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Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Reveals Wedding Photos With Bride

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Former U-Kiss Member Dongho Reveals Wedding Photos With Bride

Dongho, former member of boy group U-Kiss, has been a hot topic in the entertainment world with the recent announcement of his marriage plans.

In October, he tweeted a photo of their wedding rings, with the identity of the bride kept unknown. However, the wedding planning agency has released a stunning set of wedding photos featuring Dongho and his soon-to-be wife.

As mentioned before, not much is known about the bride except that she is a year older than Dongho and not a celebritiy.

"Despite their young age, they are a wonderful couple who dream of achieving more stability and happiness through marriage," wedding planning agency Ifamily stated.

The wedding will take place on Nov. 28 at 12 p.m. at a private ceremony in Seoul. Check out the marriage pictrures below!

(Photo : iFamily.co.kr) Congratulations and good luck to the soon-to-be newlyweds!

Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked to sing at former U-KISS member Dongho's wedding

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Super Junior's Kyuhyun asked to sing at former U-KISS member Dongho's wedding

Super Junior"s Kyuhyun may be making a song the congratulatory song at former U-KISS member Dongho"s wedding. 

Kyuhyun"s firm SM Entertainment confirmed on November 4, "Kyuhyun plans to sing the congratulatory song after being asked via Dongho." The news comes as somewhat of a marvel as no longer many knew that the 2 idol stars were buddies or more than acquaintances.

In similar news, Dongho publicly released a letter to tell his enthusiasts and others that he had never planned to expose the primary points of his marriage or wedding

Did you know what Kyuhyun and Dongho were friends?

Former U-KISS member Dongho says he never planned on making his marriage public

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Former U-KISS member Dongho says he never planned on making his marriage public

Former U-KISS member Dongho has been very much in the highlight recently, and it unfortunately has no longer all been sure attention, on account of his unexpected wedding announcement.

It surely got here as a marvel due to his young age, and it looks as if he"s won a massive number of hate and grievance from other folks because of articles written about him and his fiancee.

It came to the point where he took to Twitter to give an explanation for his facet and plead with newshounds to write best proper information about him and his fiancee.

There is anything I sought after to shed gentle on I in the beginning had no purpose of going public with my marriage and I actually had no intention of keeping a press conference. yet reporters heard rumors about me and called me and stated they would write articles, and so it become a section of the press.

If I"m filming or something, and they seem without consultation after hiding and all of sudden seem with cameras, I don"t mind. But please write your articles smartly in order that it doesn"t say we purposely called you so as to get keep of support.

I and my bride definitely take into consideration that reporters are curious, and how writing articles works, but.. We didn"t divulge this because we would have liked to show this So receiving hate because of this is very unpleasant.

확실하게 하고싶은게있는데요 저는 원래 결혼을 공개할생각도 없었고 기사화시킬 생각은 더더욱 없었는데 기자님들이 주변에서 소문듣고 전화오셔서 기사쓰겠다고 하셔서 언론화된거고 촬영이고 뭐고 (cont) https://t.co/dSugVG1zou

— DONGHO (@Dongho94) November 4, 2015

Former U-KISS Member Dongho to Get Married in November

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Former U-KISS Member Dongho to Get Married in November Former U-KISS member Dongho will reportedly be married in the route of November.

According to iWedding, who is concerned with Dongho’s wedding plans, revealed, “The bride and the groom started arrangements for their wedding about 3 months ago and they’re going thru with the preparation one step at a time. They'll be revealing the primary points in their wedding and their wedding pictorial later.

Dongho, who left U-KISS two years ago, was once born in 1994, making him 21 years old this year. he's the youngest idol ever to get married.

Meanwhile, Dongho debuted with U-KISS in 2008 and became getting a massive number of love for his paintings earlier than he ceased all entertainment activities in 2013. He is recently development a 2nd occupation as a DJ.

Former U-KISS Member Dong Ho to Tie the Knot in November

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Former U-KISS Member Dong Ho to Tie the Knot in November

--> Former U-KISS member Dong Ho is getting married.

The singer and actor is making plans for a marriage someday in November.

A rep from iFamily SC (iWedding), the corporate accountable for Dong Ho′s wedding, mentioned on October 26, "The bride and groom started planning for the marriage about 3 months ago."

The corporate continued, "They are making ready for the wedding step by way of step. We plan to free up more information about the wedding with the bride and groom′s wedding shoot photos."

