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Lee Min Ho Denies Being Invited to Beijing Motorshow

Lee Min Ho"s agency defended their position against the accusation that Lee Min Ho did not show up to the Beijin Motorshow event, which he was rumored to attend.

Lee Min Ho"s agency Star House stated on their official Weibo: "This is an official statement of the agency: Lee Min Ho was never invited to the Beijing Motorshow. We hope that there are no misunderstandings". They continued, "As you all know, Lee Min Ho is currently filming his new movie. We will announce his further schedules through Weibo".

Chinese media had previously reported that Lee Min Ho had failed to show up to the Beijing Motorshow. Chinese fans, who had turned up to the event at the news of Lee Min Ho"s presence, had been furious after being met by a mere video greeting from him. Half the crowd left the event when it became apparent that Lee Min Ho would not be attending

Kim Soo Hyun Waits Four Hours to Apologize to Fans

Excitement was thick in the air for eight thousand Chinese fans who came to see Kim Soo Hyun at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show. Unfortunately, however, the actor was only able to attend the event for about two minutes.

Kim Soo Hyun was scheduled to attend the show on behalf of Hyundai, as he currently serves as the car company’s spokesperson. While the event was nearly canceled altogether due to the sheer number of fans waiting for the “Man From the Stars” actor, Kim Soo Hyun kept his promise to appear at the event. Originally, Kim Soo Hyun was supposed to arrive at the show at 11:30 that morning. However, with the eight thousand fans that were on site, there was a safety concern, and public authorities requested that the fan meeting be canceled entirely.

Therefore, Kim Soo Hyun waited four hours and made an unplanned visit to the event at 3:30 PM to apologize to his fans that came out to see him, after which he had a short photo session

Kim Soo Hyun Brought Thousands Of Fans To Chinese Motor Show

Actor Kim Soo Hyun attracted approximately 8,000 fans just to see him in 2014 Beijing Motor Show event.

The actor has been signed as the promotional model for Hyundai at the auto show. Despite the delay, fans were still present to show their support for the actor.

Even though he only stayed for a few minutes, but he made time to give some photo ops and make his remarks to all the fans who joined the event.

Not only did Kim So Hyun have something for his fans but also for the fans of fellow Korean actor and Kia promotional model Lee Min Ho who sent his video message.

Kim Soo Hyun brings thousands of fans to Chinese motor show

Hallyu actor Kim Soo Hyun brought in over 8,000 fans who clamored for a glimpse at their favorite Korean actor at the 2014 Beijing Motor Show!

The actor had been signed as a promotional model for Hyundai at the auto show. Despite a delay due to safety issues, a multitude of fans still remained to welcome him for his apperance.

He only stayed for a few minutes, however, as he paused for a brief photo session and remarks before he had to hustle off stage for another engagement.

Meanwhile, fellow Korean actor and Kia promotional model Lee Min Ho also appeared via video message at the event, giving his fans a few moments as well.

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Movie ‘The Fatal Encounter’ to be shown in North America!

The to-be-released movie of Hyun Bin entitled 'The Fatal Encounter' will be shown in North America also.

Locally, 'The Fatal Encounter' (aka The King's Wrath) is scheduled to premiere on April 30th. Fortunately, the story of assassination attempt on the 22nd ruler in the Joseon Dynasty, King Jeong Jo (actor Hyun Bin), will be showcased in the continent of North America beginning on May 23rd.
The movie is Hyun Bin's first project after his release from military. He is with Jung Jae Young, Jo Jung Suk, Han Ji Min, et al.
Watch the teaser below:

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Quiz: What Role Would You Play in a K-Pop Group?

Version 2.0 (Original)

As fans we have all fantasized about what it would it be like to be a part of the idol world. Wouldn’t it be fun to be dolled up, wear the hottest clothes, and perform in front of thousands of adoring fans? If you were an idol, what role in the group would you play? Would you be the talented main vocal, the beautiful visual, or the responsible leader?

Take this quiz to find out what your role would be in a K-pop idol group! Then go through the gallery to see all the possible outcomes and the real life idol examples.

Well, what did you get? Let us know in the comments below! Maybe some of you can meet up and create the next K-pop group!

Compilation of Nam Gyu Ri’s Selcas Create a Buzz

Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas are drawing attention of many fans and netizens.

On April 8, the singer and actress posted on the Twitter account, “I’m on my way to Busan,” along with a selca. The photos she posted reveal Nam Gyu Ri with her goddess-like looks and her dazzling smile.

After her selcas were revealed, the previous selcas she revealed resurfaced online. Nam Gyu Ri has been known to give status updates to fan through posting on her SNS account, and she has been maintaining connection with fans through posting selcas of herself often.

The fans and Netizens gave various reactions in connection to Nam Gyu Ri’s selcas including “Nam Gyu Ri’s selca’s look like pictorials” and “Nam Gyu Ri is a master of taking selcas,”

Meanwhile, Nam Gyu Ri is waiting for the premiere of her first 3D omnibus film, “I Saw You,” which is due on May 1 at the 15th Jeonju International Film Festival

Lee Min Ho & Park Shin Hye Attend Concert Downsized For Ferry Disaster


Actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Shin Hye are to attend the concert sponsored by Lotte Duty Free shop on April 18, 2014. Lotte Duty Free planned the K Live concert for the international fans on April 18, 2014, a concert featuring singers Lee Seung Hwan, Baek Ji Young, Kim Bum Soo, and Hwi Sung on April 19, 2014, and the K Pop concert on April 20, 2014, featuring idol groups such as EXO K, B1A4, and Girls Day. Since the ferry disaster, the performances on April 19 and April 20 have been postponed indefinitely. However, the performances on April 18 will be conducted without changes, because over ten thousand international fans already arrived to Korea for the concert. The celebrities who were supposed to connect with the international fans in the concert on April 18, such as actor Lee Min Ho and actress Park Shin Hye, requested to postpone their appearances

G-Dragon, On Sinking Ferry Incident “#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA”

G-Dragon sent condolences to those in the sinking ferry. (Photo : twitter)

G-Dragon sent his condolences to those in the sinking ferry.

Today, G-Dragon posted on his Twitter, "#PRAYFORSOUTHKOREA."

His Tweet has been retweeted tens of thousands of times, spreading throughout the world.

Internet users who saw this commented, "Please pray for South Korea", "I hope to hear good news soon", etc.

Photo Credit: G-Dragon Twitter

Woman claiming to be a volunteer diver at the ferry tragedy scene revealed to be the imposter who posed as Hwayoung’s relative

Rescue efforts continue on to recover the missing passengers who were on board the sinking ferry, but as the progress seems to be slow, some have been pointing fingers at the government for not doing enough and even preventing rescue efforts. Various broadcast stations have been airing interviews from those on scene, and earlier today, MBN aired theirs with a woman who claimed to be a citizen volunteer diver there. Her testimony especially stirred quite a bit of criticism towards the government and the maritime police, but her identity has now left many questioning the interview she gave.

A woman going by the name Hong Ga Hye told MBN news that she was with the volunteer divers aiding in the rescue. She then went on to say that although the volunteer divers were ready to do their best to help, they were actually told by the maritime police to just kill time and were even blocked from trying to help