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Soldier Yunho writes a candy message to Siwon ahead of his military enlistment

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Soldier Yunho writes a candy message to Siwon ahead of his military enlistment

Yunho could be anticipating Siwon with open arms!  He is already in the army whilst the latter is set to be enlisted.

Siwon posted on his Instagram a individually written letter he gained from his SM senior on November 17.  He wrote, "The provide from Soldier Yun with fantastic sense.  Thank you." 

The handwritten letter reads, "Siwon, write often.  Always feel free and write smartly when you"re in the army.  I purchased this with my own money.  Congratulations on turning into a soldier.  Also, I enjoyed your drama. Amazing."  

A photo posted via SIWON CHOI (@siwon1987) on Nov 16, 2015 at 10:43pm PST

TVXQ’s Yunho Sent Joo Won a different Video Ahead of His army Enlistment

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TVXQ’s Yunho Sent Joo Won a Special Video Before His Armed forces Enlistment Actor Joo Won shared a tale about his excellent friend, TVXQ‘s Yunho.

During an interview on October 21, Joo Won printed that he's thinking of enlisting at the finish of next year. He then divulged, “Yunho called me when he got here out for holiday from the military, and on the alternative hand just out of doors of the base camp when he had to move back in.”

Joo Won added, “He’s tremendous manly, or even the evening before enlistment, he sent me a video of himself getting his head shaved. At first, he appeared like numerous mind were going thru his head as he used to be getting his head shaved. yet afterwards, it looked like he turned into at peace. He were given some award at the army too.” He additional relayed, “He doesn’t appear sad. He said, ‘I’ll be correct back. I’ll get in contact with you once i am getting out.’ i am hoping I will be like him, too.”

Meanwhile, “It’s Him” is a mystery chaser movie that deals with a guy who lost his little sister. The guy finally ends up tracking down her assassin with the assistance of a lady who can expect death. Joo Won plays Jang Woo, the lead personality who chases after the murderer. The film is determined to open in theaters on October 28.

Interview Son Ho Jun Says He Talks to TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho Often, Plans to peer Him in November

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Interview Son Ho Jun Says He Talks to TVXQ′s U-Know Yunho Often, Plans to peer Him in November

--> Son Ho Jun touched at the subject of his perfect friend TVXQ U-Know Yunho′s navy life.

Son Ho Jun sat down for an interview with Newsen in Seoul′s Samcheong-dong on October 12, where he said, "I communicate to U-Know Yunho, who is in the army, lovely often."

During the interview, Son Ho Jun said, "When i used to be shooting Mrs. Cop, because I used to be filming the entire time, there were a couple of times I couldn′t solution the phone. When I looked at the house code later, it changed into practically at all times Yunho who had called. When we′re in a position to achieve each and every other and talk occasionally, Yunho grumbles, ′You weren′t like this before, yet you don′t pick out up the telephone this provide day announcing it′s because you′re filming a drama.′"

On U-Know Yunho′s participation in the new Flooring Forces Festival, Son Ho Jun said, "I was going to move watch if it wasn′t for my in the past scheduled commitments."

Their friendship remains the same, as Son Ho Jun printed he plans to see U-Know Yunho when he's on leave. When asked, "Do you meet U-Know Yunho when he is on leave?" Son Ho Jun answered, "Yes. From what I know, he′s popping out in November."

Meanwhile, Son Ho Jun plays Nam Cheol Woong, a guy who has been living with the pain and anger of the homicide of his fiancee for 10 years, in the movie Secret. The film is a mystery drama that comes to the daughter of the murderer, the detective who raised the daughter and the guy who knows all the secrets. Sung Dong Il, Kim Yoo Jung and search engine optimization Yea Ji also superstar in the film which hits theaters on October 15.

Yunho takes his first ruin from the military

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Yunho takes his first ruin from the military

TVXQ"s Yunho was once printed to be playing his first break from the army since first enlisting 3 months ago.

