Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri saves her existence  thank you to Park Ki-woong

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri saves her existence thank you to Park Ki-woong

The episode 34 of MBC's Monday Tuesday drama, "Monster - 2016" showed how Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) stored her lifestylesthank you to Do Geon-woo (Park Ki-woong).

On this day, Oh Soo-yeon fell subconscious and used to beabductedby way of Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok)'s subject, Oh Choong-dong changed into instigated by Byeon Il-jae to kill Oh Soo-yeon and make it seem like a suicide.

Luckily, Do Geon-woo saw Oh Soo-yeon's automobileat the prevailing timeand began following Oh Choong-dong. Oh Choong-dong did no longerrealize make Geon-woo was following him and driven Oh Soo-yeon off a bridge into the river.

Do Geon-woo jumped into the water and dragged her out of the water. However, Oh Soo-yeon was still unconscious.

Do Geon-woo attempted to resuscitate her the usage of chest compression yet information technology did no longer work. So he gave her mouth to mouth CPR. And Oh Soo-yeon in any casebeganrespiring and woke up.

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Photos Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film

Photos Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film "The Hunt"

Added new Jo Jin-woong stills for the Korean film "The Hunt" (2015)Directed by way of Lee Woo-cheolWith Ahn Seong-gi, Jo Jin-woong, Han Ye-ri, Kwon Yul, Park Byeong-eun, Han Jae-yeong,...Synopsis"The Hunt" depicts a combat between a hunter and village other folks over a newly found out gold mine.Release date in Korea : 2016/06/29

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Jo Jin Woong Confesses Hes Sought after To Surrender Acting Before

Jo Jin Woong Confesses Hes Sought after To Surrender Acting Before

Jo Jin Woong Confesses He’s Sought after To Surrender Acting Prior to notclaira July 10, 2016 0 Jo Jin Woong Confesses He’s Wanted To renounce Acting Before Actor Jo Jin Woong lately sat down for an interview to discuss his long occupation in the industry.

After creating acall for himself at the stage, Jo Jin Woong debuted in his first movie in 2004. Since then he has been excited about over 50 projects, addingthe new tvN hit drama “Signal” and the high-grossing film “Assassination.”

In the interview, Jo Jin Woong talks about his status and how he feels about his selection of career.

“I’m no longerthe sort to reside on fame,” he says, “but I’m aware of it. I know that I should be more in charge when I may bein a position to feel other folksobserving so I believe the weight of that.”

There are scenarios where he feels more guilty than others. “When fanaticsarise to me and say oppa or hyung, I know that I must existlargerso as to set a excellent example.”

“Are there times when I wish to give up acting?” he continues. “Every day. Really, every day, all of the time. But I can’t say it. Once my wife acknowledgedanything like that. She said infrequently my way of lifeused to be so demanding that she wanted to run away. When I asked her why she didn’t, she told me, ‘But you've got nowhere to run.'

He adds later, “The paintings of an actor is at all timesbrand new and exciting. You want to have to stay feeling the ones feelings, yetthere isn't anytransparent boundary. When I work on a project, there are hard times. There are times when I can’t sleep because I preserve thinking of the following day’s scenes. And no one send awayassist you. The instant the director calls ‘Action’ you will needbattlefor your own.”

Jo Jin Woong recently gave the impression in the film “The Handmaiden” and The Hunt is next in line to be released in theaters.

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Photos Jo Jin-woong's remarkable act

Photos Jo Jin-woong's remarkable act

Everyone is speaking about Jo Jin-woong and his functionality in the film "The Hunt".

"The Hunt" is set a 16 hour chase of hunters who move up a mountain they will have to take kept out of and a hunter named Ki-seong who saw anything he would no longer have seen. Jo Jin-woong takes at the office of Dong-geun, the top of the hunters' team and his dual brother Myeong-geun. Those characters have an amazingquantity of preference and passion.

Major media assets say, "Jo Jin-woong perfectly portrays a chilly human who repeats evil deeds without account", "Jo Jin-woong's performance is bloodless and cold which heightens anxiety", "His temperate habitprovides him the charisma", "He pulled off the role rather well and the manner he speaks or behaves tells us the complete thing about him" and more.

The celebrities who have noticed the motion pictureby the use of VIP Premiere were amazed through his sturdy performance. Director Park Chan-wook from "The Handmaiden" said, "Jo Jin-woong indeed, he pulled off the 2 roles very well". Actor Seo Kang-joon and actress Kim Tae-ri complimented that he was once the best.

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"The Hunt" Jo Jin-woong and why needs to be the nature in his work

Actor Jo Jin-woong shared his secret in acting.

In an interview held at a cafe in Seoul, Jo Jin-woong said, "I think the nature is fusing into me. When I analyze a persona 1take into consideration the portions of him which are like me and experiment".

"For example, I'd be riding somewhere and I would think, 'if it was once this character, he would glance at the street like this'. I worked challenging on Moo-hyool and Lee Jae-han from "Deep-rooted Tree" and "Signal"".

"The Hunt" is a film or soa collection of hunters who move up a mountain they should now not be up in and seeing things they should not see.

Jo Jin-woong takes at the role of the hunters' leader Dong-geun and his dual brother Myeong-geun. Myeong-geun guidelines Dong-geun off about some hidden gold and watches the situation. On the alternative hand, Dong-geun becomes increasinglyloopyto wash up the mess.

Jo Jin-woong when compared "The Hunt" to a child.

