V Baekhyun And Minho Suddenly Turn Into Rains Back Dancers

V Baekhyun And Minho Suddenly Turn Into Rains Back Dancers

BTS, EXO, and SHINee were caught going crazy for Rain at the recent  31st Golden Disk Awards, showing what true fans of K-Pop they are!

Rain wowed the crowd with a special performance of his smash hits Its Raining and Rainism.

The idols reactions may not come as much of a surprise, as Rainism was released 9 years ago in 2008.

Many of the idols watching would have been in their teens when the song was originally released and most likely were huge fans of Rain as non-idols.

Not only did the audience go crazy, the idols watching went just as wild. BTS, Red Velvet, and EXO members, as well as SHINeeMinho, were all seen fanboying and fangirling over Rains performance.

In particular, EXOs Baekhyun and BTSs appeared to be the biggest fanboys of all, dancing and cheering throughout the entire song. SHINees Minho was also grooving along the whole time!

Now that theyve debuted themselves and can be on the same stage as Rain it must be a surreal experience for these young idols!

Check out their full geek-out below!

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