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U-KISS' Kiseop temporarily becomes an Instagram pro!

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U-KISS' Kiseop temporarily becomes an Instagram pro!

U-KISS" Kiseop has now joined the stout ranks of many idols who boast an Instagram account.

Although the account is new, he already looks to be smartly on his way to addict status. He posted several adorable selfies and has been made the transition to Instagram effortlessly.

So what are you waiting for? pass click that observe button and notice what Kiseop"s up to in his daily activities.

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U-KISS members Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin look handsome as "ALWAYS" in individual shots

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U-KISS members Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin look handsome as

Here are a handful of more U-KISS eye candy goodies for loving fans!

This time, U-KISS released individual shots of Kevin, Kiseop, and Jun for their upcoming mini-album, "ALWAYS." The pictures are casual and simple with boys dressed in cozy sweaters or a denim shirt, but the very simplicity of these shots add to the innocent charm the group seems to be going for here.

Their gentle expressions and the soft lighting help accentuate the sweet, gentlemanly charm U-KISS will be bringing to their fans with the release of "ALWAYS," so stay tuned!

U-Kiss release Kiseop"s, Jun"s, and Kevin"s concept images for "Always"

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U-Kiss release Kiseop

The concept images of Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin were released following Eli"s and Hoon"s.

The boys are creating the same subtle atmosphere with their fine and casual images. Kiseop has a dandy feels and flattering look with his round eyeglasses while Jun is just as handsome with his denim top. On the other hand, Kevin isinnocently adorable in his white knitted-turtleneck sweater.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will release their 10th mini album "Always" soon.

U-KISS’ Kiseop thanks fans on his bday

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U-KISS’ Kiseop thanks fans on his bday

On January 17th, U-KISS" Kiseop uploaded the photo above on his personal Twitter account.

Kiseop, who turned 24 (internationalage) on January 17th, expressed his appreciation to all who exerted their effort to make him feel special on his birthday.

He accompanied the photo above with this caption, "Thank you to all my fans!!!"

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Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon And Kevin Of U-KISS On Their U.S. Tour And Their New Album 'Memories'

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Soohyun, Kiseop, Eli, Hoon And Kevin Of U-KISS On Their U.S. Tour And Their New Album 'Memories'

The K-pop boy band U-KISS has received major press in the West in the last few months, due mainly to rapper AJ"s ongoing academic studies at Columbia University in New York City.

After a major profile in the New York Post, AJ even made an appearance on "Good Morning America" back in January.

The recent U-KISS US tour, scheduled to coincide with the rapper"s winter break, rapped up earlier this month.

But though AJ is back in school, the other five members of U-KISS have no plans of slowing down. The group, who has sold over a quarter of a million albums internationally, will release their third album "Memories" on March 19.

A few days after the release of their eighth Japanese single, "Break Up" the members of U-KISS (minus AJ, who returned to Columbia on Jan. 21 and is on indefinite hiatus from the band), sat down with KpopStarz Japan reporter Kiyori Matsumoto to discuss their new album and the relentless touring schedule they have become known for.

KpopStarz: You recently completed a tour of the US. Any highlights?

Kevin: Playing in San Francisco, which is my hometown. I was very happy that my family and friends came out to see the concert. I introduced the other members of U-KISS to my family.

Hoon: We all went to sightseeing, but unfortunately heavy rains came.

Kevin: Yeah, I took everyone to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, and we couldn"t see anything but rain.

Soohyun: We were all excited to perform in the hometown of Eli and Kevin. We couldn"t believe that we had so many American fans out there! Although we were really nervous before the tour, we enjoyed it to the fullest after so many fans came to see us.

KpopStarz: Were there any memorable moments onstage?

Soohyun: We tried to with "Stop Girl," but the fans screamed a little too loud and we could barely hear the music.

Kevin:  I saw fans crying in the front row.

KpopStarz: How did you plan the order of songs in your set?

Hoon: Kevin did research on what songs American fans like and decided on the order. 

