Upcoming Korean documentary “Dances with the Wind”

Upcoming Korean documentary “Dances with the Wind”

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“Dances with the Wind” (2017)

Directed by Choi Sang-jin

Narrated by Bae Jong-ok

Lee Sam-heon has wanted to become a ballet dancer ever since he saw a black and white ballet performance on TV.

However, his dream is discouraged due to the 1980 May Gwangju Massacre. Lee Sam-heon dances on the streets instead of rioting. Lee Sam-hyeon, who has been expressing the generation’s hardships for over 30 years, is the reduction of upcoming Korean modern history which has been mixed with denial and injustice. He is also the portrait of us who don’t have the chance to spread our wings properly due to the raging waves.

“Dances with the Wind” which is about a young man who dreams of being a ballerino but becomes a dancer in the wind, is the desire of upcoming Koreans in the modern day history and the freedom they can’t let go.

Release date in Korea : 2017/06/06