On October 14, a track rep claimed that Yunho left the navy for his first respite and turned into these days enjoying his day without work with his circle of relatives and friends. SM Entertainment stated, "Yunho got here out for a five night, 6 day break. He plans to head back soon."

Have a just right break, soldier Yunho!

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TVXQ’s Yunho Accuses His Friend Son Ho Joon of Changing

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TVXQ’s Yunho Accuses His Friend Son Ho Joon of Changing Actor Son Ho Joon relayed an update on his perfect friend, TVXQ‘s Yunho.

During a up to date interview on October 12, Son Ho Joon stated lots of experiences off and on the set of his upcoming film “Secret.”

In particular, he discussed his top friend, Yunho, who is recently serving in active accountability at the military. He said, “There was once a time when I overlooked one or more calls on account of the ‘Mrs. Cop‘ filming. Later, I discovered that maximum of them were from Yunho. When i used to be in the end in a position to select up the phone, Yunho joked, ‘You weren’t like this before, you replaced after beginning your drama.’”

Son Ho Joon also said, regarding Yunho’s army enlistment, “It turns out like it’s tough still simply because he’s still adjusting. Since he lived slightly freely before, I believe it may neatly be hard for him to be confined to time schedules and rules.” He added, “He will pop out on leave in November, and I can see him then.”

Meanwhile, Son Ho Joon plays Nam Chul Woong, a guy who spends 10 years of his lifestyles in sadness and anger after wasting his fiancée to a murder. It's miles set to open on October 15.

Rejoice! Yunho and Jaejoong communicate and interact!

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Rejoice! Yunho and Jaejoong communicate and interact!

Cassies are such a lot crushed lately and apparently adore it would final for masses of days and Yunho and Jaejoong have in spite of everything observed interacting with each and every other.

Six long years have passed after the tear-jerking get a divorce of TVXQ and enthusiasts strongly consider that the five contributors would be in combination back in any conceivable cases someday and they aren't hoping in vain.

Today, at "13th Flooring Forces Festival Opening Ceremony" Yunho and Jaejoong are pictured together and as the day progresses, many happenings have happened between that two. Fans who attended the primary day uploaded pictures and videos proving their accounts that Yunho and Jaejoong did now not simplest attend and spot one another yet they in fact talked and interacted. Moreover, Jaejoong and Yunho percentage one tent all the manner through smash time.

Fans also photographed Jaejoong and Yunho greeting every one other"s oldsters and circle of relatives behind the scenes developing harmonious surroundings suggesting that there"s no awkwardness at all. Meanwhile, this tournament is till October 6 so let"s look ahead to anything greater.

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Breaking Yunho & Jaejoong move paths today

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Breaking Yunho & Jaejoong move paths today

Fans expected and hopeful for this to happen.

TVXQ"s Yunho and JYJ"s Jaejoong have in the end crossed paths in public lately at "13th Flooring Forces Festival Opening Ceremony" where Yunho, dressed in a red uniform serves as the host and Jaejoong, in black, offers a are living performance.

Fans at the scene have shared accounts, except for fantaken photos, that Yunho is smiling and clapping throughout Jaejoong"s performance. despite the reality that there are not any direct interactions between the two, fans are beaten to have observed the 2 on the similar level and recognize the presence of each and every other.

They comment, "It took 6 years to have those two in one photo.","This moment will move down the reminiscence lane.","I hope here's the beginning of anything new.","This makes me so happy." and so on.

YUNHO CLAPPING whilst JAEJOONG IS making a song :))))) pic.twitter.com/CQeiyACDgq — Ria (@paulisteu) October 2, 2015

FANCAM 151002 Yunho and Jaejoong @ 13th Ground Forces Festival pic.twitter.com/57kMb0pW4S cr : Galaxy0924 — WE ❤ 5/5 TVXQ (@TVXQHOME) October 2, 2015

Fantaken photos: YoonjaeloveBAR, @JungYunWhore, READ MORE

Yunho and Jaejoong Meet at 13th floor Forces Festival

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Yunho and Jaejoong Meet at 13th Ground Forces Festival TVXQ’s Yunho and JYJ’s Jaejoong have crossed paths all through their army enlistment.