Dong Ho made his debut as a member of U-KISS in 2008 and won numerous love thru films, form displays and more than a few activities prior to he announced he was once taking a ruin from the entertainment international in 2013.

Former U-KISS member Dongho to marry in November

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Former U-KISS member Dongho to marry in November

Former U-KISS member Dongho will be getting married in November!

Wedding making plans corporate iWedding said, "The groom and bride began making ready for their wedding about 3 months ago, and are slowly getting ready for their wedding. We"re going to liberate detail about the marriage in addition their wedding pictorial soon."

Congratulations to Dongho and his bride-to-be!

Former U-KISS Member Alexander forged in KBS Drama

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Former U-KISS Member Alexander Cast in KBS Drama Former U-KISS member Alexander has been cast in an upcoming KBS drama.

Alexander’s representative announced on September 23 that he has been cast in KBS’ upcoming Monday-Tuesday drama, “Martial Arts School.”

“Martial Arts School” may be a younger action romance about the scholars and academics at a totally unique martial arts school. Alexander will play Yeop Jung, a Hong Kong student who could also be at the pinnacle of his magnificence at the school.

His firm JNJ Promotion announced, “As here's his main broadcast debut drama, he is extremely determined. in spite of his busy schedule, he’s making time to be told martial arts. He'll be wanting his highest to painting his character.”

Alexander debuted with U-KISS in 2008 and left the crowd in 2011. He has since been principally active in other Asian countries.

“Martial Arts School” will also famous person Lee Hyun Woo and Seo Ye Ji, and VIXX‘s Hongbin, among others. It's miles scheduled for a January premiere.

DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

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DSP Media’s New Girl Group April Release Unique Virtual Reality Profile For Member SoMin

DSP Media"s new girl group April released a virtual reality profile for member SoMin on April 10.

Profiles for members JinSol, NaEun, ChaeWon, YeNa, and HyunJoo will be released at noon of each day following April 10.

SoMin"s profile contains a short description of her, photos that rotate 360, a teaser video, and an interview video. Its cute and unique design make people feel as if they"re reading a fairy tale book.

"April members had so much fun making this virtual profile book because it"s different from regular photoshoots," a source from DSP Media commented.

"We want many people to come and experience April"s profiles and have fun," the source added.

April will officially debut on August 24.

U-Kiss celebrates member Jun"s first anniversary!

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U-Kiss celebrates member Jun

U-Kiss"s official fan club Kiss Me is celebrating their youngest member"s first year anniversary since debut with a short and sweet message via Twitter!

On June 1, Kiss Me wrote, "U-Kiss"s adorable maknae Jun met his first year anniversary since debut. Please congratulate him with Kiss Me"s love 3 It was a memorable year because he was with Kiss Me! Please continue on with us #JUN1stAnniversary."

Jun has also updated his Twitter thanking his fans as well as his fellow U-Kiss members for always supporting him since joining the group. He wrote, "Today marks the first year since I"ve debuted with the name Jun under U-Kiss!! There were a lot of things that happened in the past year and it all feels like a dream."

He then followed up with, "Because of the U-Kiss hyungs and Kiss Mes, who have always been supporting me by my side when I was lacking, I was able to grow. I am always thankful and I will work hard to show the best side of me."

Happy one year Jun and Kiss Me!

— JUN (@JuN97L) June 1, 2015 오늘이 제가 유키스 준 이란 이름으로 데뷔한지 1년이 되는 날 입니다!! 1년동안 정말 많은 일이 있었는데 모두 저에겐 새롭고 꿈만같은 일들이었습니다!

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Former Kiss&Cry and VNT member, Soyumi, drops 1st MV teaser for solo debut "Shake Me Up"

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Former Kiss&Cry and VNT member, Soyumi, drops 1st MV teaser for solo debut

Soyumi, who"s tried her hand at being an idol twice already through VNT and KissCry, has taken another step on her new journey as a solo artist by dropping a MV teaser!

Having personally revealed her teaser photo on SNS last week, fans were excited to hear a taste of what type of song she will promote. The track is called "Shake Me Up"(literal translation, sway me) and will be out on April 21st. Surprisingly, she is singing an updated trot song with a bubbly concept.

Check out the teaser above and congratulations again to Soyumi on finding a new opportunity as she continues chasing after her dream of being a singer.