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Block B Schedules in a ‘Jackpot’ Comeback for April

On top of a new reality TV program and a first exclusive concert, Block B is making a comeback and it’s going to be Jackpot.

On April 8, Seven Seasons revealed an image or actress Kim Sae Ron being chased by thugs on bikes at an abandoned playground.

The still cut turned out to be from the set of Block B’s upcoming new music video for the song Jackpot, which will be released on April 17.

The first teaser video will be released on April 9.

Meanwhile, Block B will be starting its new variety program, Mnet’s 5 Minutes Before the Zaniness Begins and also hold an exclusive concert in Seoul on May 17 and 18, and a Busan concert on May 23 and 24.

Photo Credit: Seven Seasons .

EXO’s Kris Joins SM Lineup On Instagram

(Photo : galaxy_fanfan)

EXO member Kris jumped on the Instagram bandwagon on April 7, opening an account and uploading his first picture.

Within fourteen hours, the picture had over 200,000 likes and 95 thousand comments. Kris"s account, galaxy_fanfan, had nearly 400,000 followers.

The picture depicted EXO"s Canadian member wearing a stylish outfit while sitting against a mirror looking at his reflection, and said "welcome to galaxy."

Kris is the first EXO member to create an Instagram account, and the first member to create a public SNS account. However, he joins a growing group of SM Entertainment artists who use their Instagram accounts to communicate with fans.

The most popular SM Entertainment artist on Instagram belongs to Girls" Generation leader Taeyeon

2PM In 2014: As Their Comeback Nears, What Have JYP’s ‘Beastly Idols’ Been Up To?

JYP Entertainment"s most popular idol group 2PM are ready for their comeback expected later this month, and you should be too!

Here"s the run-down of what the guys have been up to this year.

January 29, 2014

For the first month of January to kick off the year, 2PM"s Wooyoung and Nichkhun did their "new season" of "Real 2PM" as the theme was a "Lunar New Year special."Since the other members could not make it, it was only Nichkhun and Wooyoung that were on the series.What the guys did is they predicted what the members fortune will be for the new year.

Their Fortunes

Jun. K"s fortune for the year is that because he loves hanging out with numerous people as well "trusts them easily," his fortune is to "stay away from dealing with those close to him

Less than one month away, B.A.P. to ‘Live’ in Europe!

If you don’t know that one of the most promising K-pop acts B.A.P. is venturing over world domination with their “LIVE ON EARTH World Tour” attack, then we don’t know what else to faithfully count down the days to the night they will arrive at your cities.

“With barely one month to go, there was not much time left until the European tour kick-off in London- but the response after the announcement was phenomenal! Thousands of tickets were sold in a few hours which not only proves that there is a great B.A.P fanbase in Europe but also the growth of the Hallyu culture in general. The shows are going to be huge- fans can expect an arena like production that will totally blow the roof off. Every fan of K-pop and Pop music in general should definitely not miss this opportunity and grab one of the remaining tickets quickly,” Johannes Schulz, label manager of event promoter Twisted Talent shared the amazing response that has been received in the European continent

BEAST ends Japan tour victoriously

BEAST wrapped up their four-month Japan tour for 2014.
On April 3rd, BEAST held the last show for their 'BEAST Japan Tour 2014' which started in January. The approximately 3,600 live fans and the thousands viewers, who watched it live at 65 different movie theaters, witnessed their performances.
BEAST opened the show with a song entitled 'SPECIAL' with its new arrangement. 'Shock,' 'Fiction,' and and 'Shadow' were the succeeding performances. They also had solo and duo performances. Jang Hyun Seung sang 'Play Girl,' one of his solo songs; Lee Gi Kwang chose to perform Justin Bieber's 'BOYFRIEND'; Yang Yo Seop captured their Japanese fans with a local song number called 'ANOTHER ORION'; Son Dong Woon played piano while singing 'EVERYTHING'; and Yoon Du Jun and Yong Jun Hyung sang together the 'I AM A MAN

K-Pop Crossover: From President Obama To Alyssa Milano, Our Top 5 Favorite Funny Or Die Clips

(Photo : Screen Capture)

On Wednesday, "Girl, You Better Walk," 4Minute singer HyunA"s clip for Will Farrell and Adam McKay"s comedy website Funny Or Die with British singer-songwriter Rita Ora, was released.

