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Korean Celebrity Couple: Won Bin and Lee Na Young

This week celebrity couple Won Bin and Lee Na Young were seen at Incheon Airport boarding a flight to New York. Eden 9, the agency that represents them both would not say whether it was work related or a vacation.

It would not be the first time the couple vacationed together as they also took a trip to Paris after their relationship went public last year.

Both actors are known for being reclusive so it”s not surprising that they kept their relationship a secret until they were ambushed by the paparazzi. Photos of them outside Lee Na Young”s apartment were published. After they were forced to go public, their agency disclosed that the two were indeed dating.

They met at the agency, which Lee Na young joined in 2011.

“Since Won Bin and Lee Na Young are part of the same agency, they ran into each other frequently due to projects and advertisements, so they started to naturally develop feelings and recently progressed into an intimate relationship,” said an Eden representative

Eddy Kim revealed to be a fan of After School’s UEE

Eddy Kim dedicated his birthday song to After School”s UEE!

The rookie singer revealed himself to be a big UEE fan boy, sending her an early happy birthday message. Eddy Kim reworked the lyrics for his song “The Manual” from his debut album “Love Guide of You“ to fit the occassion.

Check out the video above!

UEE and Kim Hyun Joong are in love?

Kim Hyun Joong recently spoke up about the rumors that he and the After School singer and actress Uee were dating. The rumors have existed since the two appeared on “Barefooted Friends” together and fans commented on their behavior.

Fans noticed that they mostly sat or stood next to each other and seemed very friendly. Rumors quickly spread that the singer and “Inspiring Generation” star had introduced Uee to his friends as his girlfriend.

Fans also commented that when Uee”s mom was on the show and had to choose the ideal guy for her daughter, the only candidate that seemed totally relaxed was Kim Hyun joong. It was almost as if he knew he would be chosen, they said.

The couple first met in 2009 when they filmed a commercial together so they were already friends when the “Barefoot Friends” episodes began filming

Kim Haneul Shows Why She Is the Perfect Jean Model

A recent photoshoot of actress Kim Haneul put the spotlight on the actress’ toned body as she modeled for Carrera Jeans. Having become the official Korean model after the launching of Carrera Jeans in Korea last September, Kim Haneul has justified why she was chosen as the jean company’s model.

The two photos that were released showed the actress giving a fierce stare at the camera while choosing the perfect angle to showcase the jeans. Although both photos show more of the actress’ side profile, the jeans seemed to be a perfect fit. The images explained why the actress was known as the queen of waist, as the two photos depicted Kim Haneul’s slim waist.

A representative of the ad stated, “Kim Haneul led the atmosphere of filming and showed her signature natural beauty

Yoon Si Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo reveal their wish to work with Go Hyun Jung in the future

Actors Yoon Si Yoon and Yeo Jin Goo of the upcoming movie “Professional Mr. Baek” appeared on SBS” “Good Morning” on March 31.

In the interview, they were asked, “Which actress do you want to try a love line with?” Yoon Si Yoon said, “I really want to try one with Go Hyun Jung,” who you many recognize from “Queen Seonduk“. However, Yeo Jin Goo expressed his surprise upon hearing this and said, “I always wanted one with Go Hyun Jung too.

Yoon Si Yoon calmly responded, “Let”s have one together. I”ll play the older brother, you play the second son.” Yeo Jin Goo then said, “Then she”s the older sister..?” to which Yoon Si Yoon said sensibly, “Let”s not make her family.

Would you prefer a love line with Yoon Si Yoon or Yeo Jin Goo?

After School’s UEE opens up about her ideal man

After School”s UEE revealed her ideal type has been the same since her debut and explained what”s holding her back from dating in a recent interview.

Q: Do you have an ideal type?

A: After I made my debut, my ideal type was none other than Gong Yoo sunbaenim. But I am also a woman. There are times when my ideal type changes. I like men who don”t have double eyelids. That is why I once said that I like Rain sunbaenim as well. There are people who say that my ideal type is always changing after I said that. I feel falsely accused [laughs]. My ideal type is still Gong Yoo sunbaenim. I watched “Coffee Prince” around four times. Of course, I watch “Heirs” and wonder if there is a handsome man like Kim Tan and get swayed by him. I am also a woman [laughs].”

Q: Don”t you want to date?

A: I was also asked out by guys

Korean actresses who admit to having plastic surgery

There”s endless speculation about which kdrama actresses had plastic surgery and which actresses are natural beauties. Many do not want to discuss the subject. But as the incidence of plastic surgery becomes more common, especially in Korea, some actresses are being more candid about what they did to achieve their flawless good looks.

One of those was actress Lee Si Young, who starred as Oh Min Ji, Geum Jan Di”s classmate in “Boys Over Flowers” and was also seen in “Playful Kiss” and “Wild Romance.” When she was recently interviewed for MBC”s “Golden Fishery-Radio Star” show, she spoke honestly about the work she had done.

“It has been 10 years since the surgery, so I have become used to this face,” said Lee. “After the surgery at age 23, I never had more work done.”

Her surgery is not really news since she confessed to having it in 2009

Review of “Golden Rainbow” Final Ep: Jung Il Woo kills himself

In the last episode of Golden Rainbow, Seo Do Young(played by Jung Il Woo) shot himself on the head in front of Seo Jin Ki(played by Jo Min Ki).

Previously, Jin Ki kidnapped Kim Baek Won(played by Uee). Do Young came to save her. He aimed a gun at his head and shouted, “Confess your sin!” Jin Ki was shocked and said, “I was wrong. I’ll let Baek Won go.”

As Baek Won was free, Do Young said to her, “Baek Won. I thought there still would be a 1% of possibility. I hoped that my father didn’t kill your father. But it’s the truth. We can’t be together. I won’t forget you even after I die. I love you.”

Do Young eventually shot himself on the head and was quickly sent to the hospital. Jin Ki, who saw his own son attempting suicide, was shocked and lost his mind

Review of “Golden Rainbow” Final Ep: Uee becomes the CEO of Golden Fish Market

In the last episode of Golden Rainbow, Kim Baek Won (played by Uee) handed Golden Fish Market over to Kim Cheon Won(played by Cha Ye Ryun).

As Baek Won asked Cheon Won to look after Golden Fish Market, Cheon Won answered, “I’m not worthy of taking over the company.” Baek Won said, “It’s grandma’s will.”

Later, Baek Won became the CEO of Golden Fish Market. Cheon Won was happy for her.

Review of “Golden Rainbow” Final Ep: Uee and Jung Il Woo enjoy a normal day together

In the last episode of Golden Rainbow, Kim Baek Won(played by Uee) and Seo Do Young(played by Jung Il Woo) shared their last kiss.

Do Young confessed to Baek Won that he had to go to prison with Seo Jin Ki(played by Jo Min Ki) for dereliction of duty and embezzlement. Baek Won said, “I’ll drop the charges. Your father just needs to be in charge of murder.”

However, Do Young replied, “Despite the purpose, it’s the crime I committed. Also, he’s still my father no matter what.”

Do Young suddenly asked, “May I ask you something? Stay with me for the whole day.” The couple spent a normal day buying groceries and cooking food together.

Later at night, Baek Won said, “I just want to stay with you forever no matter what others think