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Urban Zakapa go "Two One Two" in MV teaser featuring Lee Sung Kyung and Shon Min Ho

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Urban Zakapa go

Get ready for another sweet and soothing track from Urban Zakapa that"s going to be like candy to your ears.

The trio"s calming vocals can be briefly heard in their newly released MV teaser for title track, "Two One Two," off their upcoming EP. It sounds like the perfect one to listen to while studying in a cute cafe during the summer or going on a picnic date with your s.o.

The MV teaser also stars Lee Sung Kyung and Shon Min Ho.

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Urban Zakapa"s MV for "Get"

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Urban Zakapa

On May 21st, Urban Zakapa dropped the music video of their pre-release song "Get."

"Get" features Beenzino as well which adds a different flavor on the song.

written by: loveluytakyo@dkpopnews.net SOURCE:Fluxus Music READ MORE

Urban Zakapa urges us to "Get" with their new MV release

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Urban Zakapa urges us to

Urban Zakapa released the music video for their prerelease song "Get"!

The song features the popular rapper Beenzino who is always generous with his punchlines, and this time is no exception. The MV, with its cool blue hues, is a stark contrast to the light-hearted, carefree feel of the song. I was actually hoping to see Beenzino strut his "swag" in the video, but instead my eyes feasted upon a gender-ambiguous construction worker with lean muscles. He(?) actually turned out to be a really handsome girl. Uh...awkward.

Listen to Urban Zakapa"s soothing voices in "Get" and also be sure to check out the MV!

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Urban Zakapa Urges You to Challenge Yourself Through “Get” Single Featuring Beenzino

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Urban Zakapa Urges You to Challenge Yourself Through “Get” Single Featuring Beenzino

Urban Zakapa is back to delight fans with their latest release!

As a pre-release track for their latest EP album, UZ, the talented trio dropped the single Get which features rapper Beenzino.

The groups management, Fluxus Music, commented, In contrast to their usual smooth and soft ballad songs, you will be able to listen to a different side of Urban Zakapa through Get.

The lyrics relay a message that many can relate too- a message that calls for us to rise up to the challenge instead of hesitating to pursue the things we want.

The music video is directed by Heo Nam Hoon who also behind the megaphone for Urban Zakapas previous release- Upward. Installation artist Im Soo Mi appears in the music video. The video shows the artist creating one of her works, inspired by the message in the song Get.

Check out the track and video below!

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Urban Zakapa unveils tracklist for upcoming album!

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Urban Zakapa unveils tracklist for upcoming album!

Get ready for the return of indie group, Urban Zakapa, and their heavenly--I say heavenly!--voices.

They will be releasing a new EP with five tracks that are bound to be awesome. Known for their soothing, light, and at times even whispery ways of singning, the group promised to return with their well-known color, the same as ever, but of course, even better.

Based on the tracklist, the EP even looks like it"ll have a full, complete story told by the tracks, especially considering the first and last title. The track list goes:

Ordinary Dating Two One Two Get (Feat. Beenzino) Shake Uneasy Dating

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Urban Zakapa working on EP

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Urban Zakapa working on EP

RB singer-songwriter trio Urban Zakapa and rapper Beenzino are working to release an EP together. Fluxus Music, Urban Zakapa"s music agency, said late last week that the trio will return with more refined and sophisticated songs. The new music is expected to be different from the group"s previous songs because the rapper will add more color into their music.Since releasing their first single, "Cafe Latte", in 2009, the band has been highly loved for its sophisticated melodies, along with the members" sweet and mellow voices. The group is responsible for many hit songs, including "Beautiful Day", "The Day We" and "One Spring Day".BY JIN MIN-JI

Urban Zakapa drops OST for "Divorce Attorney is Dating"

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Urban Zakapa drops OST for

Urban Zakapa"s Park Yong In lent his voice to recent SBS drama, "Divorce Attorney is Dating", for their OST "Shall We Love Again?"

"Shall We Love Again?" is an upbeat pop song which includes light electric guitar instrumentals, describing a sweet love story between a man and a woman.

Meanwhile, Urban Zakapa has garnered much interest despite their status as an indie band with hit releases such as "Beautiful Day," and "My Love," capturing the hearts of the general public with heart-warming sounds and vocals that help to unwind after a long day.

Check out Park Yong In"s "Shall We Love Again?" above!

Urban Zakapa guest on "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" and thank SISTAR"s Soyu

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Urban Zakapa guest on

On the November 21 installment of KBS" "Yoo Hee Yeol"s Sketchbook" indie band Urban Zakapawere featured as guests on the show. They performed a few of their hit songsand expressed their gratitude towards SISTAR"s Soyu for participating in the track "The Space Between".

Urban Zakapa said, "Last September, Urban Zakapa received a lot of love with "The Space Between", a collaboration song featuring Soyu. For the male members, Soyu filmed without her shoes on and always wore shoes with low heels. We were touched."

