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Kpop Idol Group Members Who Could Have Gone Solo

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Every group has at least 1 or 2 members that could've had a successful solo career without the help of their musical counterparts. Today we're going to take a look at the idols who could have soared throughout the land of KPOP on their own wings. 

G-Dragon is one of three members in Big Bang who could have easily held his own as a solo artist in the industry. His individualistic fashion sense alone sets him apart from the hundreds of other idols trying to stand out in the crowd. Aside from his impeccable style, G-Dragon has music flowing through his blood stream. Training since the tender age of 8, G-Dragon has been honing his craft for the last 17 years and the hard work most definitely shows.

Taeyang is hands down one of the most talented artists in the K-pop industry

Lee Hyori scores an all-kill with “Miss Korea”

The queen is back, and she’s still sitting atop the K-pop throne.

Lee Hyori unveiled her pre-release ”Miss Korea” just last night, and it immediately scored an all-kill on the charts!

The song is #1 on all of Korea’s major charts, and Lee Hyori expressed her gratitude on Twitter, writing, “I’m so happy because I manged to get #1 with much interest and support from everyone… To be honest, I was really nervous, and now I’ve gained strength… I think I will be able to practice today a little happier.. Thank you, really.

The song’s all-kill is even more meaningful because Lee Hyori composed and wrote the lyrics herself. Congratulations to Lee Hyori, and stay tuned to her full album release on May 21!

Rise To the Top: K-Pop Battle in May-Hem

Lee Hyori, 2PM, B1A4, UV

Rise To the Top: K-Pop Battle in May-Hem

On May 6, 'sexy queen' Lee Hyori, 'beast idol' 2PM, B1A4 and UV made their comebacks after a hiatus from as short as six months to the longest of three years.

 "Miss Korea," written by Lee Hyori herself, features sexy and retro visuals with black-and-white music video along with critical viewpoint on the all-too-common appearance-centric perspective on women prevalent in today's superficial society. Returning from a 3-year hiatus from music, Lee Hyori has garnered a great deal of attention with her inventive music video teasers.

2PM, who came back with "Come Back When You Hear This Song," will release the rest of their songs included in the new third album, Grown. Moving away from hyper-masculinity, 2PM will suit up and add to the mature side of the previously beastly idols

[Video Review] Lee Hyori Gets Coy in ‘Miss Korea’ MV

The sexy queen of K-Pop Lee Hyori is back, but this time, the singer and socialtainer has a message she wants to send. And it’s not ‘U Go Girl.’

Or is it?

The music video for Lee Hyori’s latest release Miss Korea was released on May 6, and we were mostly caught off guard by its surprisingly simple nature.

You won’t find UFOs landing or monster trucks this time around. In fact, the Miss Korea jewels dripping from Lee Hyori are the most flash you’ll probably see throughout the mostly black-and-white video.

Unlike society’s perception of beauty queens, what you see isn’t all that you get in the music video, as Lee Hyori has taken a much more subtle route to address social issues.

Though the queen may be one of the very few who can sing "I′m a Miss Korea" unironically, it helps that Lee Hyori is in fact, returning with more than a dash of social commentary

Jo Kwon in a Marines uniform

Jo Kwon appeared wearing a Marines uniform.

This picture is part of the KBS 2TV drama "The Queen of Office" where Jo Kwon's passport picture is of him in a Marines uniform.

Rookie employee Kye Kyenong-woo appeared in his Marines uniform one day with the name KYE sewed onto it.

Kye Kyeong-woo is a character far from a Marine. With five sisters, Kye couldn't even tell Jeong Joo-ri (Jeong Yu-mi) that he liked her and is a timid guy who is usually very quiet. He even looks feminine with fair skin and red lips.

It turns out this weakling was a Marine although it'll be easier to believe it if it was Jang Gyu-jik (Oh Ji-ho), the manliest man, who showed up as a Marine.