On October 2, they attended the outlet rite for the 13th Ground Forces Festival. Yunho presided as an MC along broadcaster Choi Song Hyun. Meanwhile, Jaejoong held a functionality as a vocalist. whilst he was once singing, he walked around under the stage.

Pictures of the stumble upon were posted on online network websites. Even supposing they were now not at the same degree in combination and didn't communicate to every other, the reality that they were in the similar position has been amassing wonderful interest. While Jaejoong changed into singing, Yunho was noticed clapping during his performance.

Meanwhile, the 13th Ground Forces Festival will continue till October 6.

Jaejoong and Yunho showed to join in in this year's 'Ground Forces Festival'

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Jaejoong and Yunho showed to join in in this year's 'Ground Forces Festival'

This year"s annual "Ground Forces Festival" is taking a look to be rather special!

It"s been confirmed that TVXQ"s Yunho and JYJ"s Jaejoong may be playing the "2015 Korea"s Flooring Forces Festival"! at the other hand, JYJ"s Yoochun, who was once prior to now concept to take component in the festival, will now not be.

The festival"s representative told Star News, "Yunho may be the "Ground Forces Festival" MC this year. He'll be running with television personality Choi Song Hyun. Jaejoong will participate as a vocalist, and is determined to sing a song. Yoochun might not be taking part."

This is some beautiful exciting stuff as it's been many years since Yunho and Jaejoong had been at the similar position at an identical time!

The festival has been an annual tournament since 2002 and this year, it is going to take place from October 2 to 6. 

You too can catch a glimpse of Jaejoong in the making-film for this festival underneath (around the 0:45) mark.

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Yunho's Fans Help Feed The Hungry

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Yunho's Fans Help Feed The Hungry

The fact that U-Know Yunho is serving his military duty has not kept his fans from donating rice on his behalf. The singer, who is half of the duo TVXQ, joined the army in 2015 and is not expected to return to civilian life until 2017.

Meanwhile, his fans continue to donate rice to the needy, a tradition that his fan clubs have followed for the past few years. According to the Korean media outlet Joongang Daily, fan clubs from China, Japan and Malaysia recently raised funds to celebrate the broadcast of the singer-actor"s web drama "I Order You," which aired in July. They raised enough money to buy almost 36 tons of rice. By September 24, almost 10 tons of that rice, had been distributed to low-income children and senior citizens in the city of Gwangju, Yunho"s hometown. The Gwangju Community Chest of Korea distributed the rice, which was estimated to be worth $24,000.

The Joongang Daily quoted one of the singer-actor"s fans anonymously.

"Yunho"s particular love for his hometown, Gwangju, is well known among his fans."

As a result, the singer-actor"s fans have offered scholarships to students attending Yunho"s former high school and they have volunteered at some of the city"s charities.

It"s certainly not the first rice donation made by Yunho"s fans. On September 3, Korea Food For the Hungry International revealed that Yunho"s international fans had donated 24 tons of rice to various Korean charities. According to the publication enewsworld, the rice was sent to show support for Yunho"s first historical drama "The Night Watchman"s Journal." Fans from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, Peru and Qatar took part in the fundraiser.

Some of that rice wound up in Gwangju, but it was also distributed to the poor, elderly and handicapped in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Gangwon and Busan.

Yunho visited Ghana on the charity TV show "Road For Hope" as an honorary ambassador of Korea Food for the Hungry International. And while he was there, he helped found a school in a poverty-stricken area. The singer and his fans donated money to build the Yunho Education Center, a school that can accommodate about 200 students.

Yunho, whose real name is Jung Yun Ho, has appeared in several dramas and films. His dramas include "Poseidon" and "King of Ambition." He recently had a cameo appearance in the hit film "Ode To My Father."