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U-KISS Kevin and Eli in 'One And Simplest You'

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U-KISS Kevin and Eli in 'One And Simplest You'

U-Kiss individuals Kevin and Eli are starring in the television Chosun drama "One And Best You".

Kevin and Eli play the jobs of Hong-seok and Kay, either members of a five member idol workforce called Pentagon in "One And Only You".

Hong-seok turns out like a cold-blooded persona as he breaks up with his female friend for the sake of industrial yet hides in the back and survives the pain.

On the alternative hand, Eli"s role of Kay is a funny character who socializes smartly and has a knack for talking but has the warmest of hearts.

As genuine idols, Kevin and Eli are going to take merit of their revel in as idol singers to steer their roles in the drama.

They are expected to move thru a mass transformation for Pentagon somewhat other from U-Kiss.

Kevin and Eli have had expertise acting in quite so much of musicals and tune dramas. they have got also respectively been solid for the web-drama "About Love" and the Chinese edition of "Full House".

Meanwhile, "One And Only You" is ready a most sensible superstar who doesn"t consider in love, a lady who is betrayed by potential of love and a guy who dreams of converting into a star.

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U-Kiss's Eli and Kevin to seem in an upcoming cable drama

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U-Kiss's Eli and Kevin to seem in an upcoming cable drama

U-Kiss"s Eli and Kevin are showed for a role in an upcoming cable drama as idols!

According to the reports, either individuals will appear in TV Joseon"s "Only You" (tentative title) where Kevin will take at the role of Hong Suk, leader of a five-member idol group, whilst Eli will play Kei, one of the vital members in the idol staff who is preferred as a vigorous temper maker.

Meanwhile, "Only You" will spread the affection tale between a noted idol who doesn"t trust in love and a lady who has been betrayed through love in addition the tale of a guy who dreams of turning into a star. This drama is lately set to begin airing in December.

U-KISS’ Kevin and Eli to Play Idol Contributors in Upcoming Drama

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U-KISS’ Kevin and Eli to Play Idol Members in Upcoming Drama U-KISS‘ Kevin and Eli have either been forged in a cable drama.

In TV Joseon‘s upcoming drama “Only You (tentative title),” Kevin will play the role of Hong Suk, the leader of a five-member idol staff “Pentagon.” Eli will play Kei, one of the vital members who is the full of life temper maker of the group.

This drama centers around a noted famous person who doesn’t agree with in love, a girl who is betrayed via love, and a guy who dreams of converting into famous. the tale unfolds as those 3 meet and increase relationships.

Since Kevin and Eli are exact idol members, their roles will feel more herbal to them than others. In the drama, they're going to exhibit a other taste of track than what U-KISS have shown their fans.

This 16-episode drama will get started airing in December.

U-KISS' Kevin reaches 1000000 fans on Twitter!

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U-KISS' Kevin reaches 1000000 fans on Twitter!

Holy moly! Best the head celebrities succeed in a million followers on SNS, and that elite list now contains U-KISS" Kevin!

That"s right. Kevin has reached over a million followers on his private Twitter account. enthusiasts love how much of an avid social media user he is, and he posts often in Korean, English, and eastern too.

Impressively, Kevin also has over 250,000 followers on Instagram, so be certain you apply him there too.

Congrats to Kevin! Are you one of the vital million?

1 MILLION FOLLOWERS ON TWITTER!!!! Thank you thank you thank you감사합니다~~ ありがとう〜〜 pic.twitter.com/3ROOoGZKAG

— Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (@Kevinwoo91) October 19, 2015 WOW!! 1 Million followers on Twitter! Can"t trust it!Thank you~ KISSme you're my everything❤️ https://t.co/u8CKQNUScW

— Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (@Kevinwoo91) October 19, 2015

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The Ray sings a "Confession Song" with MV featuring U-KISS" Kevin and LABOUM"s ZN

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The Ray sings a

The Ray has released his newest love song "Confession Song"!

The song is produced by UpTown"s Jung Yeon Joon, the same mastermind behind many of Yoon Mi Rae"s hits. It"s a Latin R&B that heightens in key from the start of the chorus. 

The MV is a highlight video of U-KISS"s Kevin and LABOUM"s ZN"s web drama "About Love", and their love story is a perfect match for his sweet voice.