He said, "Movies like "The Assassination" and "The Handmaiden" has had numerouscommunicate way sooner than they were released. Nonetheless "The Hunt" became released on a small scale and is like a toddlerthat is still in the incubator. I am hoping the target audience enjoys this movie".

"The Hunt" starring Ahn Seong-gi, Han Ye-ri, Jo Jin-woong and Kwon Yool was released on the 29th.

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Park Ki-woong surprises Seong Yoo-ri with a kiss, he says

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Park Ki-woong surprises Seong Yoo-ri with a kiss, he says "Use me"

On the episode 25 of "Monster - 2016", Do Geon-woo (Park Ki-woong) stunned Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) with a kiss, utterly unexpected.

On this day, Do Geon-woo encountered Oh Soo-yeon, who got hereto satisfy Byeon Il-jae (Jeong Bo-seok). Oh Soo-yeon yelled at him, "How made you watchedyou are allowed to come to Dong-soo (Jeong Soon-won)'s funeral. You're no longer a human being".

As Do Geon-woo spotted that Oh Soo-yeon idea he was onceassociated with Dong-soo's death, he said, "I have no ideathe rest about it. Can not you accept as true with me once?" However, Oh Soo-yeon did no longerhave faith him.

Do Geon-woo said, "Take revenge opposed to me? How? Why do notyou operate me? I will let myself be used" and then he kissed Oh Soo-yeon. Oh Soo-yeon attempted slap him on the face. Do Geon-woo said, "If you need me to, I willdamage Byeon Il-jae any time". However, Oh Soo-yeon just became around from him.

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Photos "Wanted" unveils poster of Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo and Eom Tae-woong

The poster for "Wanted" is out.

The poster of Kim Ah-joong holds the message, "Find my child...please". Kim Ah-joong looks as if she's going to begin crying correct away. She's Jeong Hye-in, a mom who lost her child.

Kim Ah-joong, Ji Hyeon-woo and Eom Tae-woong in every other posted are having a look like they discovered a dead frame in the trunk of a car. They've 10 days given by way of the kidnapper.

A poster of Kim Ah-joong could also be out and it appears like the case is getting deeper and deeper into the maze. The tale starts with the abduction of Jeong Hye-in's son and it ends up in serial killings.

"Wanted" officials say, "It's a drama, yetit kind of feels more like a movie. Studying who the culprit may smartly be is somethingto appearahead to".

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri seduces Park Ki-woong to save Kang Ji-hwan

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Seong Yoo-ri seduces Park Ki-woong to save Kang Ji-hwan

On the episode 23 of MBC's Monday Tuesday drama, "Monster - 2016", Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) played a raffle with Do Geon-woo (Park Ki-woong) so as to save Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan), who were framed for a homicide and imprisoned unfairly.

Oh Soo-yeon felt outraged about the truth Kang Gi-tan was once imprisoned unfairly and attempted to save him. She asked Lee Soo-tak (Kim Dong-hee-I) to lend a hand Kang Gi-tan transparent his name. However, Lee Soo-tak would not budge.

Oh Soo-yeon had todownload the diagram of the vaccine from Do Geon-woo in an effort to salve Kang Gi-tan. Oh Soo-yeon asked Do Geon-woo to have a drink in combination and advised to play a game to make him drunk. Oh Soo-yeon went to Do Geon-woo's spaceto discover the diagram. However, Do Geon-woo already knew Oh Soo-yeon's plan.

Meanwhile, Yoo Seong-ae (Soo Hyeon) becomegetting readyto assist Kang Gi-tan break out from the prison.

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Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan vs Park Ki-woong, their easy confession of love to Seong Yoo-ri

Spoiler 'Monster - 2016' Kang Ji-hwan vs Park Ki-woong, their easy confession of love to Seong Yoo-ri

On the episode 19 of MBC's Monday Tuesday drama, "Monster - 2016",Kang Gi-tan (Kang Ji-hwan) and Do Geon-woo (Park Ki-woong) published their middlein opposition to Oh Soo-yeon (Seong Yoo-ri) in each and every one's own way.

On this day, Gi-tan learned that Soo-yeon was once his first love, Cha Jeong-eun. When her more youthful brother Dong-woo changed into hospitalized, he went to discuss with him. The 2 who were primecollegescholars at the time were inflamedby capacity ofthe similar virus at a hospital. Since then, they have been living their existence believing the opposite had died at the time being significantlyunwellbecause of the virus.

Gi-tan loved Jeong-eun, who was great to him perpetuallyin spite ofall of the shortcomings of his. He in spite of everything made a confession of love to her, announcing "You just get started liking me. It roughly feelsyou'll be ready tostay feeling sorry for me any ways. If that does not work, mustI actually like you?"

However, Soo-yeon said, "No, it is ok. You should no longer haveto movethru troubles on account of me. I'm going towatch out amongstthe entirety from now on. Farewell, friend" She driven him away even supposing it was now not what she truly wanted.

Do Geon-woo believed that, if they would use So-yeon as their advertisementstyle for Dodo Staffwhilst she was a whistleblower, it can wash off the negative symbol of the company. He told Do Choong (Park Yeong-gyoo), "I will normalize the earnings of the corporateinside of 6 months". As Soo-yeon refused to transform the version for the company, he told Soo-yeon, "You're pretty, very pretty" and then he told his young sister, Do Sin-yeong (Jo Bo-ah) that Soo-yeon was a girl he liked. Watch on Viki