Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie “Murder At Honeymoon Hotel”

Upcoming Korean-Chinese movie “Murder At Honeymoon Hotel”

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“Murder At Honeymoon Hotel” (2017)

Directed by Chun Byung-cheol

With Kim Yeong-min, Zhang Jingchu, Peter Ho, Simon Yam,…

“The Honeymoon Hotel Murder” is a collaboration between Korea and China.

Woodaz is a bellboy who decided that he and his wife would spend their honeymoon in the president suite of the hotel where he works at. However, the manager doesn’t keep his promise and gives away the room to Pei, a popular actress. Woodaz goes up to the room to talk to the actress for help, keeping his promise with his wife but ends up witnessing a murder and becoming the suspect. While he’s running from the police, unexpected things keep happening at the hotel…

Release date in Korea : 2017/04/27


Murder At Honeymoon Hotel