode on Sunday, however the cliff-hanger ending made viewers wonder if there will be a third season for the franchise.

During the final episode, many loose ends were tied up, still the real identity of the bad blood was in secret. Many viewers believed that this premise would be explained in future installment.

Lee Seung Hoon stated prior to the final broadcast, “There is a massive reversal hidden in the plot. A shocking story will be revealed, which will lead to new questions. We thank all of the viewers who gave love to our drama. Since many staff members and actors gave their all to this project, we hope you will watch it with interest.”

Upcoming Korean drama "Vampire Prosecutor Season 2"

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Upcoming Korean drama

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Vampire Prosecutor Season 2"'s page to HanCinema database"Vampire Prosecutor Season 2" (2012)

Network : OCNWith Yeon Jeong-hoon, Lee Yeong-ah, Jang Hyeon-seong, Lee Kyeong-yeong,...SynopsisA mystery investigations drama where a vampire is the leading character.Broadcast starting date in Korea : 2012

Yun Jung Hoon on board ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ Season 2 shooting for summer

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Yun Jung Hoon on board ‘Vampire Prosecutor’ Season 2 shooting for summer

OCNs Vampire Prosecutor which ended in December after much success, is preparing for season 2.

The production team lead for Vampire Prosecutor, Park Ho Shik, revealed to Star News on January 11th, We are preparing for production with summer this year as the goal. Same actors from season 1 including Yun Jung Hoon will appear in it.

Team lead Park explained, If season 1 had concentrated on Yun Jung Hoons past, in Season 2, I believe there will be a stronger rival to appear who will help lead the story.

Team lead Park also added, Whether Yung Jung Hoons dongseng who died at the end, will be revived in season 2 is not decided on yet adding to the curiosity.

Vampire Prosecutor drew a lot of attention even before airing as the first Korean vampire investigation drama. Especially the transformation of actor Yun Jung Hoon from his usual smooth image into a sexy and charismatic vampire and his great acting that showed the characters deep pain caused by his fate as a vampire and a person was impressive solidifying the fan base.

Vampire Prosecutor had broken through 4% ratings which is unusual for a cable drama, resulting in Vampire heatwave as the fans dubbed it.

Source: Star News via Nate

A Pink"s Namjoo and BTOB"s Sungjae to release a duet single for "A CUBE FOR SEASON"

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A Pink

A Pink"s Namjoo and BTOB"s Sungjae revealed as the new duo for "A CUBE FOR SEASON" project.

A Cube released a teaser video featuring Namjoo and Sungjae on May 29th as the answer to the previous mysterious teaser image of the two"s back view.

Titled as "Photograph", the song will tell a love story through a photo album which is filled with various sweet memories.

Don"t miss the release of "Photograph" at noon on June 2nd.

Lovelyz release prologue for "LOVELYZ DIARY Season 2"

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Lovelyz release prologue for

For the fans of rookie girl group Lovelyz, you can get to know more about the girls as they continue to provide you their "Lovelyz Diary" in season 2.

There are lot of things to discover about these adorable girls so make sure to tune in and keep updated.

Watch the prologue below:

Teen Top to release 1st season album "Snow Kiss"

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Teen Top to release 1st season album

Teen Top announce that they will be releasing their 1st season album "Teen Top Snow Kiss" on December 10.

The album will include a total of three songs such as its title track "Snow Kiss", "Merry Christmas" which is composed by Changjo, and "Winter Song", composed by C.A.P.

The tracks are described to be filled with sweet and exciting melodies suitable for winter season. Moreover, the album is personally designed by members themselves. There are also Christmas cards with handwritten messages from the members for their fans.

The tracks will be available online on 10th and will be released offline on 12th.

Huh Gak and A Pink’s Eunji release “Break Up to Make Up” MV for 4th A CUBE season song

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Huh Gak and A Pink’s Eunji release “Break Up to Make Up” MV for 4th A CUBE season song

After previous image teasers as well as a video teaser, Huh Gak and A Pink’s Jung Eunji have released the music video for their collaboration “Break Up to Make Up”!

The images that were shown back on Tuesday, July 1st showed two thumbs from both singers, with separate wigs and smiling faces that portrayed a happy couple. The teaser carried on with the theme of thumb couples, and revealed their smiling faces set against a frame, signifying past happiness. Huh Gak and Eunji had then simply sung, “Let’s stop fighting now.”

Continuing on with the light, airy mood of the song as well as the cute, pastel scenery, the two singers express both strong and sweet vocals, portraying a couple who wishes to reunite and get along better, as they realize they still need each other.

Throughout the music video, the two thumbs fight and make up repeatedly amidst realistic settings, as well as land themselves in a couple of comical situations. Nonetheless, the couple ends up happy.

Watch their music video right here, and tell us what you think of Huh Gak and Eunji’s duet!

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Akdong Musician to release their 1st full album on April 7th + debut stage at 'K-Pop Star Season 3' on April 6tth

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Akdong Musician to release their 1st full album on April 7th + debut stage at 'K-Pop Star Season 3' on April 6tth

Akdong Musician is set to debut in April!

On March 31th at midnight, YG Entertainment updated a new post about the duo on its official blog. According to it, Akdong Musician will release their 1st full album on April 7th and it was said that Lee Chan Hyuk was in charged of the producing of the album including writing and composing all the songs.

Also prior to the release of the album, they will have their first debut stage on SBS's "K-Pop Star Season 3" on April 6th.

As for the title song of the album, they came up with an interesting idea that there will be 3 title songs in which 1 song is chosen by Akdong Musician, another one is chosen by YG Entertainment and the last song will be chosen by fans. The reason for this result was because it was said that they had much difficulty in choosing the song since all of them were perfect to be the title song.

Along with the 3 title songs, there will also be 3 MVs to come along. "MELTED" which is chosen by Akdong Musician will be released on April 7th, "200%" which YG Entertainment selected will be released on April 14th.

Are you ready for Akdong Musician debut yet?

TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Infinite Release SM Season’s Greeting

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TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and Infinite Release SM Season’s GreetingGreet 2014 with your favorite artists through the SM artists’ Season’s Greeting!

On December 16, SM Entertainment uploaded a video detailing the release of their artists’ season’s greetings. Fans can choose to purchase TVXQ!, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO, and INFINITE season’s greeting package.

The overall package includes an SM artist’s calendar, scheduler, DVD, and a packaging box with the artist’s logo and design. Showing different personalities, each artist’s season’s greeting portrays a different style that defines the group.

Notably, fans can also purchase INFINITE’s season’s greeting among the other SM artists. Earlier this year, INFINITE’s agency Woolim Entertainment merged with SM CC to form Woolim Label. Thus, fans can find INFINITE’s season’s greetings among the other SM Entertainment artists. Check out the video to see the neat options fans have in choosing their SM Season’s Greetings!

2PM Sent Their Early 2014 Season Greetings On The Release Of Their " Sweet & Wild' BTS Video

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2PM Sent Their Early 2014 Season Greetings On The Release Of TheirSweetWild BTS Video 2PM is giving their fans an early Christmas present. As all K-pop fans know, it's the season of the 'season greetings'. 'Season Greetings' are usually special collectibles for an artist during the gift-giving season. 2PM is releasing their own collectible, and in line with it teased fans with a BTS of their photo shoot.

The video features all the members pose showing different food items and treats. Most fans would agree that it was sweet as these boys are.The photo shoot looks great as the boys have shown a light feeling and fun mood perfect for this season!

This video will surely put a smile on every 2PM fan!