Update: EXOs Xiumin And NCTs Mark Are Young Free In The Wild For MV Teaser

Update: EXOs Xiumin And NCTs Mark Are Young Free In The Wild For MV Teaser

A music video teaser has been revealed for Xiumin and Marks upcoming track Young Free!

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The clip gives a sneak peek at the song with retro and futurebass sounds as the duo finds themselves in the middle of nowhere.

Check out the video below!

SM Entertainment has now released two more photos for Mark and Xiumins collaboration!

SM Entertainment has shared two more teaser images of EXOs Xiumin and NCTs Mark ahead of their duet track, Young Free!

The song is set to be released on July 7 at 6 p.m. KST.

After making the exciting announcement that EXOs Xiumin and NCTs Mark would be collaborating together for an upcoming SM STATION release, SM Entertainment has further revealed more information about their exciting duet!

On June 30, the agency stated that the duo would be performing their song, Young Free live for the very first time during the SMTOWN concert that is set to take place on July 8, confirming earlier reports that had claimed so.

They also revealed several gorgeous new teasers, which appear to be behind-the-scenes photos that give a closer look at the overall concept and feel of their duet.

Xiumin and Mark had briefly introduced their track Young Free in a video clip that was released just a day prior, along with a caption that seems to consist of lyrics from the song. It read, Young Free, set off on this road lightheartedly, You me, cast aside our endless worries, Everyday, In order to make this one and only lifetime shine, Its you, who is precious.

✨We Are Young, To The Free✨#칠월칠일 #민석이민형이 ?Young Free 가벼운 맘으로 이 길을 나서 You me 끝없는 고민은 내려놓고 Everyday 한 번인 삶이 더 빛나도록 소중한 건 바로 It’s you #영앤프리 pic.twitter.com/VHlJEFs5Sc


Stay tuned to hear the whole song and watch its respective music video when they are released on July 7, at 6 p.m. KST!