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Classic K-Drama 101: “49 Days”

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49 Days

In our series of K-Dramas you might have missed, here's an interesting one for your list: "49 Days."

The drama poses an interesting question. If you had only 49 days toprove that you were loved, that would be easy, right? But it's not aseasy as the happy-go-lucky character Shin Ji Hyun imagines in "49 Days."And it's a matter of life or death.

"49 Days" is the story of two women who have mistaken impressionsabout their lives. Yet it's only when their lives intersect that thingscan be set right.

Shin Ji Hyun, played by singer and actress Nam Gyu Ri, lives acharmed life and is happy to be alive. She is sure that her friends andfiancée love her. Yi Kyung, played by Lee Yo Won is on a downwardspiral

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Stages Surprise Performance on ‘Dancing 3′

Girls Generation, Hyoyeon

Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Stages Surprise Performance on ‘Dancing 3’

Dancing queen, Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon, will make a quick comeback to the stage.

On the episode of MBC's 'Dancing with the Stars 3' which will air on May 3, Hyoyeon will stage a special performance as a former runner-up in season 2.

Hyoyeon will go on stage with dancer Kim Kangsan. With Michael Jackson's hit songs playing in the background, she and Kim Kangsan will perform synchronized choreography, cha-cha-cha as well as Rumba. With multiple outfits befitting each switch of dance style, the duo will feature a variety of visual spectacles and impress the viewers and new contestants alike with their veteran chemistry.

Meanwhile, Girls' Generation just completed their Japanese arena tour

Cheomseongdae Observatory of Gyeongju

Name: Cheomseongdae Observatory of Gyeongju, Period: Silla Period, Location: Gyeongju, North Gyeongsang, Status: National Treasure No. 31

It is an astronomical observatory from the Silla era through which the movement of heavenly bodies were observed. The stone building, which is 9.17 meters (30 feet) tall, is near the Royal Tomb of King Naemul.

Astronomy was related to agriculture and politics because the movement of the heavens could influence farming schedules and foretell a nation's luck.

Astronomy was of great interest to the nation during the early times, and so the observatory was built.

The observatory is estimated to have been built during the period of Queen Seondeok (632-647) in the Silla Era. It now leans slightly to the northeast, but otherwise remains almost unchanged and is highly valued as the oldest astronomical observatory in Asia

Young Hallyu Meets Young Hollywood, KDrama Young Stars To Meet Jaden Smith

yeo jin goo, kim yoo jung

Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung

Two of Korea's most popular and photogenic young stars, Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung, will soon have the chance to meet one of Hollywood'srising young stars, Jaden Smith.

The meeting will take place in Korea as Jaden and his father, WillSmith, are planning to attend several Korean press conferences and redcarpet events for the premiere of the science fiction thriller "AfterEarth." In the M. Night Shyamalan film, Will and Jaden will play fatherand son Cypher and Kitai Raige, who are on a mission to an abandonedearth. The father and son are not close and it is hoped that thismission will bring them closer together. What they find on the abandonedplanet is unexpected.

Yeo Jin Goo and Kim Yoo Jung are among the Korean celebrities whoplan to attend the premiere of After Earth at the Yeongdeungpo TimesSquare Atrium

Jang Yoon Jung’s ‘Healing Camp’ pre-interview leaked exposing her family’s private matters

When rumors went around that the ‘trot queen’ Jang Yoon Jung only brought her father and label CEO to meet her fiance Do Kyung Wan‘s parents, many people were left wondering why. But now the mystery has been unraveled with her agency stepping up to explain the unfortunate happenings in the singer’s personal life.

Jang Yoon Jung conducted a pre-interview with the staff of ‘Healing Camp‘ so that the show and the singer could decide on the direction of her featuring episode and how much she wanted to reveal. During the interview the rumors about her fiancee approaching her for her money had been brought up. To clear up that there was no monetary motive involved in her upcoming marriage, the singer had clarified to the producers her current situation

‘Miss Korea’ teaser video released

Lee Hyo-lee released a teaser video for her upcoming song, "Miss Korea", yesterday through major online music providers and her official channel on YouTube, signaling the comeback of the "Sexy Queen".

In the video, she was announced as the winner of the regional beauty pageant from North Chungcheong, a primary competition before the national pageant, "Miss Korea".

The black-and-white video features the melody from her upcoming song. It is said that she contributed to writing and composing the song.

"Because I'm a Miss Korea", says Lee in the video while dancing in costumes with back-up dancers.

The complete version of the song will be released on Monday, ahead of the entire album release on May 21.

Before the release of the teaser video, she released five videos of her being photographed for Vogue Korea last week

SHINee”s Minho and Key, BoA and More Attend H:Connect Flagship Store Opening

Korea′s style icons, from SHINee′s Key and TV personality Kim Na Young, rolled up to the opening of H:Connect′s flagship store in Seoul′s Gangnam district on May 3.

SHINee′s Key strolls through the new H:Connect store.

Key keeps it surprisingly simple in khaki.

Minho goes nautical.

Kim Na Young is on top of the floral print trend.

Kim Na Young looks relaxed in her denim vest and fitted cap.

Kim Jung Min′s neon pants pop among a sea of onlookers.

Kim Jung Min mixes prints.

Nam Gyuri is also on the neon train.

Nam Gyuri′s skirt gets lost in front of the photo wall

Haunting ‘Gu Family Book’ Soundtrack Adds To The Drama

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Gu Family Book

While a well-written script, expert direction and convincing actorshelp to win over drama lovers, the final ingredient for a show's successis an excellent soundtrack.

Next time you watch a drama, notice the moment when you become hookedon the storyline. It's usually about when you start humming along withthe OST and you may keep humming that song long after the episode ends.

Last month's "Gu Family Book" won the best drama viewer ratings andpart of that success has to be credited to its haunting soundtrack.

The OST for this drama about a half-human half-mythical creature who yearns to become human features four great songs.

The first and most easily identifiable is the song "My Eden"delivered by operatic pop singer Yisabel

Yoon Sang Hyun Takes New Role, Stays In Same Time Slot

yoon sang hyun

Yoon Sang Hyun



Yes, you are going to see actor Yoon Sang Hyun in a drama. No, it isnot "Can't I Love?" But it will be a drama that is aired in the sametime slot.

The popular actor was in talks to appear in the drama "Can't I Love?"and had pretty much agreed to take a role. "Can't I Love?" was a dramaabout a younger man falling in love with an older woman that was goingto provide the first starring role for young actor Yeon Jin Goo. Forreasons that were not disclosed the drama was temporarily shelved andremoved from the SBS schedule.

Fortunately, Yoon Sang Hyun did not lose any time finding anotherrole and he doesn't even have to change time slots. He has been cast in"I Hear Your Voice," the drama that replaces, "Can't I Love?" on the SBSschedule

“Nail Shop Paris” Park Gyoo-ri-I becomes a gumiho

Kara's Park Gyoo-ri-I transforms into a mysterious gumiho on the first episode of the MBC Queen Drama "Nail Shop Paris".

She turns into a mysterious and not so scary gumiho.

Park Gyoo-ri-I is expected to appear in a see-through attire along with some action moves.

Park Gyoo-ri-I's various change in character from man to gumiho can be seen in the first episode of her first drama "Nail Shop Paris" which is being highly anticipated by fans all over the world.