Kye Kyeong-woo's surprising change can be seen on the 6th of Mat at 10PM

[Spoiler] After School’s UEE kicks off a flashmob for ‘Barefoot Friends’

On the closing day of their eventful and memorable stay in Vietnam, the cast of SBS‘s ‘Barefoot Friends‘ put on an energetic flash mob in front of their Vietnamese fans, led by none other than After School‘s UEE.

In keeping with the theme of ‘barefoot friends’, UEE kick-started the flash mob and ‘Harlem Shake’ dance by starting the stage by herself – barefoot, of course.

After showing off her sexy body line and dance moves, she was joined by the remainder of the ‘Barefoot’ cast members, who put on a show that Vietnam probably won’t forget for a very long time.

Catch the full episode below if you missed it!

Art plays big part in Buddha’s Birthday

Calligraphy by Buddhist master Tanheo is on display at the National Museum of Korea. Provided by the museum

The Korean art community is also embracing the upcoming Buddha's birthday, with a string of Buddhist art-related exhibition.

The National Museum of Korea, for instance, is holding an exhibition titled "Calligraphy of Korean Zen Masters: Hanam and Tanheo of Woljeongsa Temple". The exhibition displays 80 calligraphy pieces of respected Buddhist masters, Hanam (1876-1951) and Tanheo (1913-1983) of Woljeong Temple (or Woljeongsa Temple) in Pyeongchang, Gangwon.

Woodblock prints of Buddhist scriptures and paintings. Provided by the organizer

Hanam, who valued research and the study of Buddhist scriptures, is considered one of the key figures who shaped modern Korean Buddhism

Femme Fatale of the Joseon Dynasty, Jang Ok-jeong

A Joseon era beauty. Painting by Shin Yunbok. Photo courtesy of The Academy of Korean Studies.

Although there are many beautiful women with virtue and grace, there are the opposite. Every country has one. An infamously beautiful woman who ruins a man's life, brings down a kingdom, changes the course of history. There have been such notable "evil" beauties in Korean history: Misil (미실), who held immense power in the Silla era; Eoudong (어우동), the ruined noblewoman who was at the center of the biggest sex scandal in Joseon history; Jang Nok-su (장녹수), the favored concubine of Yeonsan-gun (연산군), who meddled in political affairs; Hwang Jini (황진이), the musically talented poetess and courtesan of 16th century Joseon; and Jang Ok-jeong (장옥정), better known by her title Jang Huibin (장희빈), Joseon's King Sukjong's favorite concubine

Baek Ji Young Goes Solo for Wedding Preparations

Ballad singer and “OST Queen” Baek Ji Young is going solo for her wedding preparations. According to reports in local news agencies, her June 2 nuptials to actor Jung Suk Won, will be planned and prepared by the singer alone. The report was made through an announcement by both their management agencies.

“Jung Suk Won is currently busy shooting a movie. To be able to concentrate on his work, Baek Ji Young will take care of the preparations so he doesn’t need to worry,” local news agencies quoted the agencies’ statement. “He needs to be able to rest his mind while filming, and he is very happy. Baek Ji Young is happy to take on the preparations. They already emit the aura of a good marriage between two people and we believe they will be fine.”

In addition, Jung Suk Won has already discussed specific plans for the wedding and Baek Ji Young is expected to begin preparations in earnest after her May showcase in Japan

Yoo In Na’s Past Photo ‘Honey Thighs’ Heats Up The Internet

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In Na Yoo's Past "Honey Thigh Shot" Hot Issue... "Wow!"

Yoo In Na's "Honey Thigh Photo" is becoming an issue.  

Yoo In Na uploaded a picture of herself on me2Day. Yoo In Na is seen playing with her cell phone with her thighs on the desk in the photo. 

Internet users who came across the photo are claiming "Yoo In Na's honey thighs are just as nice as Uee's." 

The fans who saw the photo are leaving behind comments like "Pretty honey thighs," "A cute and refreshing style," "Puts me in a better mood" amongst many. 

Meanwhile Yoo In Na is currently acting in "Lee Soon Shin" with IU.