Update: SF9 Unveils Unique, Hidden Teaser For Title Track Easy Love

Update: SF9 Unveils Unique, Hidden Teaser For Title Track Easy Love

SF9 has revealed another teaser for their title track! The group relayed instructions that explained how to find the secret mail they had prepared about Easy Love. The mail turned out to be an audio clip, with various voices speaking one at a time.

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#SF9 2nd Mini Album #BreakingSensation Secret Mail

Click the pop-up, #쉽다(#EasyLove) window tab

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FNC Ent. (@FNC_ENT) April 15, 2017

While hard to hear because their voices are quite muffled, it appears that it is a continuation of yesterdays teaser, as one voice states, As you wish, Ill leave.

SF9 continues to hint at their newest release with another technology-themed teaser!

On April 14, the group gave a little more insight into their title track with a rather unique video featuring what appears to be a couple having a fight using messages.

The video is shown in first-person perspective, as an unknown person messages another person named Easy about how she seems distant and changed these days. As the conversation heats up, Easy suddenly says, If youre going to be like this, lets break up. She simply leaves after saying just once more, I said, lets break up, and leaves her counterpart to question, Separation is so easy for you

Over the past couple of days, SF9 has also revealed a track list for their upcoming mini album Burning Sensation, as well as a highlight medley of all these songs.

#SF9 2nd Mini Album 『#BreakingSensation』 Volume Control #1 Track List Poster

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FNC Ent. (@FNC_ENT) April 13, 2017

Also check out their music video teaser as you wait for the full mini album, which is set to be released on April 18 at 12 p.m. KST!