UEE & GOT7's Mark Did Water Bungee-Jumping On 'Law Of The Jungle In New Zealand'

UEE & GOT7's Mark Did Water Bungee-Jumping On 'Law Of The Jungle In New Zealand'

On the recent episode of “Law of the Jungle in New Zealand,” UEE and GOT7’s Mark did water bungee-jumping in Lake Taupo. They looked excited and enjoyed the new challenge despite the harsh weather in New Zealand.

The new episode of SBS’ “Law of the Jungle in New Zealand” aired on May 26 and both Mark and UEE did a bungee-jumping at a height of 47m. In the morning when the members of the show woke up, the weather was really bad. Yet, they succeeded to arrive at the Lake Taupo to do a water bungee-jumping. Mark was the one to volunteer as he really enjoyed a new challenge, especially extreme riding. UEE was next after Mark Tuan and she screamed fighting before jumping to build more courage to her, AllKpopreported.

The members of “Law of the Jungle in New Zealand” faces extreme weather when they arrived at the destined place. It was the worst weather faced by the members because there was a typhoon passing by the island. On the first episode, the members found it hard to get food and they could barely move because of the strong weather.

The members of “Law of the Jungle in New Zealand” were divided into two teams and Byung Man Tribe was the first team to start the show. They really worked hard to survive the harsh weather, but luckily they could endure it well. Many members were in tears when they were asked about how they went through in the first episode.

It was nice to see two members of Byung Man Tribe enjoyed the water bungee-jumping at the Lake Taupo. Mark is known for his interest in extreme sports and he previously did skydiving on “Hard Carry” show. It was no surprise that he took the lead to do the water bungee-jumping first. As for UEE, she was actually afraid of height, but she faced her fear and took the jump successfully, Soompireported.

Other members besides Mark and UEE also succeeded to do the jump and they were able to complete the mission. As for the prize, the members earned the boat ticket to go to the camping site and they could avoid the harsh weather from the previous location.

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