U-KISS’ Kevin supports Eric Nam’s promotion

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U-KISS’ Kevin supports Eric Nam’s promotion

On March 6th, U-KISS Kevin uploaded a video on his Instagram showing his support for Eric Nam.

Eric Nam is having his promotional activities for "I"m OK" in Hongdae, South Korea, and Kevin was there to show his support for Eric. Kevin uploaded a video that was captioned with, "#Fanboying for #EricNam!!! Omg I"m starstruck3 hahaha #treasure #imok"

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Kevin expresses his happiness at U-KISS"s first win in eight years through "The Show"s China choice

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Kevin expresses his happiness at U-KISS

Congratulations to U-KISS on their February 17 win on SBS MTV"s "The Show"! It was belatedly revealed they had taken the China choice trophy for "Playground" last month.

Member Kevin updated his Twitter with a picture of himself holding the trophy. He wrote, "ㅠㅠㅠtouchedㅠㅠㅠ We ended up winning the most votes on SBS MTV"s "The Show"!!! Our first win in 8 years!! Kiss Me"s are really amazing~ Thank you and we will really work harder! Love you~~~~♥︎"

Check out their winning speech which aired on the March 3 episode below!

ㅠㅠㅠ감동ㅠㅠㅠ @sbsmtvtheshow @SBS_MTV 더쇼에서 최고의 투표율로 수상하게되었습니다!!! 8년만의 첫 1위!! 키스미 정말 대단해요~ 고맙고 정말 더 열심히 하겠습니다! 사랑해요~~~~♥︎ pic.twitter.com/AGB2ZXo4WJ

— Kevin ★ 유키스 케빈 ★ ケビン (@Kevinwoo91) March 3, 2015

오늘 정말 뜻깊은 날이네요^^ 잠 잘~오겠네! 잘자~Today"s a day to remember forever for U-KISS ♥︎ KISSME GOOD NIGHT! おやすみ

U-KISS's Kevin To Co-star With ZE:A's Dongjun, and LABOUM's ZN in Omnibus Online Drama "About Love"

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U-KISS's Kevin To Co-star With ZE:A's Dongjun, and LABOUM's ZN in Omnibus Online Drama

U-KISS’s Kevin, ZE:A’s Dongjun, and LABOUM’s ZN will all appear in the omnibus web drama “About Love.”

The web drama will be four episodes, broken into two episodes called “Milky Love” and two episodes called “Secret Love.” Dongjun and Chinese CF star Yurina will star in the “Secret Love” episodes while Kevin and ZN will be the leads in the “Milky Love” episodes.

In “Secret Love,” Dongjun and Yurina will portray the sweet and secret romance between the lead vocal in a top idol group and a Chinese reporter. Previously, Dongjun appeared in the web drama “Aftermath” and “Aftermath Season 2,” which garnered 60 million views in China, so expectations are high for this web drama as well. Dongjun’s “About Love” co-star Yurina has been in Chinese commercials with popular Korean actors such as Kim Soo Hyun and Song Jae Rim.

All four episodes of “About Love” will be released on March 2 through Naver TV Cast.

U-KISS members Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin look handsome as "ALWAYS" in individual shots

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U-KISS members Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin look handsome as

Here are a handful of more U-KISS eye candy goodies for loving fans!

This time, U-KISS released individual shots of Kevin, Kiseop, and Jun for their upcoming mini-album, "ALWAYS." The pictures are casual and simple with boys dressed in cozy sweaters or a denim shirt, but the very simplicity of these shots add to the innocent charm the group seems to be going for here.

Their gentle expressions and the soft lighting help accentuate the sweet, gentlemanly charm U-KISS will be bringing to their fans with the release of "ALWAYS," so stay tuned!

U-Kiss release Kiseop"s, Jun"s, and Kevin"s concept images for "Always"

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U-Kiss release Kiseop

The concept images of Kiseop, Jun, and Kevin were released following Eli"s and Hoon"s.

The boys are creating the same subtle atmosphere with their fine and casual images. Kiseop has a dandy feels and flattering look with his round eyeglasses while Jun is just as handsome with his denim top. On the other hand, Kevin isinnocently adorable in his white knitted-turtleneck sweater.

Meanwhile, U-Kiss will release their 10th mini album "Always" soon.