The members continued to comment on Soyu"s tall stature, comparing the height difference between Jo Hyun Ah, the band"s female vocalist. They said,"And when performing with our female member, Jo Hyun Ah, it creates an illusion of (Soyu) looking 180 cm tall."

Urban Zakapa also revealed that because all the members write and produce songs, they are able to create diverse types of music with individual personalities.

Check out the performances below!

Urban Zakapa Returns with “04″

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20141115_seoulbeats_urbanzakapa Urban Zakapa Returns with 04 Written by Hania On November 17, 2014 Urban Zakapa, sweethearts of the K-indie scene, are back with their 4th album, sequentially titled 04. The trio largely stick to their trademark soft acoustic style in this album, providing a medley of haunting, stripped-back songs.

The album opens with Consolation, a song which would work perfectly as the OST of a serious and emotional drama. The lyrics express the narrators desperation to console their loved one, suggesting as a last-ditch attempt to comfort them:

I cant know all of your loneliness

But if I can wordlessly hug you

The melody is reminiscent of a lullaby, gently setting the tone for the rest of the album.

This is followed by Self Hatred, with the name itself suggesting its darker, more sinister nature. The MV for this song features up and coming actor Gu Won, providing an appropriately emotional video to the heart-wrenching song. The song features an intense build up and a hauntingly hushed melody, doing what Urban Zakapa do best, which is tugging at your heart strings.

The middle of the album is where the strongest and most diverse songs lie, with tracks 4-6 being absolutely exceptional. In terms of pushing Urban Zakapas usual boundaries, two songs stand out in particular. The first of these is Everyday, one of Urban Zakapas boldest diversions from their usual style. It opens with electronic instruments and a gentle drum beat, demonstrating how to push mellow indie into an exciting new direction. Everyday sparks daydreams of enjoying long, lazy spring days outdoors, complete with generous scoops of ice cream. The harmonisation in the chorus is absolutely heavenly, but of course, this is one of Urban Zakapas most famous talents.

The next track, Play, takes this upbeat, fresh vibe even further. The cheeky feeling of the song is captured in the title itself, with it being a bouncy and fun tune to bop your head to. The screech of electronic guitar and thumping bass line grips you from the beginning, with the trios voices chirping happily throughout, even surprising the listener with some quirky vocalisations later on in the song.

The albums sixth track is the sweet and relaxing Like a Bird. Although it is more similar to Urban Zakapas usual style, it retains a fun and fresh style, being one of the three strongest songs in the album along with Everyday and Play. The song has a gorgeous floaty melody, which one can imagine playing softly in an ambient coffee shop. The pleasant whistling and soft twinkling of piano keys is also amazingly soothing.

These three songs in the middle of the album unfortunately seem to be its only serious highlight. After this point, the songs take on a more haunting tone, causing a drastic drop in the listeners mood. These songs include In Front of the Piano (which, unsurprisingly, does include piano), Star, How to Send Away and Being that One Adult. In Front of the Piano and Being that One Adult border on being screechy in their emotional climaxes, and Star and How to Send Away hardly seem to hit a peak at all.

Although Urban Zakapa is known for their extremely stripped back and often times sombre music, listening to these songs one after another either becomes boring or downright depressing. It gets hard to differentiate between the songs when they are all so similar, making it difficult to distinguish where one song ends and another begins.

There is certainly something to be said for consistency and creating a unique image for your group in the marketplace. This needs to be done carefully, however, to ensure that songs do not get repetitive and drab. The trio have shown what else they can do in this album through Everyday, Play, and the somewhat familiar Like a Bird, which are the songs that many listeners will continue to return to. Of course, there is nothing inherently wrong with mellow songs, as the cult success of Cafe Latte proved. However, there are only so many funeral ballads one person can take, and this album, unfortunately, included a few too many of those.

(YouTube, Popgasa; images via Fluxus Music)

Kim Dong Ryul, Akdong Musician, and Soyu & Urban Zakapa top Instiz chart for the second week of October 2014

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Kim Dong Ryul, Akdong Musician, and Soyu & Urban Zakapa top Instiz chart for the second week of October 2014

The Instiz chart combines the overwhelming variety of charts that South Korea uses to rank music sales, and it"s also what fans use to determine whether their favorite artist has achieved an "All-Kill".

Check out the chart rankings for the second week of October (October 6 to October 12) below!

Instiz Chart Singles Ranking

1. Kim Dong Ryul - "How Am I" - 38,917 Points

2. Akdong Musician - "Time And Fallen Leaves" - 22,127 Points

3. Soyu & Urban Zakapa - "The Space Between" - 19,438 Points

4. Ailee - "Don"t Touch Me" - 18,996 Points

5. Roy Kim - "Home" - 17,700 Points

6. Kwak Jin Un & Kim Pil - "Don"t Worry"" - 16,287 Points

7. IU - "Sogyeokdong"" - 15,614 Points

8. Younha - "Wasted" - 11,542 Points

9. Postman - "Can"t Go To Sinchon" - 11,248 Points

10. Seo Taiji - "Sogyeokdong" - 9,919 Points