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K-POP Females Who Look To Get Their Drink On

Jung Il Woo said in an interview that his fellow castmate in "Golden Rainbow," Uee is "good at drinking." Her drink of choice? Soju, ofcourse!

Miss Hyori has never been one to shy away from admitting that she"s a fan of liquor. The singer once uploaded a photo of her and cat spending the night getting drunk.

Ever wonder who drinks the most in SNSD? When the girls were asked, all fingers pointed to Tiffany. But Tiffany was quick to add that Sunny is also a lover or liquor.

Brown Eyed Girls"s Narsha says that she possess a rare gene that allows her to consume alcohol like water. She revealed, “I don’t really drink soju but when it comes to other kinds of alcohol, I usually drink until the gathering/party/event is over

Who does Jung Il Woo think he had the best chemistry with?

The actor recently confessed his favorite kiss scene in a televised interview and the answer may surprise some viewers.

He”s had memorable k-drama kissing scenes in Iljimae,” “Flower Boy Ramen Shop” and most recently “Golden Rainbow.”

In “Flower Boy Ramen Shop,” he was supposed to fiercely kissed Lee Chung Ah and then spirit her away on his motorcycle. But he kissed her so fiercely that it actually cut her lip and she complained.

“I started seeing stars while kissing,” said Lee Chung Ah. “I could taste the blood, but because the cameras were rolling, I didn”t stop filming, but afterwards, I saw that blood was running down my teeth.”

In his most recent drama, “Golden Rainbow,” his kisses made his co-star Uee feel so flustered that she could not look at him after the scene was over

Jung Il Woo shares, “UEE is good at drinking. She mainly drinks soju.”

Jung Il Woo talked about UEE“s drinking tolerance!
He had an interview with MBC“s “Section TV Entertainment Relay“. He talked about “Golden Rainbow“, MBC”s recently finished weekend drama that featured Jung Il Woo and UEE as the lead characters.

He talked about the ending party of the drama, and recalled that UEE and Cha Ye Ryun had lasted until the end. When asked, “Who drinks the most out of the female celebrities?“, he jokingly answered, “UEE is good at drinking. She mainly drinks soju.

Uee Talks about Graduating from After School and Her Acting Career

Last month, Uee successfully finished the MBC weekend drama “Golden Rainbow,” where she showed her talents not as After School’s Uee, but the actress, Uee. Recently, Uee had an interview with Daily Sports on the drama and her career with After School.


“I don’t think I’ve ever taken a proper break. After School’s next album is going to come out this year, but until then, I plan on taking some time off. Luckily, my acting and singing schedules have never overlapped. If they had, I think it would have been really hard. Seeing idols nowadays who do both album promotions and acting at the same time, it’s impressive

Block B Hits the ‘Jackpot’ with Kim Sae Ron in New MV

Going absolutely bananas again in another music video, Block B made its return with the release of its music video for Jackpot.

Although expected that would be a lot of silly things to happen, Block B managed to give lots of surprises, especially with the special appearance of actress Kim Sae Ron.

G: Ok I′m freaked out already

E: WHY ARE YOU MAKING ME omgsdgkljnsgs
E: Okay no more clowns
G: Okay clowns are gone
E: good
E: but still freaky

E: Kim Sae Ron grew up so much
G: I know seriously

“Empress Qi” Lim Joo-eun gets dethroned

Evil Lim Joo-eun was dethroned.

On the forty-sixth episode of the MBC drama "Empress Qi", Bayan (Lim Joo-eun) was revealed of her evil deed to try and murder Ma-ha (Kim Jin-seong-I), the imperial prince.

Bayan had ordered Yeom Byeong-soo (Jeong Woong-in) to murder Maha but Ki Seung-nyang found Bayan's ring dropped by Yeom Byeong-soo. She pulled out the ring in front of Ta Hwan (Ji Chang-wook) and the Queen Mother (Kim Seo-hyeong) and said, "This is what the killer dropped".

Bayan explained, "Someone took my ring. It was you. You're trying to set me up". However, Dok-man's (Lee Won-jong) testimony turned out she was lying.

Bayan was dragged out of the palace as she yelled, "This is outrageous! Someone is trying to set me up!" She yelled at Baek An (Kim Yeong-ho) to save her but he ignored her

Kim Hyun Joong dishes on dating, marriage and Jin Se Yeon


Kim Hyun Joong once said that he did not want to get married before he was 35. As he approaches his 28th birthday, he has put some more thought into the kind of girl he wants to marry.

To date his longest relationship lasted three years and it was with a non-celebrity. Their breakup had something to do with his busy schedule. It”s not as if idols can”t date, he said. It”s just that the competition is so fierce, being a performer has to be your priority.

“Ever since I started as an idol, there was no time to rest and I could not date properly,” he said in an interview with Sports Seoul.

Idols also don”t have a lot of privacy. Everything they do is examined and discussed, sometimes criticized.

“Idols can date but you become conditioned to thinking you can”t,” he said

Kwon Sang Woo to star in new mystery movie “Detective”

Kwon Sang Woo is set to return to the big screen through the movie “Detective“!

His agency Bel Actors Entertainment confirmed to TV Daily on April 11, “Kwon Sang Woo will star as the lead role in the film ‘Detective’.” The actor had a busy year in 2013 with dramas ‘Yawang‘ (‘Queen of Ambition‘) and ‘Medical Top Team‘, and ‘Detective’ marks his return to movies after three years since his last film ‘Pained‘.

‘Detective’ portrays the story of a library owner obsessed with mystery fiction who coincidentally ends up digging up a murder incident involving his friends. The movie will begin crank-in in July.

Gaon Chart for March 30 – April 5 is out!

The Gaon Chart is the national chart of South Korea and is intended to be the equivalent of Oricon in Japan and Billboard in the United States.

Check out the chart rankings for the week of March 30 to April 5 below!

1. Park Hyo Shin - “Wild Flower”

2. A Pink - “Mr. Chu”

3. Lee Sun Hee - “Meet Him Among Them”

4. Mad Clown ft. Hyorin - “Without You”

5. Bro - “That Kind Of Guy”

6. Orange Caramel - “Catallena”

7. Lim Chang Jung - “Ordinary Song”


So E Hyun and In Kyo Jin to tie their knot in October

It took So E Hyun and In Kyo Jin a decade to realize they were right for each other but almost no time after that to set a date for their wedding. TV Report broke the news this week that the actors were dating and barely a day later, it was announced that they would marry. A date had already been decided on.

So E Hyun, 30, and actor In Kyo Jin, 34, have known each other for more than a decade. They played a couple in the 008 SBS daily drama “Aeja”s Older Sister Minja” and again in the 2012 JTBC drama “Happy Ending.” They even filmed a wedding scene in one of their dramas.

But their drama wedding turned out to be a dramaland rehearsal for the real thing.

So E Hyun, who currently stars in “Three Days” with Park Yoochun, and In Kyo Jin, who will soon appear in “Tears of Heaven,” plan to be married on Oct