HyunA"s appearance on the website puts her in very good company. Here are our picks for the top five best Funny Or Die clips ever.

1. Alyssa Milano Makes a Sex Tape

Alyssa Milano"s sex tape was actually educational, thought it wasn"t a Sex Ed video. Alyssa Milano"s sex tape catches her with her boyfriend having a fun roll in the sack. Until Alyssa Milano"s feet get in the way, then we just kind of see world events and the kind of serious silliness you might not expect from an Alyssa Milano sex romp.

You can see the Alyssa Milano Sex tape here

Are Weekend Variety Shows Switching Out Members As A Strategy?

(Photo : KBS)(Photo : MBC)

While weekend variety shows that do not undergo any change are often cancelled and changed out for a new show, it"s difficult to gauge the amount of change necessary for the popularity of the show to continue.

Shows that invite new guests every week are called out as "sellouts", but inviting new guests and creating content befitting those guests is a good way to bring about the necessary "tweak" needed to breathe new life into the shows.

What else can the TV stations do to breathe new life into their staple weekend variety shows? Most shows are opting to change the members out with new faces. However, this, too has been giving mixed results. While the right casting can be good for the life of the show, an unexpected change in the cast can also bring aversion from the fans

Netizens charged 1 million KRW for spreading false rumors about Song Hye Kyo

Some netizens have been charged one million KRW (approximately $944 USD) for spreading false rumors about actress Song Hye Kyo.

On April 3rd, Song Hye Kyo’s agency said to Starin, “It has been confirmed that the court has issued a fine to the netizens who spread false accusations on the internet… We are aware that the netizens received a fine of one million KRW and we should receive the notice containing the specific content through the legal representative to know the exact details.”

“It is also significant that the court ruled in favor of Song Hye Kyo receiving damage due to the false accusations… We will take action against the spreading of the false accusations.”

Song Hye Kyo filed a lawsuit against 40 netizens responsible for spreading malicious rumors about the actress from 2008 to 2011

Artists’ Official Comeback Routines: Album First, Concert Next

Recent large-scale artists use this comeback formula. Lee Seung Hwan, Lim Chang Jung, Lee So Ra, and Lee Eun Mi decorate the lineup of recent comebacks in the music industry, and all of them are bringing renewed vitality and elegance to the scene. Artists are busy with their album activities as well as concert preparations. For artists who want to show off their music, it"s vital that they hold concerts to give their fans an opportunity to hear their songs live.

First, the "god of concerts" Lee Seung Hwan greeted his fans with a magnificent performance. He held a special concert on March 28th and 29th at the Seoul Olympic Park Woori Finance Art Hall in Bangi. His 11th album Fall to Fly, released on March 26th, has been met with a great response, and continued on in his concerts. He plans to continue to Suwon and Seongnam for his national tour

New “Superman Returns” Family as Actor Kim Jung Tae Joins Cast

KBS‘ popular variety show,”Superman Returns” had provided viewers with cute family moments between celebrities and their children, as well as a rise to stardom for some of the child casts. From Chu Sarang to Haru, the children have taken the spotlight from their celebrity parents through their innocent and lovable actions.

Well, it seems like we will be introduced to yet another celebrity family, as actor Kim Jung Tae has been officially recognized as a new cast member of the show. According to “Superman Returns,” the actor had recently started filming for the show, moving back and forth between his Busan and Seoul home.

Last month, Kim Jung Tae and his two sons had momentarily featured on an episode of the show as guests of Jang Hyun Sung, who currently stars in “Superman Returns” with his two sons