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CNBlue Drops 7th Japanese Single “Still” MV Ahead of Album Release

4-member boyband CNBlue dropped the music video for track “Still” from Japanese album “Truth” on April 16 ahead of its release.

The upcoming album will released on April 23 with two limited versions of the CD. The limited versions were ranked one and two on the pre-order chart on the Japanese HMV site.

Meanwhile, CNBlue will kickstart its Asia concert tour titled “Can’t Stop” in Seoul this weekend on April 19 and 20. They will also hit up other cities including Busan, Bangkok, Hong Kong, and more.

Actor So Ji Sub and After School’s Jooyeon are dating?

Actor So Ji Sub (37) and Aftrer School“s Jooyeon (27) are rumored to be dating!

According to the woman”s magazine Women Sense“s January issue, the pair have been dating for a year and 4 months already. They met in the Summer of 2012, where MBLAQ“s G.O introduced them to each other.

The magazine said, “The two of them mainly dated at the Seoul Hannam-dong UN Village, where So Ji Sub”s house is. They had a date on December 19th, and the day after, So Ji Sub dropped Jooyeon off at a hair salon in Gangnam.

The two of them also visited the USA together. Apparently,Jooyeon introduced him to her friends as her boyfriend.

However, both 51K and Pledis Entertainment said, “This is the first time we”re hearing this

Kim Soo Hyun is now the “Asia’s CF King”

Since the drama You Who Came from the Stars, lead actor Kim Soo Hyun has had unreachable popularity and has been receiving various offers from different companies for advertisements.

Because of the lead actor’s charms in the drama You Who Came from the Stars, he has captured thousands of fans all throughout Asia and caused the “Kim Soo Hyun Syndrome”.

Not only in Korea, Kim Soo Hyun has also been receiving love calls from different Asian countries such as China, Thailand, Singapore and Japan. But, among all the countries, China seemed to have put much interest to the actor.

Kim Soo Hyun has been in different CFs, more likely, over 30 different activites and brands he has been endorsing. Only with the advertising sales, he has already earned 25 billion won

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

Two-Thousand WON Performs on Hongdae Streets

SBS "K-Pop Star 2" contestants Two-Thousand WON staged a surprise performance on the streets of Hongdae, releasing the performance video.

Two-Thousand WON posted the guerilla busking clip on their official Facebook and Twitter accounts. They introduced themselves, revealing the reason behind the name Two-Thousand WON. They had started performing in the streets when they were freshmen in high school; 2000 won(approximately $2), was their first income.

The busking was held in Hongdae on April 12 to perform mini album title song "I Hate Seoul" on the streets. Two-Thousand WON performed debut song "I Hate Seoul" and "I Have a Girlfriend" live, drawing out enthusiastic responses from the crowd gathered. Two-Thousand WON"s popularity could be noted by the people gathered around the performing members

CNBLUE to visit China to attend Yin Yue Tai’s “V-Chart Awards”

CNBLUE will be going straight from LA to China for the “V-Chart Awards“!

Their agency FNC Entertainment confirmed, “CNBLUE will attend the Chinese major music site Yin Yue Tai”s “V-Chart Awards” as representative Korean artists on April 15.”

CNBLUE departed to LA on the 11th for the “K-Pop Festival” and will fly from the U.S. to China immediately afterwards to attend the second annual “V-Chart Awards”.

The globetrotting doesn”t end there as the band will return to Korea for their ”2014 CNBLUE LIVE - Can”t Stop” at Jamsil Arena, Seoul on April 19-20, Busan on the April 26, and Daegu on May 24.

Yonghwa becomes endorsement model for cosmetics brand “Shu Uemura” in China

CNBLUE”s Yonghwa was chosen as the first foreign endorsement model for the Chinese branch of cosmetics brand “Shu Uemura“!

Dressed in pink to match the product and the spring season, the idol certainly left fans wanting to go swap out their makeup and skincare for that of “Shu Uemura”s.

The brand”s rep stated, “Yonghwa”s fresh and romantic image matches with “Shu Uemura”s pure and clear image so we chose him as our endorsement model.”

Fans in Korea can also catch Yonghwa and his fellow CNBLUE members when they kick off the their concert series “2014 CNBLUE LIVE - Can”t Stop” in Seoul on April 19-20, Busan on the April 26, and Daegu on May 24.



Yeo Jin Goo decides not to film “Kwon Bob”


Actor Yeo Jin Goo resigned from filming the movie “Kwon Bob” on April 10, 2014. Previously, actor Yeo Jin Goo has been selected to play the role of a main character in the movie “Kwon Bob.” “Kwon Bob” has a production fee of over two thousand million dollars at stake. With Kim Soo Hyun”s resignation, people are speculating that actor Kim Soo Hyun could be the new main character in the movie. The production team of the movie “Kwon Bob” signed the contract with actor Yeo Jin Goo at the end of February, and announced it to their partner C J Entertainment.

However, with Yeo Jin Goo”s resignation today, the production team is facing a lot of issues with the filming date set as this August. Previously, last year, actor Jo In Sung was supposed to take up the role of the main character for “Kwon Bob

GOT7 and Park Jae Jung to team up for a special stage at the preliminary audition in Busan for ‘Superstar K6′

GOT7 and “Superstar K5” winner Park Jae Jung will perform a special stage at a preliminary audition for Mnet“s “Superstar K6″!

The artists will perform and participate in the preliminary special event at BEXCO, Busan on the 12th at 10 AM KST. GOT7 will return to Busan to thank fans for the love poured out to them during their previous fan meeting there and Jr., especially, is said to be excited to return to his Busan roots and cheer on fellow aspiring artists in his hometown.

“Superstar K6″ will continue to hold preliminaries until early July.

Tiffany and Nichkhun spotted dating at Disneyland in USA

On April 13th, a photo of Tiffany and Nichkhun at Disneyland USA was spread through SNS and many online community forums.

In the photo, Nichkhun was wearing a red t-shirt while Tiffany was covering herself in a white hoodie, and both of them were wearing glasses.

2PM went to USA to attend L.A KPop Festival on April 12th(local time) and it was later revealed that Tiffany also went there. It seems the two spent a little of their free time to meet each other.

Tiffany and Nichkhun just went public with their relationship recently and have received may positive feedback and supports from everyone.

B.A.P spotted at Incheon Airport, to kick off ‘B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR’

B.A.P were seen at Incheon Airport on their stylish apparel. They were leaving Korea to kick off their new tour, 'B.A.P LIVE ON EARTH 2014 CONTINENT TOUR.'
They are going to perform on countries that they didn't visited yet like United Kingdom, France, Germany, USA (New York, Dallas, Chicago, Los Angeles), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney), Taiwan, Japan, and Singapore.

It is expected that B.A.P will entertain approximately 100,000 fans during their tour.
written by: [email protected] SOURCE: Star News