UP10TION Xiao’s mental age is 15?

UP10TION Xiao’s mental age is 15?

On May 26, UP10TION’s maknae line – 1998-born Hwanhee and Xiao – had a Naver ‘V Live’ broadcast titled ‘Spontaneous Test’!

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The two maknaes took a test consisting of 30 questions to analyze each other’s mental age. The questions ranged from “I think I can live alone” to “I think that I am productive about my tasks and do not procrastinate.”¬†While waiting for their results, they chatted with fans tuning in live about how they spent Coming of Age Day in Korea, which was this past May 15.

Once the results were out, it was revealed that Hwanhee’s mental age was 23 years old, while Xiao’s mental age was 15 years old! Hwanhee seemed satisfied that his mental age was older than his actual age, while Xiao was baffled and denied the results.

What do you think of the UP10TION maknaes’ mental ages?

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