Upcoming Korean movie “Our Diary”

Upcoming Korean movie “Our Diary”

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Directed by Im Gong-sam

With Sungmo, Yang Taek-ho,…

Back in the day, when we didn’t have anything to be afraid of, were our friends and first love.

In the 1980s, Hyeon-soo, who is from a rich family but causes all sorts of trouble, barely makes it out of junior high and makes it to the next grade where he steps out of the ‘Hurricane’s’ line.

In the end, to survive in the wild, Hyeon-soo rearranged ranking in the school. He takes turns fighting with every student who come back after a break and is almost the leader of the school when he meets Soo-ho.

The two fight for the position of school leader but soon they realize they have similar but different characteristics and become friends.

Will their diary be as cool as they want it to be?

Release date in Korea : 2017/05