UEE & Kangnam Split Up

UEE & Kangnam Split Up

Just as quickly as the couple made their relationship public, the two love birds Kangnam and UEE have broken up.

On August 1st it was confirmed by both of their agencies that the two have parted ways. Each left a comment on the situation. Kangnam’s agencyRD Entertainmenttold media outlets,“It’s true he and UEE recently broke up. They naturally grew apart due to their busy schedules.” Their relationship lasted for a mere 3 months.

UEE’s labelYeoreum Entertainmentstated similar concerns saying,“Kangnam and UEE recently broke up. They each focused on their work and naturally separated. They’ve decided to remain as colleagues who will cheer each other on.”

Fans speculated that it was the public’s invasive manner regarding their relationship that created the difficulties between them. In the beginning, UEE had publicly denied dating Kangnam and her agency continued to do so as well. It wasn’t until July 14th when video proof of the two dating emerged that they admitted to their secret relationship. Sadly, the pressure got to them. Hopefully, they can find love in another place.

In other news, Kangnam continues to make headlines for his recent dramatic weight loss. Perhaps stress from this breakup is another reason? Stay tuned for more updates.