Kevin: Which of our songs are popular differs from country to country. In America, they prefer upbeat songs like "Stop Girl." We performed a couple of our Japanese songs, as well.

Eli: "Forbidden Love" and "Tick Tack."

Soohyun: We were excited that the American fans sang those songs with us, even though the lyrics are in Japanese.

Is there anything you"d like to say to your American fans?

Eli: Our US tour was really fun. We had a very good time in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. We were so glad everyone came out and had fun. We hope we can go back in the future and put on even bigger concerts. We hope everyone will come back again and enjoy themselves.

Kevin: Our fans in America, thank you for waiting for us always. We had so much fun during this tour. Thank you for memories. We hope that we can go back in the future to do tours in more cities. Please continue to support us. Thank you. We love you guys.

KpopStarz: What did the three members of U-Kiss, SooHyun, Hoon and Kiseob, who don"t speak English, say to the crowd during the US tour?

Soohyun: I kept my silence.

Kevin: That"s exactly how Eli is feeling in Japan. [laughs]

Soohyun: I watched the reactions on the face of the members of the band who speak English and when they laughed, I laughed too.

[Group laughter, clapping]

Kevin: In Japan, Soohyun talks to the crowd. This time, Eli and I spoke to the crowd for the first time and found it very difficult to say something right after singing. Soohyun is a great MC.

KpopStarz: Besides Japan and the US, what other countries have you performed in?

Kevin: We have been to Spain.

Eli: Kevin and I talked to the crowd in Spain, too. We had to stick to the script as much as possible.

Soohyun: And we"ve been to China.

KpopStarz: What is it like adjusting to being a five-piece?

Soohyun: U-KISS has five active members right now. Originally we had seven members. We have debuted our new sound as a five-piece group with our new single "Break Up." As the group"s frontman, I believe each member is giving it their all and we have developed substantially as a group.

KpopStarz: I hear the choreography for the "Break Up" music video is the some of the most difficult stuff U-KISS has ever attempted.

Soohyun: That"s true. The speed and movement makes the dance really challenging. However, we are trying to make it look easy so we can put on the best performance possible for the fans.

KpopStarz: How does having only five members change your performance?

Kevin: We can"t pause for a moment, dancing and singing.

KpopStarz: What was is like collaborating with a live band at your Valentine"s Day concert in Yokohama, Japan on Feb. 16?

SooHyun: We normally sing over a prerecorded track at our concerts, but this time we featured a live band, which was pretty awesome. We all had fun at that show.

Kevin: We feel great when we perform with a live band.

Soohyun: I was really impressed with the sound of the drummer. It"s interesting hearing how each instrument has a unique sound and feel.

KpopStarz: You recently announced you plan to tour Japan this summer.

Kevin: Yes. We will perform over 28 concerts in Japan. We are also planning to visit cities that we have never been to and are really looking forward to it. Since we"ll be in Japan from July to August, we"re a bit anxious if our physical strength will hold up all summer.

Hoon: We will have to be careful about our health. We need to build up physical strength.

Eli: We will perform some songs for the first time onstage during the Japanese tour.

Hoon: Eli will handle all of the rapping himself.

Soohyun: It will be hard, but I am pretty sure he will make it.

Eli: Yeah, it"s fine with me.

KpopStarz: What is the significance of the album title "Memories?"

Hoon: We named it "Memories" hoping this album will be a lasting memory for all of our fans. We want our fans to remember each part of our band history.

KpopStarz: What is your favorite song from "Memories?"

Kevin: I like "Baby, Touch Me." Eli and I sang it together. The song has a sexy concept. I can"t wait to perform it at shows!

Eli: I like "Bungee Jump." It"s highly addictive, once you listen to it once, you just can"t stop.

Kiseop: I like the title song "Spring Rain" the most. Also "Crazy 4 U." I sing it with Soohyun and Hoon. It was very fun to sing in this formation for the first time. I like the falsetto part.

