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Teen Top Chunji to be featured in TINT’s single ‘Wolves Don’t Know’

TOP Media announces today that Teen Top's Chunji is going to be featured in girl group TINT's upcoming 2nd single album 'Wolves Don't Know'.

The single will be released on March 28, Friday through music portals online. Even though there are no specific details regarding what kind of featuring the Teen Top member is having, fans are expected to anticipate.

Meanwhile, Teen Top is currently having their World Tour in USA from March 23-30.

My 10 Favorite K-Pop Fashionista Artists

Joy-K”s 10 Favorite K-Pop Fashionistas


With so many fashionable idols out there, it was difficult to choose a top ten. Here”s my personal list:




There is something masculine about miss A Jia“s fashionsense—it”s her ability to pull off this look while maintaining a feminine imagethat”s really cool to me. It”s obviousthat she”s a real-life badass and her fashion sense definitely demonstratesthat. Whether she”s wearing an oversizetee, denim jacket, or a simple fresh pair of kicks, she always looks both fabulousand like someone that could kick your ass at the same time, which isn”t easy topull off.



To be completely honest, I”m not 100% sure whether CNBLUE Minhyuk“s fashion sense is on point or whether it”s his stature that makes himlook good in anything he wears

Song Yoon-ah faces the rumors about herself and Seol Kyeong-gu

Actress Song Yoon-ah is going to firmly deal with the false reports about herself and her husband Seol Kyeong-gu.

She's submitted charges against those who had created these false rumors, which left bad remarks and comments on the internet, along with false accusation, defamation and insults.

Her legal representative said, "Song Yoon-ah and Seol Kyeong-gu have suffered great mental stress from the rumors spreading around on the internet. Song has been slowly waiting to reach her peak as she only got married in 2009, but the rumors and comments are getting out of hand. The false accusations, criticism and obvious insults to her has reached a point where she can no longer carry on with daily routines. "

Evidence has been collected off internet sources and papers have been filed for the first report against those who were responsible for them

Kim Nam-gil for “Rising Star Award”

Actor Kim Nam-gil was honored with the Rising Star Award.

He's been awarded one of the most important awards at the eighth Asian Film Special Award hosted by AFAA.

This award was given to him not only because of his performance as an actor but also because his various activities in making documentaries and directing advertisements.

Kuriyama Chiakika, a Japanese actress was given a similar prize to Kim Nam-gil. Yen Ji Dan and Lau Ka Ling were given the Outstanding Actress and Actor Award.

This event meant a lot as it was a collaboration of the Busan International Film Festival, Tokyo International Film Festival and AFAA. Chairmen Lee Yong-gwan and Shina from Tokyo were at the event as well.

Meanwhile, Kim Nam-gil is heading over to Japan on the 24th for a concert of the 25th and 26th

Taiwanese TV reveals Kim Soo Hyun’s footage at the airport


A Taiwanese TV channel published Kim Soo Hyun‘s footage from his recent trip to Taiwan.

On March 21, 2014, the actor left Korea to Taiwan for his fan meeting tour. Thousands of fans gathered at the airport to get a glimpse of the Hallyu star, making 100 security guards worked hard for Kim Soo Hyun’s safety.

Kim Soo Hyun then held a press conference in the afternoon of the same day.

Check out his footage in Taiwan below!



Kim Soo Hyun creates a storm in Taiwan

Actor Kim Soo Hyun, from the SBS hit drama’You Who Came From The Stars‘, came to Taiwan on March 21st.

This trip was a part of his Asia Tour. The Hallyu star was welcomed by thousands of fans at the Taiwan’s airport.

Upon arriving Taiwan, Kim Soo Hyun held a press conference for his fan meeting tour ‘1st Memories In Taiwan,’ with local media outlets.

On March 22, the fan meeting took place at the TICC International Convention Center in Taipei.

In related news, Kim SOo Hyun will bring his fan meeting tour to other countries inlcuding China, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and Indonesia.!

Watch some videos and pictures from his trip in Taiwan below!

KPOPCON 2014 in UC Berkeley

On March 8 and 9, KPOPCON returned for its third year at UC Berkeley in California.

This year’s theme was “[Be] CHROMATIC,” and means to embody the vibrant spirit and mission of KPOPCON by taking the colorful and diverse aspect of the K-pop community and unifying it with its enormous potential to create, to dream, and to be.

Veterans and newcomers to KPOPCON came together to celebrate the K-Pop fandom. As this was the event’s third year, attendance exceed expectations and registration had to be capped for the first day.

(Top left: Attendees pack the auditorium for the keynote presentation on how [Be] Chromatic. Top right: Waiting for a workshop session for begin. Bottom left: Stephanie (Viki) along with Javabeans and Girlfriday (Dramabeans) before their panel “Idols in Dramas

IU’s Press Conference in Hong Kong!

On March 22, “IU Modern Times Showcase in Hong Kong” press conference was held at Tuen Mun Trend Plaza in Hong Kong organised by SecretGarden Entertainment, LOEN and Smilesproductions.

This was the first time, IU attended a press conference at a shopping mall in Hong Kong. More than a thousand of IU’s fans waited there since early morning. IU was surprised to see so many fans today, so IU decided to express her gratitude by having a group photo with them.

There were 20 lucky fans selected to receive autographs from IU on the stage. Moreover, IU’s fans in Hong Kong also prepared her a cake and flowers to wish her all the best for tomorrow first IU showcase in Hong Kong.

Stay tuned with Daily K Pop News, our team in HK will cover IU showcase on 23rd March 2014.

Reported by Fanurs and Bryan

Celebrity Chatter of the Week

There’s a lot of chatter in the Korean entertainment industry every single day, and we’re not just talking about the SNS World. We’re talking about the whole burrito with all of its delicious ingredients inside.

From variety shows to dramas, from Twitter to press conferences, we’ll be snooping around (almost) every corner and digging at (almost) every pothole to see who said what that was meaningful, controversial, or just something to chuckle at during our downtime.

Of course, we can’t cover everything, since that would mean this article would be endless.

So instead, we’ll be posting some of our favorites celebrity quotes from the week.

“Either way, Hyung already smoked, so I say we all just smoke together and call it even.”

Of course, Jung Joon Young would say something like this on March 16′s broadcast of KBS′ 1 Night, 2 Days as the members tried to think of a punishment to give to Kim Joo Hyuk, who was caught smoking during the program′s ′No Smoking Special

Teen Top To Kick Off Krowdpop Trend With Concert In NYC On Sunday

(Photo : kpopunited)(Photo : kpopunited)

The age of K-Pop concerts in the US is upon us and starting things out is six-member boy band Teen Top.

The first group to host a concert though the new crowdsourcing network Krowdpop, Teen Top will show fans in New York City what the power of the internet can do for live music.

The unprecedented performance marks the first time a Korean pop group has utilized crowdsourcing to put on an international show.

At the forefront of this exciting new phase of the Hallyu Wave, Teen Top is set to perform at New York City"s Best Buy Theater in Times Square on Sunday, March 23 at 7pm EST to kick start their Teen Top World Tour "High Kick" USA before moving on to other cities across North America