Upcoming Korean movie “Lee Su-a”

Upcoming Korean movie “Lee Su-a”

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Directed by Son Hyun-woo

With Kim Jin-ah-IV, Kim Kyeong-yoon, Son Hyun-woo, Cha Geon-woo, Lee Hye-ra, Son Seong-chan,…

Lee Su-a struggles to get through with her mother with dimentia. Her greatest comfort is her best best. Lee Su-a wants to live a normal life but ‘normal’ is overrated for her. Amidst all this, she coincidentally reunites with her ex-boyfriend who she can never forgive.

Coincidence, intentions, crime, punishment, revenge and love…

The Ex asks her for forgiveness and will Lee Su-a be able to forgive her? Standing in front of depair, hope and love, what will she choose?

Release date in Korea : 2017/10/19