Hoon: I like "Spring Rain" the most. This song is about a guy who can"t stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, remembering all the good times he had with her. He believes one day he"ll see her again. I put all of my emotions into this performance and tried to express that kind of bittersweet feeling.

Soohyun: I like "Nightmare." The melody sounds upbeat and uplifting so that I can easily imagine myself performing it onstage. I guarantee this song will rock you.

English translation by Nanase Yamaguchi

U-KISS' Kiseop handwrites thank you letter for his fans

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U-KISS' Kiseop handwrites thank you letter for his fans

U-KISS' Kiseop who celebrated his birthday yesterday (January 17th) and turned 23 (international age) retweeted a post from U-KISS' Twitter.

It's a handwritten letter that Kiseop made. He thanked his fans who greeted him on his special day. 

Kiseop wrote, "Oh my oh my oh my!! It's already my 24th birthday! I am also getting old.. kekeke Kiss me~! Thanks for congratulating me, and I hope you continue to grow along with me in the future~! keke I love you♥."

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U-KISS' Kiseop writes fans a letter on his 24th birthday

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U-KISS' Kiseop writes fans a letter on his 24th birthday

U-KISS" Kiseop turned 24 (23 in international age) on January 17 and thanked fans for their birthday wishes through a handwritten letter!

Happy Birthday To KISEOP♥오늘은 기섭이의 24번째 생일!기섭이와 함께 행복한 하루 보내세요~^^

U-KISS tweeted, "Happy Birthday To KISEOP♥ Today is Kiseop"s 24th birthday! Have a happy day with Kiseop~^^ #Happy24thKiseopDay #Kiseopah," along with the handwritten letter.

Kiseop wrote, "Oh my oh my oh my!! It"s already my 24th birthday! I am also aging.. kekeke Kiss me~! Thanks for congratulating me, and I hope you continue to age along with me in the future~! keke I love you♥."

U-KISS' Kiseop updates KISSMEs on Dongho!

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U-KISS' Kiseop updates KISSMEs on Dongho!

U-KISS'Kiseopupdated his Twitter with a photo of him and U-Kiss' former member, Dongho.

He wrote, "My cute dongsaeng. He's well and doing fine! I should've taken care of your more. My heart hurts whenever I see you. I will always protect you and be by your side! I love you, my dongsaeng."

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U-KISS Member Kiseop Apologizes For Not Being Able To Take Care of Dongho

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U-KISS Member Kiseop Apologizes For Not Being Able To Take Care of DonghoU-KISS member Kiseop recently met up with former U-Kiss member Dongho and expressed his regret about not being a better friend during his trials as a part of U-KISS. 

On December 27, Kiseop shared a photo he had taken with Dongho on Twitter with the caption, “My adorable dongseng. It’s a relief you’re not sick or hurting anywhere. As a hyung, I should have cared for you and looked after you more…whenever I see you, it pains my heart. As your hyung, I will always be beside you, protecting you, my dongseng! Love you~” 

NH Media announced back on October 16 that Dongho would no longer be continuing his activities with U-KISS. The agency cited the impact of his prior strenuous schedule on his health as one of the major reasons for his departure from the group. According to a spokesperson, Dongho “expressed his desire to live as a life as a regular citizen, instead of a celebrity.” 

Kiseop’s visit with Dongho was well-received among netizens, who were concerned about Dongho’s status. Some of the comments made by netizens were, “It’s great seeing Dongho’s face again,” “Dongho looks cute as always” and “Looks like Dongho’s doing alright.” 

U-KISS Kiseop Reveals Photo Taken with Former Member Dongho

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U-KISS Kiseop Reveals Photo Taken with Former Member Dongho U-KISS member Kiseop revealed a photo online with former member Dongho.

On December 27, Kiseop posted on his twitter, "My younger bro is healthy and doing well!" along with a picture.

He continued, "I'm sorry for not always being there to take care of you. I will always be next to you. I love you!"

In the picture, the two are seen smiling for the camera and looking like brothers.

On the other hand, Dongho withdrew from the group back in October and has been living a normal life.