U-KISS to perform ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ as the congratulatory song at Eli’s wedding?

U-KISS to perform ‘Man Man Ha Ni’ as the congratulatory song at Eli’s wedding?

On the May 17 broadcast of KBS2’s ‘Mr. House Husband’, U-KISS’s Soohyun, Hoon, and Jun visited fellow member Eli’s home, receiving their formal wedding invitations! As previously announced, Eli will be holding a wedding ceremony with his racing model wife Ji Yeon Soo this coming June, in conjunction with the 1st birthday celebration of their son, Minsoo! 

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While the U-KISS members talked about how it was smart to have the wedding and the birthday party together, they questioned whether it meant they had to pay twice the congratulatory fees. Eli then brought up the topic of the congratulatory song to be sung at his wedding, to which Soohyun jokingly remarked, “You have a lot of famous sunbaes you know, right?” 

Eli, unshaken, said, “The most important is U-KISS,” to which Soohyun asked, “Is it okay that we do it?” Hoon then suggested, “How about ‘Man Man Ha Ni’?” 

Surprisingly, Eli said, “You can do that,” and Ji Yeon Soo also responded without a second thought, “‘Man Man Ha Ni’.” She went on to add her reason, “I prefer a dance song over a ballad song, and want a song that everyone knows, and one that will make everyone feel upbeat.” The members went on to talk about the lyrics to “Man Man Ha Ni”, such as “foxy girl” and “crazy girl”, but ultimately, it was decided that U-KISS would be performing the congratulatory song for certain. Now whether the song will be “Man Man Ha Ni” or not, we’ll have to see!

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