Upcoming Korean movie “Sex First, Love Second”

Upcoming Korean movie “Sex First, Love Second”

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“Sex First, Love Second” (2017)

Directed by Kim Hyeon-cheol-II

With Choi Min-ho-I, Kim Ji-yoon-I, Yoo Gi-cheol, Ahn Min-sang, Kang Ye-na, Kwon Yeong-ho,…

People fall in love easily but they can’t find their true loves.

Gong-soo works in an underwear company and has a crush on one of the new designers named Soo-yeon. Gong-soo is preparing a design PT for a major company when he decides to tell Soo-yeon how he feels about her. He looks for a chance to tell her but Chief Lee, a handsome and talented man gets in the way.

One day, a magic bracelet finds its way to Gong-soo and he uses it to fulfill his passions, finally closing in on Soo-yeon…

Release date in Korea : 2017/08