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Junsu, JYJ


JYJ Junsu will be holding his 'XIA 2ND ASIA TOUR CONCERT INCREDIBLE IN BUSAN' on August 10-11 in Busan.

Junsu has also prepared 8 water cannons for the show in order to cool down his fans from the heat.

Today his agency stated, "Junsu will be holding his concert in Busan this weekend. We hope to create the best show for the fans with water cannons."

They also stated that a huge stage had been moved to Busan just for his concert as well. Junsu plans on holding his concert with an all live band and a top U.S. dance team.

An official commented, "We are trying to make this concert as big as his Seoul concert and have even made a standing section for his fans so that they can catch a closer glimpse of Junsu

The Off-Screen Life: Celebrity Status Upkeep

The Off-Screen Life: Celebrity Status Upkeep

In the fast-paced, tireless machine that is the Korean entertainment industry, or any given entertainment industry, we know celebrities only by what they show us. Our bases for judgment rest solely on the roles they play, the acts they perform, and the selves they show on screen. They’re paid to show us their best, and to win our love and attention by doing so. And more often than not, they succeed. We get to “know them well”; we fall for the characters they play and for their countless quirks and talents. But when those same idols and actors make mistakes, when they show behavior that contradicts our knowledge of them, all hell breaks loose. Fans who profess to love them jump to deny their faults and defend their image with a naïve and fiery certainty. Even their agencies may rush to cover up for them

Top Most Shocking Celebrity Stories Part 1

Big Bang, Daesung, Cha Seung Won, Choi Jin Sil

I was perusing around the K-pop blogsphere to get inspired on what I should write on this lovely site, when I came upon actor Cha Seung Won's son who is currently in jail for raping a high school girl after imprisoning her in his grandpa's villa. What? Am I the only person who is completely shocked by this story? The sad story has propelled me to write an article on the top stories that shocked us all.

You can read the Cha Seung Won story here, but I was interested in giving my initial reaction to the whole bit. Known for his handsome face, stellar figure, comedic timing, and talented ways, Cha Seung Won had a son with his wife as a teen. He always came on talk shows talking highly of his family, specifically his son. I have no idea how that kid was raised or if something in his life influenced his decision to "imprison, assault, and rape" a high school girl, but there is clearly something happening here that is beyond control

XIA Junsu Pays for American Dance Team to Go to Theme Park

XIA Junsu, Twitter

XIA Junsu Pays for American Dance Team to Go to Theme Park

XIA Junsu uploaded a photo onto Twitter to prove their Theme Park trip.

On August 6, XIA Junsu tweeted a photo of the American dance team at the theme park. In the photo the dance team members looks happy like carefree children, and they expressed their gratitude towards XIA Junsu for the wonderful gift.

An official stated, 'The dancers were elated to go to the theme park and spend time with one of the top pop stars. Junsu graciously paid for the theme park tickets so the dancers could go between their Seoul and Pusan weekend performances.'

Not long before that, it was revealed that after their Seoul performance on August 4, Junsu entertained the guests by taking them to a bowling alley. They played a friendly game with a showdown between the Korean team and the American team

Yo Soy La Mejor: K-pop Gets Plagiarized

Yo Soy La Mejor: K-pop Gets Plagiarized

Dominican recording artist and exemplar of conspicuous consumption, La Materialista, claims that she is “la mejor” (the best) in her song “Chipi Cha Cha,” what many call a blatant rip-off of 2NE1’s “I Am the Best.” A studio recording of “Chipi Cha Cha” and a performance of the song uploaded onto YouTube gained the attention (and ire) of keen-eyed Blackjacks in mid-July of this year. Clearly, covering her tracks is not what La Materialista is “the best” at.

In response, 2NE1’s fandom descended upon her like lymphocytes on a bacterium with bad intentions. K-pop enthusiasts initiated campaigns on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to call La Materialista out and raise awareness of the situation—especially, to bring it to the attention of the suits at YG Entertainment

JYJ To Possibly Be Included In Incheon Korea Music Wave 2013: Was The Whole Thing A Big Misunderstanding?

Korea Music Wave 2013, JYJ

When the lineup for the music festival Incheon Korea Music Wave 2013 was announced on Tuesday, there was one act whose exclusion left many fans scratching their heads: JYJ!

When the lineup for the music festival Incheon Korea Music Wave 2013 was announced on Tuesday, there was one act whose exclusion left many fans scratching their heads.

K-pop trio JYJ, the official ambassadors for the 2014 Incheon Asia Games, was not on the list of performers scheduled to appear at the September 1 event, to be held at the at Incheon Munhak World Cup Stadium in the South Korean city of Incheon, according to the website allkpop.

A representative from JYJ's record label C-JeS Entertainment claims it was miscommunication that led the event organizers to think that the group had turned down the opportunity to perform at Incheon Korea Music Wave 2013

SM Entertainment to Build ‘SMTOWN Museum’ in LA Koreatown

SM Entertainment

SM Entertainment to Build 'SMTOWN Museum' in LA Koreatown

SM Entertainment has revealed that they will be building a "SMTOWN Museum' in Koreatown, LA.

SM had been in the works of finding the perfect location for the museum and first thought of Hollywood, but later changed it to Koreatown, where K-Pop was prevalent.

SM Entertainment USA has bought a building on Oxford Ave. where the museum will be built.

The agency stated, "The establishment of this museum will be another step into expanding the hallyu wave. This museum will become the one-stop place where fans and the public will be able to experience the hallyu wave up close and personal."


SM Entertainment to open SMTOWN Museum in Los Angeles

In order to promote Hallyu in the United States, SM Entertainment announced its plans to open the ‘SMTOWN Museum’ in Los Angeles.

The agency established a branch SM Entertainment USA to build a strong foundation, and purchased a building in the center of KoreaTown. This building will go through re-modeling soon and transform into a completely different place to become a Mecca of K-wave.

This new ‘SMTOWN Museum’ will be full of various cultural contents including, a Korean restaurant and a space of entertainment with holograms that will be related to the Korean wave and SM Entertainmet’s artists.

SM, YG, JYP and Star Empire request investigations into music chart manipulation

Top agencies SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and Star Empire Entertainment have filed an official complaint to the Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office against digital music chart manipulation issues.

The four agencies requested a thorough investigation on acts of manipulation regarding digital music streaming usage figures. They pointed out that several agencies have been hiring companies to manipulate the data a song has been played or downloaded, and put a certain song in the upper ranks of music charts.

Songs that have landed higher on the charts easily gain more attention and royalties. Especially, as data from online music charts are frequently used for main channel music shows, these songs have high chances to rise to the top 10 on the programs.

A representative stated, “These manipulating acts in the digital music market should be stopped

K-Pop Mixtape: Bad Rep, Good Music

Se7en, Mighty Mouth, Ivy, MC Mong, T-Ara, B2ST, Block B, Jay Park, Seungri, Roy Kim

Despite Ivy's bad rep, she is still very successful

A lot of K-Pop fans are so devoted that even when scandals arise, they continue with undying loved for their beloved idols.

Whether an artist gets a bad reputation from a scandal or their personality, it seems to do little in keeping them back from making more great music.And sometimes the bad rep even helps them become more popular and famous!

Here is a collection of songs from artists who have not always been seen in the best light, but who continued on regardless - and we are happy they did!


Se7en - "Better Together" (2010) Digital Bounce
Bad Rep: Recent massage parlor scandal resulted in the abolishment of the military PR unit

Mighty Mouth (feat